The Empress is Dead
189 Chapter 189 Breaking Limits
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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189 Chapter 189 Breaking Limits

Seeing his sword shattered like a piece of glass, the man was filled with shock and humiliation. But despite this, his first thought was not how strong Gu Kei is. He subconsciously looked around the bystanders. And as he expected, they all looked up. They're gaze is filled with amazement towards Gu Kei, on the other hand they looked at him like they are celebrating his degradation. Obviously, his face is more important than the fact that the woman's power in front of him is beyond his abilities.
But the other royal guard doesn't share his brother's opinion. He warily looked at Gu Kei and while her attention is still on the other royal guard, he slowly stepped away from the two. He didn't persuade the other man to back down since he knows that he will not listen to him. However, deep inside he is thrilled. In this town, he is known as the other's lackey although they have the same rank. Their only difference is the other came from a rich family. Once he dies or disappears, the town's control will naturally fall on his hand.
In this town, although the eldest Prince Xing Guang lived and governs, the royal guards are an independent power and doesn't need to adhere to the prince's commands. After all, they are the emperor's people. And everyone knew that the eldest prince and emperor Xing's relationship is not that harmonious.
Finally deciding to deal with Gu Kei, the arrogant royal guard turned to his companion. "I didn't bring my good sword. That one was my spare which is obviously not that good. I was probably scammed when I bought it. Lend me yours." The man dominantly said while directly unsheathing his companion's sword attached to his waist. The latter was unwilling yet he can't not comply.
Gu Kei watched the arrogant man with confusion. She had never met this kind of person who clearly knew that he is weaker yet he still dared to challenge her. Back in Qiangdu, this kind of person doesn't exist since they all rely on their martial power in any conflict. But the man's next statement gave her an idea why he was so confident.With a good distance, the man points the sword towards Gu Kei while giving her a sinister and mocking smile. "I can tell that you have no idea who I am. This young master is the head of the royal guards in this town. Here, I am the law. As long as you are under the skies of Zhixiang and is a citizen of it, your life is in my hands. One word from me, no matter where you are, everyone will hunt you down. But if you strip right here right now and kotow in forgiveness, I might spare you and take you in as my concubine. You choose."
Gu Kei looked at him as if she was watching a hilarious play. Biting the last piece of her candy, she casually responded as if the threat earlier doesn't exist. "But I am not your citizen. I'm just a passerby. What can you do to me then?" Gu Kei intentionally infuriated him with her statement.
The man's face visibly changed. If what Gu Kei said was true, then he really can't do anything to her. He was intending to use his military power to fluster her and force her to back down since he knows that he can't fight her on his own. But he refused to lose his composure. "Looks like you made your choice. Even if you say you are not a citizen of Zhixiang, as long as I say that you are then you are. I could name you under a wanted criminal's name and no one will know."

Gu Kei's face changed in disgust. This man is not only arrogant, he is also unreasonable. And seeing that the bystanders started looking at her with pity, she knows he can do what he said. "I believe that you can do it and won't change your decision. Since that's the case, killing you would save me the trouble!" Then Gu Kei strike him with a palm, hitting and shattering the borrowed sword he was pointing at her. His body flew like an arrow then hit a nearby pile of hay against a wall that managed to save him from certain death. But he inevitably vomited blood.
The man's face changed drastically. He admitted the fact that Gu Kei was stronger than him but not to this extent! He immediately searched for his companion among the crowd to ask for back up. But he only found his frantically fleeing back. Pushed to the edge, the man took out a small porcelain bottle about the size of his palm. It was a medicine bestowed to them when they pledged loyalty to their emperor and empress. They said it was a medicine that could raise a person's power to its limit but can only be consumed once.
Gu Kei was disappointed that the man survived. She can't believe that he was so lucky and didn't even faint! Then she saw him taking out what she assumed as a bottle and drank its contents. The next thing that happened caused her eyes to widen. He abruptly stood up as if nothing happened to him. She was sure she broke most of his ribs and the pain would be really intense that a slight movement will make him beg for death. But obviously he can't feel any pain at all. If that scene was enough to confused Gu Kei, the next moment shocked her almost stupefied. The man's movement suddenly became faster. But his movement was very unusual. His posture isn't straight. One of his leg is even bent in a weird way indicating that it was broken in several segments. Still, he can move with agility.
Gu Kei saw the man running towards her with intention to kill. But the next thing he did was to attack and kill the nearest man to him. Seeing this, the crowd dispersed and ran in several directions away from rampaging royal guard. However, the man still continued his killing. Then his eyes fell to a mother carrying an infant. Gu Kei also saw him looking towards a petite woman carrying her child. Without second thought, she exerted all her strength on her leg and used her qigong to block the man's attack.
Although Gu Kei managed to block the attack, she was still sent a few steps back. Luckily, the man's attention finally fell on her. The woman and the child managed to run away. She thanked Gu Kei in her heart but she can't express it in this pressing moment. So the woman decided to just pray for Gu Kei's survival. Gu Kei doesn't have time to mind the lack of acknowledgement from the woman. The most important thing is how to deal with the deranged royal guard.
To prevent unnecessary casualties, Gu Kei led him towards the nearby forest. Along the way, she can only block and evade. The man's strength suddenly became on par with her. If not, a bit stronger but still manageable. But what made her heart sink is the fact that she can't even have a chance to counter attack since she can't read the man's movements. His attacks are random and doesn't apply to any martial arts principle. Some are even almost impossible to execute unless you can bend and twist your bones. Which is possible for his broken ones.
The fight went on for hours. Gu Kei is getting tired. Her body is also already in pain and bruised from blocking and occasionally receiving blows. But she noticed a change on the man after observing him carefully. His movements also slowed down. Then his hair is visibly turning gray then white. His body also became thinner and thinner until he almost reduced to a carcass. Then without a warning, he stopped moving as if he is a candle that melted until the wick was finally used up.
Exhausted and panting, Gu Kei lowered her guard and slumped on her butt while looking at the dead man, or more like a skeleton, in front of her. "That was intense! Even worse than a Gu poison! Who is such a lunatic that created that stuff?!"


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