The Empress is Dead
191 Chapter 191 Beautiful Sigh
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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191 Chapter 191 Beautiful Sigh

Checking Gu Kei's pulse, Lin Xulian verified that she is not mortally harmed. Her wounds are all superficial and no internal damage was acquired. It's just because Gu Kei used up a lot of her internal energy, probably to block and dodge her enemy's attack, that is why she passed out.
Lin Xulian can just let Gu Kei rest for a day then she'll be fine. But she wants to know what had happened as soon as possible and what is the relation of the old man's dead. So Lin Xulian placed her palm on Gu Kei's dantian and induced some internal energy to her body. But because Gu Kei is still way stronger than Lin Xulian since she had more than a decade worth of cultivation than her, Lin Xulian can only provide enough to wake her up.
Feeling the warm energy spreading throughout her body, Gu Kei finally was able to open her eyes. Seeing that Lin Xulian was the one who found her, she heaved a sigh of relief. It would be troublesome if another royal guard found her then she'll be forced to fight another deranged man. Her body couldn't handle another one of those at her current state.
Struggling to get up, Gu Kei could only sit on the ground. Realizing that the surrounding is already dark, she knew she made trouble for Lin Xulian. "It's so late already?! I'm sorry, princess. I caused you trouble instead of help." She said with full of guilt.
"As long as you're fine. What exactly happened? And who did this to you?" Lin Xulian asked pointing out her bruises and cuts. Hearing Lin Xulian's question, Gu Kei pointed the dead royal guard.
Seeing the corpse of a dead old man in the direction Gu Kei pointed at, Lin Xulian turned pensive. "Is that old man really powerful that he can deal with an expert from Qiangdu? Or was he from Qiangdu?" After thinking it over, that is the only plausible reason she could think of.
Hearing Lin Xulian addressing the royal guard as an old man, Gu Kei hurriedly explained. "No, no princess. That is not an old man. He was a young and vigorous royal guard. Then after I hit and broke several bones in his ribcage, he drank something that I though was a miracle medicine. But instead of miracle, I saw a nightmare! He stood up as if nothing happened then went on a killing spree!
I led him here to avoid further casualties. But I did not expect him to become so strong and sturdy. As if he can't feel any pain. Then his appearance changed into that state and just stopped moving without warning. I was really freaked out!" Gu Kei summarized her experience.
Lin Xulian, being a doctor herself, couldn't believe that what Gu Kei said was possible. So to get proof, she went to the corpse to examine it. To verify the corpse's real age, she checked its bones since the outer appearance is not a valid indicator. As a result, she discovered that his bones are not as fragile as an old man should be. It is still as sturdy as an early to mid-twenties man.
Lin Xulian looked at the corpse with interest. If given more time, she would want to study this body further but she has more things to do. One thing is certain though, since this man is a royal guard, Lin Xulian could already guess that the medicine that Gu Kei mentioned was made by the Liu clan. More specifically by Liu Yeyin. "This is my girl right there. If only I didn't want to tear her apart." Lin Xulian lowly muttered.

Lin Xulian really does admire Liu Yeyin's medical knowledge. If given with a prior knowledge that creating this kind of medicine that could maximize a person's strength beyond his limits is possible, she would also make one. Although she would not give it to her subordinates and turn them into unfeeling soldiers.
Going back to eldest prince Xing Guang's manor, Lin Xulian first treated Gu Kei's injuries before resting for the night. The next morning, she immediately went to Xing Guang's courtyard after washing up. The moment she arrived, the anxiously waiting servants' face brightened in anticipation. Turns out, Xing Guang is already awake long ago. But no one dared to rush Lin Xulian over because of her identity.
Xing Tanxing and her brother Rui are also already there. Obviously, they were able to patch things up. It is even obvious in Xing Tanxing's bashful yet glowing face. She greeted them and gave her brother a thumbs up which earned a red face from Xing Tanxing.
As soon as Lin Xulian reached Xing Guang's outer chamber, she saw him casually sipping his morning tea. He looked awkward with a binding covering his eyes that although everyone in the manor knows that he is blind, this is the first time they could actually feel the fact that he is. After all, Xing Guang is too good in using his other senses that even without his eyesight, he can still live normally.
"Good morning Prince Xing." Lin Xulian greeted while going towards the seat that was prepared for her beside him. Then she checked his pulse. After confirming that he is ready, she asked; "Are you ready?""You haven't had your breakfast yet I believe, your highness. There's no rush." Xing Guang said while gesturing the servants to prepare the table for their now four masters.
"I think, it's better to eat with your eyes open, don't you think eldest prince?" Lin Xulian said while slowly unbinding his eyes. Xing Guang suddenly felt nervous when Lin Xulian finished. He can't even remember the feeling of being able to see. And after all those years, he already got used to the darkness. But it doesn't mean he didn't want to see the faces of his loved ones again.
With Lin Xulian's instructions, Xing Guang slowly opened his eyes. But he didn't immediately open them widely. She made him blink as soon as he feels a little pain or discomfort. This is so that his eyes could adjust to the light. After a few more attempt, Xing Guang finally regained the focus of his eyes. And what greeted him is a beautiful sight that he could never forget in his lifetime.
After years of darkness, he would never have thought that the first thing he would see is a very beautiful woman with the brightest smile he had ever seen. Her face is even smaller than his hand. Her skin is white as snow and her lips are as pink as a lotus flower. And her eyes are so pure and honest. Even the fluttering of her long curly lashes whenever she blinks mesmerized him.
"Prince? Prince Xing? Xing Guang?!"
Xing Guang's thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a beautiful voice. He already heard this voice many times but this time it can even stir his feelings. He shook his head to clear his mind and coughed lightly before responding. "Y-yes?""How are you feeling? Can you see clearly? Any discomfort?" Lin Xulian asked a series of question while observing Xing Guang's eye focus which is easy for her since his eyes has a brownish color. So the shifting of the size of his pupils are easy to see.
"I'm fine, your highness. I can see clearly. I never thought that the world is this beautiful." He said emotionally while his eyes are still on Lin Xulian. On the side, Rui and Tanxing subconsciously looked at each other knowingly. Xing Guang's feelings are too obvious. Even the servant couldn't help but feel giddy that they can even see imaginary pink bubbles and glitters around the two.
Unfortunately, Lin Xulian was so immersed in checking Xing Guang's condition that she failed to notice the ambiguous air in the room. "You will appreciate the things you lost once it is gone. Now that you have your eyesight back, take better care of yourself." She said with an innocent smile. Probably because Xing Guang treated her kindly and warmly from the start, she couldn't detect the change in his feelings towards her.
Seeing her unfazed look from his subtle complement, Xing Guang couldn't help but smile helplessly and think; 'This girl is denser than I thought.'


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