The Empress is Dead
188 Chapter 188 You’re Here
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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188 Chapter 188 You’re Here

Arriving at the garden, Lin Xulian saw the eldest prince Xing Guang right away. He was at the same pavilion in the center of the swamp. The same place as the first time she saw him. And he is also playing the jade flute she saw him using before. If there is any difference, it was the effect of the sound of the flute to her.She heard from the members of the Gu clan before that they love the sound of the flute. Although they have no idea why. It gave the sense of satisfaction and peace of mind. This is the reason why although they have a vicious weapon in hand and most of the people who have such power tends to become evil and ambitious, they manage to stay sane and contented. This is also the reason why almost every one of them knows how to play the flute. And now, since she is considered as one of the Gu clan, she can feel the pleasant effect of the sound of the flute.Xing Guang already knew that a group of people came despite not being able to see but he didn't stop playing. That is because he can feel their presence that they didn't bother to mask. This gave him the impression that these people are not enemies. Another reason is because he can tell that one of them is a member of the Gu clan. Although he didn't know that it was Lin Xulian. After all, after her ritual and growth in power, Lin Xulian's presence and even the sound of her footsteps changed drastically. It was extremely light and almost inaudible without putting any effort.Ending the song with a prolonged fading note, Xing Guang finally lowered his flute to look towards Lin Xulian's group's direction with an empty look. The two servants who didn't dare disturb their master as he played earlier bowed submissively. "Greetings, your highness. Young miss—…" The servant stopped midsentence realizing that she didn't know the visitors' name and identity. She only heard their princess and Rui calling her Lian'er. But it would be disrespectful for her to call her that so she gave her an apologizing yet inquiring look.Lin Xulian didn't find any fault to the servant and decided to talk to Xing Guang directly. "Good to see you again Prince Xing Guang." Lin Xulian's melodious voice finally gave away her identity to Xing Guang. An obvious shocked look showed in his handsome face. This is the voice that held a promise of hope for him so there is no way he wouldn't recognize it.With a light tap, Xing Guang flew from the pavilion, landing a few steps exactly in front of Lin Xulian. "You're here, your maj—…I mean your highness." Xing Guang said with a gentle smile, correcting his address to her."Of course. I have to fetch my accomplice if I want this revenge to work." Lin Xulian said with a shrug of her shoulders. Her initial reason for leaving the Gonglu country was to find cure for her unknown condition. Surprisingly, what she discovered was a huge conspiracy. And that is through her unexpected encounter with Prince Xing Guang. Which lead them to this plan of revenge. For her, it was the loss of her peaceful life and almost death. While for him, for his mother and all the injustice he suffered all his life."With your highness current power, this prince can rest assured that this pursuit will be successful. Honestly, this prince doesn't know how I could be in any help anymore." Xing Guang teased her. It is really beyond him that the next time they will meet, Lin Xulian will change and grow this much. He was only thinking of using her medical skills to cure him then he'll do the fighting later on. But this idea became ridiculous now. Even her subordinates were at least as strong or even a bit stronger than him. He doubts if his presence is still needed around Lin Xulian in this conquest."Well, as you are now there is really not much you can do. But the Xing Guang who could see can do more than enough. Especially when it comes to your country's military power. Majority of their strongest soldier were your people and your presence can easily turn the tide when necessary." Lin Xulian started seriously. "And also, after all this, you'll be the new emperor. Emperors are rich so having a good connection with you will only bring me benefits." Lin Xulian continued playfully and confidently as if success is already in front of her."Then I'll trouble your highness." Xing Guang with a low laugh. Then he turned his attention to the servants and his expression returned to his usual tranquility. "Bring the herbs this prince asked you to prepare to my courtyard." After issuing his orders, Xing Guang, despite his blindness, lead Lin Xulian and her companions towards his courtyard.Despite their curiosity towards Lin Xulian's identity, the servants didn't dally any further and followed their prince's command. But they did identify that their prince has a rather close relationship with her. And also a doctor who can treat their prince's blindness. With a high status to boot! She must be a princess because their prince called her "your highness". Which is even more confusing since the both of them have the same status. They can only assume that their prince must have a high regard towards her.But then they remembered that a year ago, Master Rui's brother claimed that he would treat Prince Xing Guang. He is also the one who left the prescription that their prince mentioned. Well, as long as their prince can see again, no matter who the doctor is doesn't matter. The result is the most important. They even secretly wished that their prince will marry this beautiful lady once he is healed.********

Outside the eldest prince's manor, Gu Kei is stuffing herself with Zhixiang country's delicacies while roaming the public market not knowing that these foods' taste is far from the genuine one sold in the capital. But they can't be found in Qiangdu so she was fine with it. She didn't follow Lin Xulian inside the manor with the excuse to "inspect" the town for possible spy. Of course Lin Xulian knew her real intention when she saw her wandering and sparkling eyes while looking at the food stalls on the street.While walking and eating her squirrel shaped candy, Gu Kei's eyes are still on the different displays on the stall so she didn't notice the road until she bumped on a metallic thing. Specifically, on a man wearing a metal armor. Looking up on the man who's one feet taller than her, Gu Kei saw him looking back at her with contempt and arrogance.She subconsciously stepped back and looked at him up and down. He is wearing an intimidating silver plated armor with a royal blue silk clothes underneath indicating his rank. In his right chest, a gold Zhixiang country's emblem is embedded on his armor giving out his identity as a royal guard. Beside him is another royal guard who is looking at her with similar contemptuous look as if he is looking at a dead person.Gu Kei then looked around the crowd, only to find them lowering their head as if she doesn't exist and nothing unusual is happening. But she can notice the fear in their eyes. This told her that these two men in front of her are local bullies in the town.The man she bumped into earlier stepped closer to her and crossed his arms in front of his chest while looking at her meaningfully. "A gluttonous woman throwing herself at this young master. Not a good sight but meat is still meat. Clean yourself up then find this young master in the barracks. I might consider bedding you then."Hearing him, Gu Kei snapped and retorted. "What gave you the impression that I want you? My standard is not that terrible!"Humiliated, the man brandished his sword and slashed it towards her neck with red angry eyes. "How dare you, lowly whore!" But instead of sword cutting flesh, what the crowd saw was a metal shattering to pieces. She caught and shattered the sword with bare hand!


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