The Empress is Dead
187 Chapter 187 “Did I…just got rejected?”
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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187 Chapter 187 “Did I…just got rejected?”

Lin Xulian, with Gu Kei and ten members of the Lin Mercenary Clan, bid farewell to her family and left the palace with a mission. Fei followed by flying since he is already too big to sit on her shoulders. His wings are already a meter wide and his body is as big as a hawk.Their first stop, the eldest prince of Zhixiang country's manor. Lin Xulian promised to treat Xing Guang's eyes after she is cure from the Gu poison after all. Also because Xing Guang has a huge role in this revenge. She also wanted to check on Rui's current state.Although she is confident that princess Xing Tanxing is treating him well.In just three days of careful travelling using their qigong, Lin Xulian and her companions arrived in Xing Guang's manor. This is also a proof of Lin Xulian's growth since she previously took two weeks of almost non-stop travelling to reach Qiangdu country from the eldest prince's residences. Although this is still a far stretch compared to others like Hu Hai and Gu Rin who could achieve it in few hours.******Arriving at the gates of the eldest prince's manor, Lin Xulian, with the Lin Mercenaries, smiled seeing the harmonious couple standing as if they are waiting for their arrival. "Big brother Rui, sister Tanxing. It's been a while. Looks like things between the two of you went well this past year." Lin Xulian gave them a beaming smile full of vigor. The mercenaries cupped their fist and greeted "Second young master".Finally seeing her looking healthy and lively again, Rui's eyes soften. He also cupped his fist towards their brothers. Even Xing Tanxing's eyes teared up seeing Lin Xulian becoming even more beautiful than she remembered disregarding her embarrassing remarks. The first time they met, she looked frail and pale with pregnant looking belly. Even after it was flattened with Xing Guang's help, her pale and unhealthy looking skin masked her real beauty in some degree.Stepping forward, Lin Rui enveloped her in a tight, warm hug. "I'm relieved, Lian'er. I'm relieved you came back safe and well." He said emotionally. During the times Lin Xulian wasn't within his line of sight, Rui can't help but get more worried day by day. Especially when the messenger sent by the Gu clan only gave them a vague "she's fine and training" update with wandering eyes. Those words gave him an ominous feeling every time.Almost telling him that she's on the edge of life and death.The truth is, Rui couldn't blame the messenger. Although he is part of the Gu clan, only the clan head and his successor can freely enter that cave. The only time they are allowed is when they undergo the ritual as infant or assist their child. So as for Lin Xulian's everyday situation during the ritual, only the clan head had the specific update.Leaving Rui's embrace, she looked at him with a raised eyebrow. "Brother, who do you think I am? I am THE Lin Xulian. I just went there to get treatment and be trained. How hard could that be?" She reasoned conceitedly. Also to reassure her brother. Looking behind her brother, Lin Xulian then addressed Xing Tanxing. "Greetings, Princess Tanxing. Or should I call you sister-in-law now?" She teased.Finally, couldn't ignore Lin Xulian's innuendo, Xing Tanxing's face turned beet red in embarrassment. "Y-y-yo-you! Who's your sister-in-law?! This princess is an upright and chaste unmarried lady! You dare slander this princess?!" Xing Tanxing defensively bellowed while trying to avoid Rui's innocent gaze. Although Rui treated her well that caused other people to pair them up, he never said anything about his feelings towards her. So of course she doesn't want to overestimate herself then end up disappointed."Tanxing is right. She's not my wife." Hearing Rui's clarification, Xing Tanxing felt a pang of pain. But she hid it by nodding vigorously. Then Rui stretched his hand to hold hers. "I haven't introduced her to father and mother yet. We can talk about marriage after that." He then continued with warm smile and look of adoration.After being rejected by Lin Xulian, Rui though his heart would never be moved again. But Xing Tanxing proved him wrong. She is unlike any other woman, especially like any other princess who always viewed themselves as higher being than others. She is kind and warm but at the same time rugged and valiant. He is not as insensitive as others might see him so he knows that she has special feelings for him.But Rui doesn't find it revolting unlike other women's affection. For him, their admiring and possessive eyes gives him creeps and he can't help but feel disgusted. He thought it must be because his love to Lin Xulian is too deep. But Xing Tanxing proved him wrong. Her gaze is obviously filled with affection but not possessive. It is pure and open minded. It doesn't have a desire to possess but to cherish. He bets that if he chose another woman, she would still smile and be happy for him.With Rui's sudden confession, Xing Tanxing was caught off guard. She is undoubtedly happy but because she was too shocked, she felt the urge to flee. "Y-you! I! Bro-brother is waiting for you in the garden, Lian'er. You should go ahead. I have something else to do. See you later!" Then Xing Tanxing pulled her hand from Rui's grasp and fled towards the direction of her courtyard to lock herself up and calm her heart down.Looking at Xing Tanxing's speedily retreating back. Rui is filled with confusion. He turned towards his sister for enlightenment. "Did I…just got rejected?" He asked with knitted brows feeling lost and panicky. But Lin Xulian only gave him a disapproving look."Did you proposed to her before this?" She first asked. Rui replied with an ashamed shaking of his head. "Did you at least told her that you liked her?" Lin Xulian followed with a knowing and narrowed eyes. Rui's eyes on the other hand widened in realization. Seeing this, Lin Xulian got her answer then helplessly shook her head. "You are quite conceited brother." Then she passed by him to find Prince Xing Guang.There are guards and servants in the entrance when Lin Xulian was talking to Rui and Xing Tanxing. So when she entered, no one stopped her. Two servants even guided her towards the garden that their princess mentioned. They didn't dare offend her even though they found her unfamiliar with her female black robes with big red spider lilies embroidered in the skirt. Also because she looked intimidating despite her beautiful and delicate face.No one can blame them though because the last time Lin Xulian was there, she disguised herself as a male. And everyone in the manor believed it. Just like how to accepted when Rui stayed behind and didn't ask why.Following closely behind Lin Xulian, the mercenaries also entered while giving Rui a sympathetic look as they passed him. When the last one entered, he stopped beside him and patted him in the shoulder then gave some advice since he had the most experience in women. "Second master, I suggest you chase after your woman. Women have a lot of insecurities despite having the most beautiful face, the noblest status or having a lot of admirers.You weren't rejected earlier. If she did, she would deny your claim straight away. Just prove that your feelings are true. Good luck second master!" With those words, the mercenary gently pushed him towards the direction where Xing Tanxing left. Then continued his way following Lin Xulian.Although still at loss, Rui still followed the mercenary's advice and ran towards Xing Tanxing's courtyard. Clearly, Rui's priority isn't Lin Xulian anymore. But Lin Xulian instead felt relieved and happy for the both of them. Following the servant on an open path towards the garden, she can still see her brother running awkwardly towards his beloved. Lin Xulian can only smile in amusement.


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