The Empress is Dead
190 Chapter 190 Treating Xing Guang
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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190 Chapter 190 Treating Xing Guang

Not far from Gu Kei and the dead man, the other royal guard is hiding behind a tree. Unfortunately, Gu Kei is too tired to notice him. Earlier, he didn't actually run away to flee back to the barracks. He only hid himself intending to watch the fight or more like the one-sided slaughter between his fellow royal guard and Gu Kei. Of course, his bet is on Gu Kei's side. But what unfolded in front of him is beyond his expectation.
He saw his fellow royal guard drinking the draught that was given to all of the them. Then he witnessed how the man suddenly became like another person. He became so powerful that made him jealous. He can even push Gu Kei back as if she wasn't the one who sent him flying earlier. And when they entered the forest, he also followed with a good distance.
But just as he thought the royal guard was about to win, he suddenly stopped moving. That's the only time when he noticed the man's appearance. His once tightly bound black hair became pure white. His youthful and rich young master's skin also became wrinkled. He looked like he aged by seventy to eighty years. Seeing this, his skin crawled. For some reason he believed that it was not done by Gu Kei but by the medicine he drank. 'no wonder it can only be consumed once. I must warn my fellow royal guards.' He thought and sneakily left the forest.
While Gu Kei is catching her breath in the forest, back in the eldest prince manor, Lin Xulian is performing the treatment for Xing Guang's. She personally concocted the medicine using several rare herbs. This medicine will liquefy the coagulated blood in his optic nerves from the head injury he had during his fight with the bandits that caused his blindness. "After drinking this medicine, you will feel an extreme pain in your head. You have to bear with it and should not faint." Lin Xulian instructed Xing Guang before placing the bowl of medicine in his hand. She let him drink it on his own because that is the kind of person he is. Although he is blind he doesn't like to be treated as a handicapped person.
Xing Guang drank the medicine without any complaint or doubt. He then sat cross legged on a cushion placed on the carpeted floor of his chamber that Lin Xulian asked the servants to prepare. This will prevent Xing Guang from fainting or falling asleep midway during the treatment. Moments later, he can already feel the burning pain in his head and cold sweat are already forming on his forehead. He could only knit his brows unconsciously.
Seeing the struggle on Xing Guang's face, Lin Xulian knew it is the time. She positioned herself behind him and placed her palms on either side of his head focusing on his temples. She released her internal energy and induced it to Xing Guang's nerves. She found this method really helpful for her as a doctor. Before, she had to wait for the medicine to naturally do its thing. But because of the method of using internal energy, treating patients became more convenient time and efficiency wise.

Then Xing Guang stated secreting dark red blood from his tear ducts. He looked like he was crying blood. But the blood is darker that made the servants who witnessed the scene even more horrified. It is the coagulated blood that was liquefied by the medicine. It was dark, almost black, since it is a dead blood.
When Lin Xulian felt that the blood flow on Xing Guang's nerves have no blockage, she stopped inducing internal energy then turned towards Xing Guang's handmaids. "Clean your prince's face but prevent any water to enter his eyes." Then she turned back to Xing Guang who still has his eyes closed. "Do not open them yet. I will bind them after you are cleaned up. Then you can rest for a night."
After the treatment and Xing Guang is already sleeping on his king sized bed, Lin Xulian left his chambers. On the way towards the courtyard that was prepared for her, Lin Xulian looked at the darkened sky and remembered something. Gu Kei hasn't arrived yet. She was expecting a servant to report about a stranger on the gates but no news came to her.
Passing by the courtyard where her companions, the Lin Mercenary Clan stays, Lin Xulian decided to pay a visit. The group enthusiastically called her out as "boss" the moment she stepped inside the courtyard. The ten of them are all male so they were placed in a single but spacious courtyard.
Lin Xulian hummed in acknowledgement before stating her business. "Help me fetch Gu Kei. It's already dark outside and the market should already be close. She might've lost her way."
But before her subordinates took off, one of the servant who followed Lin Xulian interjected. "Your highness, did one of your subordinated visited the market? This servant heard that a man went rampaged earlier and killed several people. He was a royal guard so he is powerful. Maybe…" The servant chose not to continue her statement in fear to offend their valued guest. She even addressed her as "your highness" in acknowledgement of her status.
Lin Xulian knitted her brows in doubt. Gu Kei is an expert from Qiangdu who already finished her martial arts foundation. No one outside can rival her power so it is impossible for anyone to harm her. Unless, that man was a member of the Liu clan. Thinking up to this point, Lin Xulian's expression darkened. "Let's all head out." She stated then turned to leave. Using her qigong she directly flew out of the manor.
Lin Xulian's subordinates wanted to tell her that they will handle the search. But they couldn't even say a word before she disappeared. They wanted to use this opportunity to flaunt their new power and impress their boss. However, it looks like Lin Xulian doesn't want to give them this opportunity. They can only sigh and follow her out thinking that they will still find an opportunity in the future.
When Lin Xulian and her group arrived at the market, they immediately spotted the marks of the previous battle. A beggar saw them checking on the rubbles and cautiously approach them seeing that the one leading them is a beautiful lady who looks harmless. "Young miss, young masters, are you searching for the royal guard or the heroic lady?" He said in assumption. He was one of the lucky ones who narrowly escaped the clutches of the deranged royal guard and was saved by Gu Kei. He prays that these people are Gu Kei's friend and are here to help her. At least he could repay her in a way.
"We are searching for the lady. Do you know where she is?" Lin Xulian directly responded. She is really worried that Gu Kei encountered a member of the Liu clan.
"That young lady led the deranged royal guard towards the forest to save us from that man's slaughter. She was our hero. That was hours ago but she hasn't come out yet. I can only hope for her safety and thank her in person. Not only me but everyone in this town." The beggar sincerely said with sad and solemn expression.
Lin Xulian stuffed two silver taels on the beggar's hand then left him with her subordinates. The beggar couldn't even react before the people in front of him disappear without a trace. He can only look at the silvers in his hands that are enough to feed him for his remaining life. He can just thank the heavens for his luck today.
After a few minutes for searching, Lin Xulian's heart skipped a beat when she found Gu Kei. She is lying on the dry leaves covering the ground with bruised and wounded body. It is still unknown whether she is alive or dead. Fortunately, when Lin Xulian arrived beside her, she found out that she only passed out. Not far from her is a dead body of an old looking man with its white hair and wrinkled skin. She would never assume that this is the same royal guard that the beggar implied.


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