The Grim Reapers Apprentice
1 Well, That“s just my bad luck
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The Grim Reapers Apprentice
Author :Fishycreator
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1 Well, That“s just my bad luck

"Ahh, it's been so long since I felt the sun."

Ferron lay on a park bench stretching his tense body as he hasn't had any exercise in the past few weeks as he sheltered inside his small apartment developing a thesis for his physics PHD. In his mind he always believed that when work was done as fast and correct as possible, nobody would nag him about doing it or getting it wrong. That way he could spend his time relaxing on his own and nobody would bother him, because there was nothing anyone could complain to him about.

"Now there's no other things to do, the Calculus professor doesn't have much for me, and the biophysics professor said there's a lecture this Thursday. So that leaves me with three days of absolute freedom." Ferron chuckled as he stretched and took in a deep breath of fresh air. "I'll do this for an hour or two then I'll head back to the apartment and embrace my lovely bed." While Ferron had his mind filled with happy thoughts of his bed he didn't realize the figure creeping up to him from behind him.

"Excuse me, sir?"

A a soft, high-pitched and excited voice had woken Ferron from his small nap. He opened his eyes and saw quite a beautiful and gentle looking women standing there wearing a hospital gown and had her hands behind her back.

"Er, hello, can I help you?" Ferron responded to her while trying to figure out why such a beautiful and lovely women was talking to someone like him. Ferron didn't have much self-esteem due to his childhood mostly consisting of being bullied and neglected, so he didn't have any friends and lived on his own while working on small web designing jobs to support him. He didn't seem lazy when he was working but that was because he wanted to first have a lifestyle that wouldn't bother him if he was left alone for a few months. Truly a strange personality.

"I lost my cat could you help me find it" The strange women asked with a smile and for a second Ferron was lost in thought while he stared at the beautiful face

"Eh, uh, s-sure yea I can help." While he was staring at her he replied while tripping over his words forgetting his common sense of wondering why this women was wearing a hospital gown and looking for her cat.

He stood up and turned around and was about to start walking, but stopped and realized the oddity about the situation. When suddenly an arm wrapped under his arm and over his chest, Ferron froze up and a warm breath brushed past his ear.

"You're such a cute boy, but you're a little to gullible don't you think? It seems you like to rest, well now you can rest forever, isn't that nice "

The same soft and high-pitched voice he heard before appeared right beside his ear. Ferron couldn't move a muscle, he was scared stiff.

"What do I do? Who is this lady? I never touched a women before and shes touching me, ahh I now know what a touch of a women feels like. Wait what does she mean by rest forever?" Ferron had multiple thoughts flashing through his mind but it stopped on his last one.

A cold feeling appeared on his neck, now was the time for him to start panicking.

"Would you like to say hello to my old friend, his name is Zeus and hes my favorite partner, I have others but this one was left alone the longest. When I recovered him you were the closest person so I decided you were the best candidate."

The soft voice spoke again and this time it had a different tone to it. The women behind Ferron this time did not look gentle as he first saw her. Standing behind a frozen Ferron was no longer a gentle looking girl but a girl that had a wide smile on her face and a psychotic look in her eyes holding a serrated flip knife to a young boys throat.

"Uh, can we talk this out please." Ferron summoned up some courage to try and talk this women out of putting pressure on the knife.

"What possibly could we talk about? I haven't done this in so long, since I was trapped in that god forsaken place strapped to a bed with wires attached to my head. They said they were studying me, tell me how do they study a brain by sending excruciating pain to my head. Ha, they probably figured out that i'm gone now and are looking for me."

She talked slowly taking her time and took her hand that was wrapped around Ferron and started caressing his chest and applied more pressure to the knife at his throat.

"Well, that enough playing around. I suspect they will be here soon so this is where I say goodbye to you and you can say goodbye to everything else. It was nice meeting you."

"Wait what pl-" That was all Ferron could say before a piercing pain appeared on his throat and his vision blurred. When he placed his hands on his throat trying to stifle the immense pain he could feel some sort of liquid drenching hands as he held his throat. As his consciousness faded away he could hear sirens and people yelling.

"Ahh shit they found me." Was the last thing he heard before everything faded to black

When he opened his eyes again he was shocked to see his own body and the girl that he met before surrounded by police but everything was frozen. Nothing was moving and everything was silent, and a dark mist slowly crept along the ground approaching Ferron.

Ferron was at a loss for words he was scared shitless before but now he was scared and creeped out.

"Who knew about the afterlife? Was this normal? Is that mist bad? What the hell is going on?" Ferron started muttering to himself.

When the mist was a few feet away from where Ferron was standing it stopped and started to take shape. It slowly rose and and formed into a human like shape, a few seconds later a black robed and hooded figure holding what looked a suitcase stepped out of it.

"Well, hello, uh, em give me a second." The hooded figure talked with a voice befitting of an angel which suddenly calmed down a surprised Ferron. The hooded figure took a rolled up piece of paper out from under his robes and tossed it out in front of him, the paper stopped a few feet in front of him and unrolled, it was a few meters long and floated in front of him .

Ferron could hardly believe his eyes, a floating piece of paper, that was revolutionary! If he could bring this sort of technology to the world, he wouldn't even have to leave his house!

"Ah, you are Ferron, correct?" The hooded figure suddenly spoke giving Ferron a slight scare.

"Yes, th-that's me." Ferron managed to squeeze out a few words.

"Good I managed to find the right person. I'll tell you this now, your death was my accident." The black robed figure scratched the back of his hood and sounded embarrassed.

