The Empress is Dead
195 Chapter 195 Entrance Fee
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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195 Chapter 195 Entrance Fee

Commencing her plan, Lin Xulian went to the hospital that Feng Jun Yi built for her. Following closely behind her, Gu Kei carried a chest containing Lin Xulian's medical kits such as her silver and gold acupuncture needles, some common herbs and a few medicinal draughts and creams she made.
Outside the entrance of the two-storey courtyard of the hospital, Lin Xulian stood in daze for quite some time. No one could see the swirling emotions in her eyes under the black mask she is wearing. Today, she wore another black robes with pink lotus flower embroidered on the skirt. Her hair is tied up in a single bun secured with a simple silver hair pin with few glittering red crystals hanging on the end.
Her dark robes and pink embroidery have a huge contrast so even though the design and style are simple, it caught the passer-by's attention. Another reason is her black mask. After all, those who wears masks are either someone with extraordinary background so they are hiding their face or someone with ill intent. But they mostly believed the earlier reason. Gu Kei on the other hand wore a sky blue servant's dress with flowing skirt and wide long sleeves. Her hair is tied in two adorable buns that made her look even younger than her supposed age. At the age of twenty three or twenty four, she looked eighteen. But with her current attire, she looked as young as fourteen or fifteen. Although her clothes are meant for servants, Gu Kei didn't find it degrading. In fact, she like how lady-liked it made her look compared to her usual training robes back in Qiangdu.
After ample time of standing in daze, Lin Xulian finally took a step towards the hospital's entrance. However, two bulky bearded guards brandished their spears to block Lin Xulian and Gu Kei's path. "Who are you?! Can't you see the line? If you want to enter and get treatment, you must pay one silver tael then wait in line! Our Gonglu country adheres to fairness and equality above all. If you can't follow the rules, leave!" One of the guards bellowed while pointing towards the long line of people waiting by the side entrance of the hospital.
Lin Xulian's face darkened hearing the guard's words. Hearing him saying that in order to get treatment you have to pay one silver tael then following it with claims of fairness and equality, she wanted to scoff. This is outright saying that this hospital is only for the nobles and rich! There is no way a simple family can afford that. A single silver tael can already feed a family of five for two to three months. But this is only a fee for entrance! How much would the treatment costs then?
Thinking about it, Lin Xulian has the urge to storm in and beat up whoever is managing the place now. During her time here, she sternly implemented that they should accept the patient no matter what their standing in life is. Yet two years later, her words was already forgotten. On top of that, they even have the audacity to extort the sickly patients. As the previous owner of the hospital, she felt like her name was tarnished and insulted.

Suppressing her anger for her greater goal, Lin Xulian didn't lash out to the guards. Punishing and straightening tthis place back in order can wait. With a calm expression, she glanced behind to Gu Kei. Gu Kei then hurriedly opened the chest and took out a rolled paper. Receiving it, Lin Xulian then turned her attention towards the guards.
"This one is called Gu Lian and is not here as a patient. This one saw this notice by the capital's gates and decided to apply as a doctor. This is my helper Gu Kei." Lin Xulian politely said unfazed with the guard's harsh treatment.
The guard rudely grabbed and unrolled the paper that Lin Xulian brought. Seeing that it is indeed a notice to hire new doctors, he scoff but didn't drive them away. "Although you are here as a doctor, the one silver tael entrance fee still applies. That would be two if you wish to bring your servant in with you. If you can't afford it, then leave. But you can come back once you do. That's the rule after all." The guard carelessly said while flinging back the paper towards Gu Kei. But she didn't catch it and just coldly glared at the guard.
The other guard saw Gu Kei's hostility so he was greatly pissed. "You! How dare you glare at us?! Do you want to die?! If so, then I will grant your wish!" Without further warning, the guard pointed the spear he was holding towards Gu Kei. Then harshly trust it towards her chest. But before it could reach Gu Kei, Lin Xulian was able to intercept the spear by its blade.
The guard's eyes widened seeing that his spear was stopped by a woman. Especially by its blade, barehanded. He looked at Lin Xulian with horror as if she is a monster. No one can blame him though. He is just an ordinary guard who relied on his bulky built and intimidating appearance to do his job. In this work at the hospital, he was reassured that he won't need to engage in a fight with anyone formidable. And since Lin Xulian and Gu Kei are women, it didn't occur to him that they are a threat.
Gu Kei rolled her eyes seeing the change of the guard's look from menacing to a scared puppy. She then looked at Lin Xulian with admiration and gratitude. Although she could easily evade that spear, she was conflicted since she is holding the chest containing her Princess's stuff. Especially the bottles of medicine. She was afraid that if she abruptly move, she will accidentally break those precious bottles.
"There is no need for such violence, do you agree good sir?" Lin Xulian said with a good natured smile. But by the end of her words, she exerted pressure to the blade producing a cracking sound. The guard subconsciously stepped back with trembling legs the moment he saw that the blade of his spear split into two sections. "My helper is still young and hot-headed. Please forgive her offense. Gu Kei, you should apologize to the old man. He was just doing his job."
Gu Kei adorably pouted with knitted brows towards Lin Xulian. But Lin Xulian just tilted her head gesturing her to go ahead and apologize. "Hmf! Fine, forgive me~. You should thank my mistress. She just saved your life." Although she apologized, Gu Kei still followed it with a provocative remark causing the veins in the guard's head to almost burst.
"You—!" The guards wanted to retort. After all, the one they're afraid of is Lin Xulian and not Gu Kei. Although they wouldn't dare go physical with either of them, verbal insults should be fine.
But before they could add another word, Lin Xulian interrupted. "This one suggests that you should just accept my helper's apology. You see, her temper is more terrible than mine." Lin Xulian gave them a warning. Right at that moment, Gu Kei released her internal energy with killing intent. Even though the guards has no deep foundation in martial arts, they were able to feel the energy causing their skin to crawl and their legs to wobble. They both looked at Gu Kei with fear realizing that she is also not someone they can casually cross.
Seeing their reaction, Lin Xulian then grabbed something from a pocket inside her robes and nonchalantly stuffed it in one of the guard's palm. "Since this matter is over, this one will enter now. This is our entrance fee."
The guards can only fearfully look at the two women as they enter the hospital. One of the guards then remembered the entrance fee that Lin Xulian left. Looking down on his palm, he wanted to cry. Lying on the centre of his palm is a single copper coin.
"Brother, what should we do?" The guard weakly said towards the other one raising his palm with the copper coin for him to see.
"What else? Can you demand more to those monsters?! Go wait for new patients. Our lives are more important."


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