The Empress is Dead
186 Chapter 186 Going South
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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186 Chapter 186 Going South

The next day, Lin Xulian heard a familiar screech of a bird waking her up from peaceful slumber. There are a lot of Feng bird in Qiangdu country but her Fei is the loudest one that even she herself felt ashamed and doubt that she might have brought him up wrong. So in irritation, she sat up abruptly and threw her jade pillow towards the window where Fei entered through.Fei just return to Qiangdu to deliver an update report about the Gonglu country from Gu Rin. But instead of going directly towards Lin Huang, he felt the familiar presence of his master. He then excitedly screeched in delight but was met with a flying pillow towards him. Luckily he was agile enough and narrowly evaded the "weapon". "Dead bird, we haven't seen each other for a long time yet the first thing you do is disturb my rest. Come here and let me roast you!" Then a wild chase between a bird and a woman ensued inside the chambers.When Lin Xulian finally caught Fei, her irritation instantly vanished and her attention was drawn towards a rolled paper tied on Fei's leg. Completely forgetting Fei's blunder, Lin Xulian instead started reading the letter. And after reading each content line per line, her face became colder and darker. The letter came from Gu Rin. It stated the latest update about the Gonglu country. Particularly in the palace. The current emperor is the fifth prince Feng Jun Yun. While Xing Baihe is the acting empress, albeit unofficial. But what triggered Lin Xulian is the news about the sixth prince, Feng Jun Ying. He is the primary suspect in Feng Jun Yi's poisoning so he was detained in the imperial prison.Fortunately, Gu Rin also mentioned that Feng Jun Ying is not suffering inside the prison because of the interim emperor's consideration and the third and fourth princes' protection. But still, remembering how cold and dark the imperial prison is, her heart can't help but ache for her self-proclaimed younger brother. "Looks like I have to hasten." Lin Xulian lowly mumbled while gripping the letter.******
Lin Xulian gathered all the clan heads who willingly offered their aid in her revenge before she started her cultivation. Clan head Gu, clan head Mo and clan head Hu arrived before her. Following her by her side is the King. While behind them, Lin Huang, Lin Xu and Lin Yihan followed.Once inside the King, Lin Ziuzhong's study, Lin Xulian sipped her tea solemnly while listening to Clan Head Mo's summary report about the past one year. This includes Mo clan's investigation about the involvement of the Liu clan with the Zhixiang country in conquering the Gonglu country's imperial power. And everything that happened in Gonglu up to date including the last letter Lin Xulian read.Hearing the part where he mentioned the Xia family, specifically the relationship between emperor Xing and Xia Ruzhi, Lin Xulian's eyebrows jumped. She became curious whether the second prince Feng Jun Yu knew about his wangfei's infidelity. After all, the both of them looked like they had a harmonious relationship.Continuing with the report, clan head Mo then explained Liu Yeyin's purpose. According to what the Mo clan gathered, the Liu clan is planning to unite the three countries to go against the Qiangdu country. And they already started with the Gonglu country. As for the Fanrong, they still have no idea how they will rope them into their side. If they do, at least they can't prevent them from happening."They will use force." Suddenly, Lin Yihan interjected. "Emperor Feng and his sixth brother are the sons of Fanrong country's princess. With emperor Feng in his dire state and the sixth prince in prison, the Fanrong country's imperial family will not take it lying down. Sooner or later, they will wage war to save their Lan family's descendants. But with the Zhixiang and Gonglu counties' combined strength, they will inevitably meet their doom."Lin Yihan knew that the Lan imperial family will do that. Especially because of their general, Prince Lan Hong's temper. He is about the same age as Feng Jun Yi. When he was fifteen, he visited the Gonglu country secretly and discovered about him being Feng Jun Yi's master after relentlessly tailing after his cousin either blatantly or secretly.After a lot of pestering from Lan Hong, Lin Yihan eventually relented and started training him alongside Feng Jun Yi. But personally, he didn't consider him as his disciple because he already had a style of his own. Fortunately, Lin Yihan also have a bit of knowledge with his style so he was able to help him develop his martial arts.Listening to her uncle's words, an image of a handsome and dandy looking prince emerged from her memory. In her impression of Prince Lan Hong during their short interaction years ago, being a warrior and general, he could really become impulsive. And considering that his cousins are involved, he would surely become irrational."Yihan, you were in Fanrong before you came here. Did you hear anything?" The King asked."Yes great granduncle. But before I left, emperor Feng was still awake and the country is relatively peaceful." Lin Yihan answered regretfully. If he was still in Fanrong, he can give advice to Lan Hong and stop him from acting rashly. Unfortunately, Fanrong country is the farthest from Qiangdu. He might not make it in time."You can take some of our Lin Mercenary clan, cousin. But instead of going to Fanrong, you can just meet their soldiers halfway in the border of Gonglu and Fanrong." Lin Xu suggested while pointing the border in the map that he laid out. "You can follow the path in the south. Coincidentally, clan head Gu's grandson Xing Guang's domain is in the southern part of Zhixiang so the path is clear.After entering the Gonglu country from the south, since the palace is located in the north, you can bypass all surveillance. Our forces in the An valley will help you divert the Gonglu country's guards' attention. The Fanrong country's palace is also located in the south so as long as you move fast, you can still make it in time." Lin Xu displayed his strategic prowess."I'll take the rest of the mercenary clan with me to follow Lian'er." Lin Huang then added expressionlessly. As if it is the most natural thing to do."I'll take them, brother. You should stay." Lin Xulian on the other hand rejected his idea."Why?!" Lin Huang voiced out his confusion and objection."To give an element of surprise. As the future king of the Qiangdu country, the country that Liu Yeyin wanted to conquer, you will be a huge wall on her path." Lin Xulian gave him a mysterious smile. "So stay and hurry up then become the King."While listening to the reports earlier, she felt irritated how Liu Yeyin treated the Gonglu country like her own backyard. Everything is in her control. This gave Lin Xulian the urge to make her panic by disrupting her plans. She can clearly tell that Liu Yeyin is a person who always wanted to be in control.The King secretly heaved a sigh of relief and thanked Lin Xulian in his heart. Lin Huang is currently in the crucial point in inheriting the throne. There are things he still needs to learn according to the time frame Lin Ziuzhong set. So he cannot leave the country until it's done. But with Lin Xulian's indirect motivation, he hopes Lin Huang will give more effort in learning not only about martial arts but also about the country's matters.******

Meanwhile in Fanrong, as Lin Yihan expected the Lan imperial family is preparing to wage a war against Gonglu country. But not because of Lan Hong's impulsiveness. Liu Yeyin knew that there will be someone who would stop him if he did act irrational.So, to make sure that a war will surely break, Liu Yeyin sent them a vial of Feng Jun Yi and Feng Jun Ying's blood. This is to blatantly show their threat. And as she wanted, emperor Lan himself decided to wage war despite his ministers' persuasion to do otherwise. Of course Lan Hong is more than willing to comply to his brother.


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