Ferron was at a loss for words, he was just resting on a park bench just ten minutes ago then he was murdered by a beauty then he saw his dead body and his murderer surrounded by police and then this mysterious figure appeared and was taking responsibility for it. What the hell is happening?!

"Right the normal people don't understand what happens when I appear, so i'll give you the simple way since this time is special. So I had a little mess up earlier this year, that girl you just saw was supposed to have died a few months back. I didn't get to her in time to collect her wicked soul so she was captured instead of shot and I never had a good opportunity to have her die, so I helped her escape. I didn't expect for her to run all the way here and find a victim so quickly."

Ferron was speechless, what the hell was going on. First he was killed then this wired black mist angel was saying that he contributed in his murder too?

"Um, who are you?" Ferron could only manage this question in his confusion

"Right, I didn't introduce myself yet." Suddenly jet-black wings flapped open, the wings in Ferron's eyes were pleasing to look at, he thought if he were to touch them they would be the the softest feeling that he would every feel. The thought of using these feathers for his bed and pillow appeared in his mind forgetting about the crazy events that happened today.

"I am the judge of the wicked, the collector of souls, the bringer of death. I am the Grim Reaper." The black robed figure pulled back his hood and what looked like a suitcase transformed into a menacing black scythe.

Ferron was amazed not at the so-called "Grim Reaper" but at his face. It was a gorgeous thing to look at, a perfectly featured face with high cheek-bones, white skin, golden hair thin eyebrows and long eyelashes. Ferron didn't swing that way but he knew if this person took a stroll around his university campus there would be no women, married or single that would fall for him.

"Uh Mr. Grim Reaper are you sure you're not an angel?" Ferron replied with a straight face.

The Grim Reaper was at a loss for words, this was the first human he had met that wasn't scared of him. He was happy, for centuries in this world he was assigned to by God to watch over, judge and guide souls, he was feared by everyone, whenever he appeared to collect souls everyone was terrified and ran whatever direction he wasn't in. For the first time in his life someone actually complimented him, calling him an angel. Being called an angel was the greatest thing anyone could say to him as most of the Grim Reapers who have reached the end of their lifespan would be turned into angels by God to watch over the souls that they had previously judged to be pure and sent to heaven. It was the greatest gift they were given.

While Ferron was watching the drop-dead handsome guy that had taken responsibility for his death stare at him with his mouth open apparently not able to speak since Ferron had called him an angel he noticed there was movement by his body. The girl that had killed him had started running towards the nearest officer with the knife she named held up, since when had time resumed? He watched as she ran but suddenly her head which was leaning forward suddenly snapped back and her entire body fell backwards.

The Grim Reaper who was still in a state of astonishment also noticed the movement and prepared his scythe. When the body of the women who tried to attack a police officer touched the floor a bright red wisp came out of her mouth. The Reaper who was looking straight at it and suddenly moved and appeared beside the wisp, he moved his hand which grabbed the strange red wisp and started to mutter. After a few seconds he released the wisp and a scream filled Ferron's ears, the scream stopped as abruptly as it stared and the wisp dissipated. into the surroundings.

"Sorry about that, I lost control of the time stop so I did my business earlier then expected, so where were we?" The Grim Reaper turned around and continued talking as nothing had ever happened.

"Um, so you're the Grim Reaper." Ferron had too many questions to ask.

"Yes that is correct." The black-winged angel said nonchalantly as if it was nothing special.

"Are you here to collect my soul?"

"Well this was my fault so you're a special case, and sadly since I pulled you into my dimension you cant go to heaven, or resurrect."

"Wait... What?"

"Yea sorry about this, but don't worry I can help you out. Since we Grim Reapers aren't allowed to socially interact with souls and any soul that we socialize with would instantly be eradicated from time." The Grim Reaper was talking like a child that did something wrong, well he did in fact do something wrong.

"Hey but don't worry too much about it there's some exceptions like right now, all I have to do is take you in as a student and send you to a new world that God created that doesn't have a Reaper and you'll be A-OK." The Grim Reaper chuckled as he said that.

"Wait wait wait. Why me?" Ferron was confused as this had suddenly accelerated to him becoming a student as the Grim Reaper.

"What do you mean? It could have been anyone on your place you should be grateful you know, not many people get to be the student of a Grim Reaper." The Grim Reaper was confused was this kid not happy about something but if he wanted to keep living this was the only way. This was also about a way of making up to him about accidentally killing him too, was there anything else he could do for him?

Ferron was at a loss for words if he declined, according the Reaper his soul would be eradicated from time, but if he went with him not only would he train to be a Grim Reaper he would have his own world to do his job. Now that he thinks about it it wasn't all that bad he could do what he wanted in that world, if he got wings he could wrap himself up in the softness and sleep peacefully.

"No its OK, please take me as your student Mr.Grim Reaper." Ferron replied while he thought about the softness of the feathers.

"Oh, right don't call me Mr. Grim Reaper, the name is Lucifer." Lucifer replied happily since he had finally found an apprentice to teach.

"Isn't that a pretty generic name for a Grim Reaper?" Ferron thought out loud and realized it too soon.

"Haha, kid i'm not just any Lucifer, I'm the original one if there was a hierarchy I would be the king of all the Grim Reapers." Lucifer found it funny chuckling at his new apprentices words."

Ferron took in a deep breath wondering how he found a teacher that was the king of all Grim Reapers as he thought to himself, "Well, that's just my bad luck."


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