The Empress is Dead
179 Chapter 179 Support From Qiangdu
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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179 Chapter 179 Support From Qiangdu

Inside the emperor's chamber, the doctor who introduced himself as Yi Rong started examining Feng Jun Yi. First he took time in feeling his pulse. Then he checked on his nails in both hands and feet, his tongue and the veins in his eyelids.
Everyone in the room, including the group of imperial physicians, the princes excluding the fifth prince, Right Prime Minister Han and Xu Yichen watched anxiously. Everything he did, almost all of the doctors who checked Feng Jun Yi also performed. And seeing this, they were all a bit disappointed. They already anticipated that Yi Rong will shake his head in the end.
But contrary to their expectation, doctor Yi Rong's brows knitted tightly after checking Feng Jun Yi's eyelids. After a deep long sigh, he then started stating the result. "His majesty is poisoned. But it is not a lethal one. It will only put his majesty to infinite state of slumber. However, if not treated, his majesty's body will slowly deteriorate due to lack of nutrition.""Can you detoxify it, Doctor Yi? Can you wake my emperor brother up?!" Feng Jun Ying cannot help but exclaim in both excitement and anxiousness. All the doctors who checked Feng Jun Yi were all clueless about his condition. Only Doctor Yi Rong gave a definite answer. This gave them hope that Feng Jun Yi can still be saved.
Doctor Yi Rong gave them a troubled look. "Only an antidote can cure this poison. Unfortunately, I have no idea what exactly this poison is. I suspect that this is a newly formulated one that no one else had encounter before. I was only able to identify it as a poison after seeing the nerves under his majesty's eyelids turning a bit dark. The only solution is to find the person who formulated the poison and ask for the antidote." Yi Rong patiently explained.
"The problem is, no one knew who did it and how the emperor got poisoned. The investigation still showed no result after a long time. Much less who formulated it." The third prince Feng Jun Yan interjected causing everyone to become forlorn. And since they thought that Feng Jun Yi only suffered a normal alcohol poisoning, they didn't think about investigating the scene immediately.
Seeing that the entire room is on a deadlock, Yi Rong lowered himself and kotowed to apologize. "Forgive this one's incompetence your majesty, your highnesses. But without its recipe, this one have no other way to counter the poison." He said with a voice filled with regret and a tinge of fear. But his face, which is currently not visible to the others, showed mockery in disdain for their foolishness.
The princes can't help but drop their shoulders in hopelessness. Although they finally learned Feng Jun Yi's real condition, the cure is still unknown.
Then Xu Yichen's eyes brightened when he laid his eyes on Feng Jun Ying. "Your majesty, how about we use the medicine that was used to cure you? Empress Lin once said that it could cure anything. Maybe that's what his majesty needs." He said enthusiastically.

But instead of hope, the princes showed a troubled expression. Only the brothers knew about the Xing siblings' insidious plans against the Gonglu country. Even Xu Yichen, who is considered as Feng Jun Yi's confidant wasn't aware.
"The Buxiu herb was a gift from Zhixiang's imperial family and was used to offer a marriage alliance between countries. We don't have anything of equal value to offer for the herb. I'm afraid Emperor Xing won't give it up for emperor brother." Feng Jun Ying said dejectedly.
Right Prime Minister Han knitted his brows and looked at Feng Jun Ying suspiciously. "Your majesty must be muddled. Imperial Noble Concubine Xing is his majesty's wife. It is her grace's responsibility to help her husband back to health. We can just ask her directly to give us the herb." Then he narrowed his eyes. "Or is your majesty unwilling to get the herb for any selfish reasons?"
Hearing this, Feng Jun Yao took only one step and reached Right Prime Minister Han's neck. "Impudent! Are you implying that our sixth brother wanted emperor brother's demise?! Everyone in this country knows how deeply they love and care for each other. Don't stain it with your corrupted mind!" He exclaimed with a dark expression while tightening his grip on Right Prime Minister Han's neck.
The room descended into chaos. The imperial physicians and servants paled seeing the scene unfolding. The other princes and Xu Yichen also got startled. They all know that the fourth prince is impulsive. But they also know that his actions will only make things more complicated.
On the other hand, Yi Rong only watched in amusement. Although he commends that they had thought of using the Buxiu herb, which indeed could solve Feng Jun Yi's poison, he found it funny. After all, the owners of the herb were the ones behind their emperor's poisoning. He only rolled his eyes secretly.
"Fourth brother, release the Right Prime Minister." Feng Jun Ying said, grabbing the arm choking the Right Prime Minister. Feng Jun Yao can only comply, dropping the old man in a coughing mess.
"Right Prime Minister Han, I know you are genuinely concerned with emperor brother. But so do I more than anyone else. I hope you won't spout words without basis. Also, although Imperial Noble Concubine Xing is emperor brother's wife, she is still the Zhixiang country's princess. We cannot ask her anything and expect her to deliver. After all, what we have with them is an alliance with mutual benefit." Feng Jun Ying explained.
Right Prime Minister Han no longer refute and spoke carelessly. However, Feng Jun Ying could see that he still has doubts. But he chose not to argue. After all his conscience is clear. Sooner or later he knows that the misunderstanding will clear up. Or so he thought.
On the next few days, another rumor broke the tranquility of Gonglu country's capital. It said that the emperor was poisoned but it has nothing to do with the alcohol he induced. This immediately expelled Feng Jun Yi's bad reputation of being an irresponsible emperor. Guilt rose from the citizens' heart who doubted him.
Another rumor also sprouted along with it that involves the current interim emperor Feng Jun Ying. It said that after Feng Jun Yi told him that he wants him to be his successor, he became impatient so he poisoned his own brother so that he could take the throne. Fearing that Feng Jun Yi might suddenly get one of his wives pregnant and lose his chance.
And since Feng Jun Ying is not famous among the citizens and they have no idea about his personality, they undoubtedly believed the rumors. Some openly voiced out their dissatisfaction and demanded justice for Feng Jun Yi.
The fifth prince's lackeys' spirit lifted with this rumor. And as expected, they used this to raise an argument on the next court meeting. Kotowing and shouting for Feng Jun Ying to step down from the throne. Of course they didn't dare directly accuse him as the perpetrator since they have no evidence. But they used the citizens' dissatisfaction instead. Saying that it might cause a rebellion if they refuse to give a satisfactory response.Leading the first group of support from Qiangdu, Gu Rin coldly looked at the direction of Gonglu country's palace while listening to the reports of Mo clan spies. They are currently occupying the manor of Feng Jun Yi's master located on the northern part of Gonglu.
"Also, Young Master Gu, it is confirmed. Liu Yeyin is currently hiding inside the palace. Specifically, inside Imperial Noble Concubine Xing's courtyard." Mo Jin solemnly reported. This caused a stir in Gu Rin's heart and unconsciously tightened his fist.
"Keep an eye on her and her subordinates. Even though they left Qiangdu for a long time, do not underestimate them. We cannot startle the snake by beating the grass. The princess has a lot of plans for them. For now, our priority is to keep the important people for the princess safe. Especially the sixth prince." Gu Rin coldly commanded.
Their mission for now is to minimize the damage caused by the Xing siblings and Liu Yeyin towards the Gonglu country until Lin Xulian wakes up.


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