The Empress is Dead
197 Chapter 197 Be an Apprentice
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The Empress is Dead
Author :Sheng1207
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197 Chapter 197 Be an Apprentice

Pulling Gu Kei along to face Yi Rong, Lin Xulian imitate Uncle Wen as she deeply bow in front of him. Gu Kei naturally followed albeit reluctant. She swore to only bow and kneel in front of their Clan Head and elders as well as their King. Not to mention, this man is possibly from the Liu clan. Her heart is filled with unwillingness. "Greetings, Head Imperial Doctor Yi.
Hearing two unfamiliar female voices greeting him, Yi Rong who kept his eyes forward without acknowledging anyone suddenly stopped. But it's not just because they are females. Rather because Lin Xulian's black mask with red designs that looked like vines is too eye catching.
Yi Rong gave them a questioning gaze. Noticing this, Lin Xulian took this as a signal to introduce herself. "This one is named Gu Lian. And this is this one's helper Kei." Lin Xulian started. The moment she mentioned that her last name is Gu, Yi Rong squinted his eyes. But he quickly dispelled the thought because he knew that it is impossible for that Gu clan to allow their member to use that name outside Qiangdu. After all, their clan experienced the worst discrimination that almost drove them to extinction. "This one heard that the hospital is in need of more doctors that's why we are here."
Hearing her claiming that she is a doctor, Yi Rong's eyebrows rose obviously doubting her. Lin Xulian even caught the slight look of disdain and mockery in his eyes. "Being a doctor requires years of study and practice under a mentor. But Miss Gu looked rather young although half of your face is hidden under that mask. Which makes you look even more suspicious, if I might add." Yi Rong said. His tone is filled with doubt.
"This one is indeed still young at twenty three this year. However, the moment I learned how to read and write at a very young age, I started learning medicine. Eventually, my master and foster father told me that he had taught me enough to allow me to venture the world. He said that a doctor's growth is measured by the people he encounters and patients he heals. But remaining in a desolate mountain will not give this one enough experience and knowledge." Lin Xulian gave a long dramatic "speech". However, not all of them are lies. Aside from being adopted by a foster father, everything was true. And the real master was her mother while those words really did come from her.
"As for the mask…" Mentioning the mask, Lin Xulian sounded hesitant but still took it off. Seeing her disfigured face with a dark birthmark covering almost half of it, even Yi Rong couldn't help but gasp. "This one was born with this mark. This is probably the reason why my family threw me away. This one just hopes that Head Imperial Doctor Yi will not overlook my ability because of this." Lin Xulian sounded insecure while saying this.Although he was surprised with her appearance, Yi Rong didn't show a tinge of pity. He is never a compassionate person after all. "One's ability will never be overlooked if they have one." He vaguely said indifferently.Lin Xulian gave Gu Kei a signal then she came forward with the chest and opened it for Lin Xulian. Lin Xulian then retrieved a small porcelain bottle and respectfully offered it to Yi Rong with both hands. "This is a medicine for typhoid fever that this one personally concocted."

Yi Rong knitted his brows hearing that the medicine is for typhoid fever. Although it is a very dangerous illness and can cause death if not dealt immediately, it is not that uncommon. The cure for it was already discovered decades ago. Thus, the medicine for it is easy to find as well with enough money of course. So seeing the medicine in Lin Xulian's hands, Yi Rong didn't get any special impression.
Lin Xulian can see that Yi Rong wasn't impressed and even reluctant to take a look at her work. However, she won't back down. "Please do not disdain this one's medicine, Head Imperial Doctor Yi. This one just wants to prove my ability with this bottle."
With one eyebrow raised, Yi Rong finally took the bottle from her hands. "Very well, since you insist. I would like to see what ability Miss Gu meant." He then opened the bottle to get a whiff of the medicine. Almost immediately his eyes widened in surprise. The medicine in his hand had the same ingredients as the already known medicine. However, its purity has the highest quality he had ever encounter in his life. Even their mistress Liu Yeyin couldn't achieve this level of purity! If he could learn and achieve this quality of purity, their mistress would surely praise him.
Realizing that he unintentionally found a treasure, his eyes momentarily flashed with greed and craftiness but disappeared instantly. However, Lin Xulian who had her eyes fixated on his every reaction caught it. But instead of anger, she secretly smiled as if she already expected that he would respond that way and that was what she wanted.
"You said you concocted this yourself, right? Not bad. For your age you manage to make a good quality medicine. However, this is still lacking. But I can see that you have potential and it would be a waste if such talent as yourself will be wasted away. How about I make you my apprentice? I will help you improve. With my position in the palace, I can help you get everything you needed be it raw materials or equipment." Yi Rong's tone drastically changed from being disdainful to magnanimous. He sounded as if he is creating opportunity for Lin Xulian and she should thank him.
Expecting this response, Lin Xulian immediately assumed a look of elation and gratitude. "This one thanks Head Imperial Doctor Yi. This one will work hard and won't disappoint. You won't regret giving your trust on this one." She said while giving a deep respectful bow. Unknown to Yi Rong, Lin Xulian has a cold smile on her face while doing so.
Seeing that his warnings are completely neglected, Uncle Wen can only sigh in defeat. Anyway, he could understand that Lin Xulian is still young and ambitious. It is clear that her priority is to grow as a doctor as well as opportunity to rise in authority. He is in no position to hinder her.
Since Yi Rong gave her some time to prepare before entering the palace as his apprentice, Lin Xulian decided to visit Gu Rin and the others. She wanted to check all the information available before entering the palace. After all, that place is no longer the palace she knew. Snakes and hawks are occupying it. She doesn't want to be careless and jeopardize the years of preparation and planning they did.
With the guidance of one of Gu Rin's subordinate, Lin Xulian and Gu Kei arrived at a courtyard in the far north of the palace situated near a cliff. Seeing the familiar courtyard in front of her, Lin Xulian was dumbstruck. It is the same courtyard where Feng Jun Yi brought her when he told her that he likes her. But at that time, they came from the palace so obviously they threaded different path from the path they followed today. She wonder how did Gu Rin found the place and manage to occupy it. It couldn't be seen from the capital after all since it was hidden behind the dense forest.
Surge of sweet memories eventually came to her. However, it was immediately replaced with painful ones. Once she thought that was the start of her and Feng Jun Yi's romantic relationship. But the truth is, it was the start of his lies. Thinking about it, her chest clenched and the familiar heartbreak returned. She can't help but be disappointed with herself. It's been so long yet she still couldn't move on from the fact that Feng Jun Yi doesn't love her.
Taking a deep breath to ease her aching heart, she subconsciously caressed the pink pearl necklace under her clothes that she couldn't bear to let go despite her promise to let go of her feelings for Feng Jun Yi.


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