The Empress is Dead
193 Chapter 193 “There are eyes on us.”
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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193 Chapter 193 “There are eyes on us.”

While Lin Xulian and her company is travelling towards Gonglu country, Lin Yihan and the rest of the Lin Mercenary Clan already arrived at Fanrong country. Fortunately, Lan Hong and his soldier haven't left yet. But they already exited the capital's gates. When he saw his master leading hundreds of black robed men, Lan Hong was stupefied. However, he felt hopeful because he knows that once his master knew about what happened to his cousin and also martial brother Feng Jun Yi, he would surely help them on this fight.
Lan Hong immediately stepped down from his horse and ran up towards Lin Yihan. He cupped his fist then gave his respects. "Greetings master!" He then looked behind Lin Yihan and noticed the characters "LIN" embroidered at the chests of the men's robe. He was then able to recognize them right away. After all, the Lin Mercenary Clan are well known throughout the continent. "Master, why are you with the Lin Mercenary Clan?" Lan Hong asked bewildered. Both Feng Jun Yi and him only knew him as Yihan and never mentioned his last name. Lin Yihan did it intentionally because he doesn't want to implicate his cousin's family with his affairs. He travelled around and he couldn't avoid offending countless powers in and out the continent. But it looks like he can't hide it to Lan Hong this time.
"Their master Lin Xu is my cousin. My full name is Lin Yihan. I requested their assistance to help you in this fight." Lin Yihan said his intention directly.
As expected, Lan Hong was shocked. He thought their master's name is Yi Han. Turned out it was only his given name. He is actually a Lin. However, Lan Hong had another concern from this information. "Master, does that mean Lin Xulian was your niece? Does Jun Yi know?""I never had a chance. But I will tell him soon. But now, we have to save him first." Lin Yihan solemnly answered.
"So master, you already knew about Jun Yi's predicament?" Lan Hong took out a wooden box. Inside the box, there are two bottles of red liquid. It was the identified blood of brothers Feng Jun Yi and Feng Jun Ying. He showed it to Lin Yihan and explained how pressing the matter is about Feng Jun Yi. "These blood tells that whoever is behind what's happening to cousins Jun Yi and Jun Ying, can harm or kill them anytime. We need to move as soon as possible.""In my point of view, they sent this blood to agitate and force your country to attack. Have you considered that thought? This might be a trap." Lin Yihan said trying to enlighten Lan Hong. And as expected, Lan Hong finally realized that something is amiss. Being a general he is ashamed that he didn't notice such obvious conspiracy.
Despite Lan Hong's lack of response, Lin Yihan could tell that he was able to made his point through. "Bring me to meet His Majesty, Emperor Lan first. We know who's behind all this. But we need to unite our forces to succeed. This is not a simple matter. This involves the fate of the whole continent." Lin Yihan continued with a grave expression.

Realizing the severity of the situation, Lan Hong's rage dampened. With his rationality back, he ordered his men to return temporarily and brought his master Lin Yihan to the palace of Fanrong to meet with emperor Lan. Lin Yihan relayed all the details to them. From how the Gonglu country fell to the Zhixiang country's hands, to the discovery of involvement of the Qiangdu country's traitorous clan, the Liu clan.
Although Lin Yihan told them everything, he omitted the fact that Lin Xulian is alive and is the key to the discovery of this huge conspiracy. Not long later, the mercenary member that Lin Xulian sent to deliver the information about the mysterious medicine of the Zhixiang country's royal guards arrived. With this additional factor, emperor Lan became cautious and said. "Master Lin, Zhen will leave this matter in your hands.""No worries your majesty, Emperor Lan. This crisis does not only involve the Fanrong country or the Lan family alone. This also includes our Qiangdu country and the entire continent. And more importantly, Feng Jun Yi is my disciple. It's a master's responsibility to save and nurture his disciples." Lin Yihan stated sincerely.
Meanwhile in Gonglu country, Liu Yeyin knitted her brows in annoyance. With a wave of her hand, she summoned one of her hidden subordinate. "Did the bloods already reached the hands of Emperor Lan or General Lan Hong? Any news on the Fanrong country's movements?" She inquired in confusion. She assumed that by now, news about the Fanrong country declaring war against Gonglu should have arrived. But it is surprisingly quiet. She doesn't believe that the Fanrong will launch a surprise attack.
"Replying my lady, our people on Fanrong didn't gave us any news yet. It is safe to assume that General Lan Hong didn't made the move we expected." A Liu clan subordinate answered nervously.
"Are you saying that my plan is a failure, is that it?!" Liu Yeyin suddenly exclaimed loudly. This is what she hated the most. Things going out of her control. And her subordinate is even rubbing it on her face.
"N-no… certainly not, my lady. T-this one just thinks that maybe something happened that hindered General Lan to launch an attack. There is also a chance that he got scared. After all, the Fanrong country chose to live with a limited resources in order to avoid war." The subordinate tried to smoothen out.
"I have no time for your baseless assumptions! Go and get the information I want!" Liu Yeyin snapped. The subordinate can only tremble and acknowledge her command before hastily leaving. They had no idea that Lin Yihan made sure that the Liu clan's spies in Fanrong wouldn't be able to get any information about their movements. He already knew about the Liu clan before so he is always on the look-out and on guard against them.
Liu Yeyin's self-control is thinning more and more. She didn't know when and how this unease of her started. She can't understand why things are not going according to her plan. Even Feng Jun Yi's current condition and Feng Jun Yun's involvement as the emperor wasn't originally according to her plan.
Suddenly, Liu Yeyin's eyes lighted up and remembered the sixth prince who is currently on house arrest. She waved her hand again and a different subordinate showed up. "What had happened to the investigation on the sixth prince? Did you put that bottle of poison on his belongings?" Liu Yeyin asked with her eyes narrowing.
The subordinate sweated profusely. "R-replying My Lady. This one already did what you have instructed and put the bottle on the sixth prince's wardrobe. The imperial guards already searched the sixth prince's manor. But they haven't found the poison yet. Maybe it fell deeper on the pile of clothes that is why they haven't found it yet." The subordinate's voice became lower and lower as he continued his report.
Liu Yeyin's anger surged then she mercilessly slammed her palm on the subordinate's chest. He flew towards the nearest wall and his body slammed heavily, opening a large hole towards the adjacent room of Liu Yeyin's chamber inside Xing Baihe's courtyard. "Maybe? Maybe?! I want facts and results. Not assumptions and excuses. Such important thing but you didn't inform me?! You bunch of trash! Do you know how important that is?!"
Liu Yeyin is really angered. She was hoping that the fifth prince and now the interim emperor Feng Jun Yun will use that crime to put the sixth prince to death. With that, the war against Fanrong will be set to stone. And yet, now the poison is missing!
Liu Yeyin fell into a deep thought. It feels like someone is cleaning the traps she laid down. This is too coincidental. Then she remembered that about two years ago, her subordinates caught a citizen from Qiangdu. But they clearly said that they managed to injure him badly and had no chance of survival. However, it looks like that wasn't the case.
"There are eyes on us." Liu Yeyin concluded solemnly. That is the only possible reason why her plans are failing.


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