The Grim Reapers Apprentice
2 The First Little Bro
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The Grim Reapers Apprentice
Author :Fishycreator
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2 The First Little Bro

While Ferron was cursing and wondering if his luck was good or bad, Lucifer started walking towards where the mist seemed to be originating from. As Ferron starting hesitantly following along he realized the more he walked the more distorted the surrounding became, after around five minutes after walking Ferron's surrounding turned into a hallway with protruding grey bricks. When Ferron came closer he realized that the bricks were in fact skulls.

"Well, I expected much from the so-called king of the Grim Reapers." Ferron was completely unamazed by the new change in scenery.

Lucifer was speechless, what kind of human, especially from the world he governed, is completely unfazed by a corridor of skulls. He could make a perfect Reaper, maybe even better then me. The hallway was made by Lucifer to test the mental capability of new recruits, even though this was the first time he had brought an apprentice he wasn't expecting for this kind of result. Lucifer thought to himself "If he has this kind of capability for his first trial then how will he deal with the other trials?"

As they kept on walking Ferron was getting slightly ticked, "What the hell is this if he can change the mist to where he wants to go, cant we just go straight to our destination." Ferron didn't dare say it out loud because he was also terrified. For crying out loud it was a Grim Reaper, where ever he goes death follows. But what he was even more afraid of was his heterosexuality, if he was to spend a few years with this hunk he might have a change in preferences. Hopefully he can keep the hood on so he doesn't have a 'change' as he called it.

What Ferron didn't expect was that in this space Lucifer can listen to anything that he wants, whether it was half-way across the world or inside someone elses mind. Of course his new found apprentice was no exception. Lucifer didn't know what to say, he knew that his student was thinking and was slightly ashamed. Ferron was at least on par with looks, and a change in preference? He silently made a vow to keep his real face hidden as much as possible so his apprentice remained straight. He wanted to have Ferron remain as he wanted but there might be some changes that couldn't be avoided. As for the laziness, that didn't really matter since Lucifer related to that, back when he was young he didn't bother with walking and used his wings most of the time of course his dad always scolded him. Speaking of his dad he remembered something.

"Sorry I didn't tell you this before but to become a certified Grim Reaper you have to be acknowledged by God or in other words my dad." Lucifer hesitantly said as if he didn't want Ferron to find out.

"Wait, what did you just say!?" Ferron suddenly exclaimed.

"Hm? To be acknowledged as a certified Grim Reaper you have to meet God." Lucifer calmly repeated

"No no, not that but your dad is God?" Ferron couldn't believe what he had heard so he asked again.

"Oh you didn't know that, well I don't think that any of your legends say that." Lucifer quickly recapped most of his memories in this world and confirmed that there are no writings about him being a child of God.

"Most legends say that i'm a fallen angel but I really don't know where that comes from. I think its because of my black wings and black is a 'bad color.' I guess most people don't know that all angels wings started off black, its just the lack of holy power, after a few achievements we get a chance to get granted, holy power and if we accept we start looking after the souls in heaven. I could've been admitted around a few hundred years ago after killing Genghis Khan and prevented millions more from dying, but I realized that there are a lot more wicked souls, and from also being the child of God I got the privilege of staying and looking after the world."

Ferron staggered and was completely amazed by the amount of information given to him, Genghis Khan? The one from the Mongol Empire? This guy was responsible for it? What the hell, are other deaths also associated with him what about that one angry German dictator with the funny mustache, did he kill him too?

As usual his thoughts were seen through by Lucifer, when he thought about it he remembered an angry German dictator with the funny mustache. He was the funniest one to kill he kept saying how he had made a perfect plan to capture the bringer of death and made this huge device underground. But when I appeared nothing happened, Lucifer even waited for the device to start but in the end it didn't even work. When he came to collect the soul that had killed millions all he said was nine. He kept shouting nine, Lucifer didn't bother learning German because he didn't need to talk to anyone except when they die. So whenever Lucifer meets their soul and start talking, it appears that Lucifer is talking in their home language.

Lucifer thought about all this but didn't reply to Ferron, but as they kept walking soon after the corridor of skulls came to a dead-end, While Ferron was confused Lucifer calmly traced a pattern on the wall. After he was done the walls slowly parted open revealing a horrendous sight.

Blood was plastered on the wall, dead bodies which were opened up with their organs spilling out were lining the floor and in the center of the room there was a glass box. In that box there was a tall figure wearing a plague doctor mask and a la coat. There was also a steel table with straps with the doctor waiting for something.

"Hey Michael, long time no see!" Lucifer exclaimed as he walked into the room. Ferron who was following behind him was already feeling sick due to the amounts of blood and dissected corpses was even more shocked when he heard the name.

"Michael? One of the archangels? What is he doing? Is he the one who was dissecting the bodies? What has my life come too!?" Ferron had all these thought flashing through his mind and wanted everything to go on pause for a few minutes so he can digest what was happening and maybe also throw up too.

"Ah hello big brother, how is governing dads favorite world." A harmonious but muffled voice came out of the person in the glass cube.

"Well same old, a few less corrupted souls but many on their way to being corrupted, its all happening at different speeds it takes time." Lucifer responded sounding happy, after all he bought his new apprentice to the first of seven Reaper trials.

Meanwhile while the two brother were catching up Ferron was on all fours thinking about how all this was happening. Michael, one of the seven archangels was Lucifer's younger brother? Does that mean there's are more archangels? How does this have anything have to do with being a Grim Reaper?

Ferron as usual was panicking as he slowly took in the situation. Meanwhile Lucifer started to finish his personal talk with Michael, he turned around to Ferron who was on all fours on the ground muttering.

"Michael that's my first apprentice his name is Ferron as the first trial master and an archangel please guide him through the first trial."

"What? That thing is your apprentice? Bro, you really have dropped your standard haven't you? I would also bet that you forgot his name too." Michael said as he looked at Ferron wondering what his brother saw in this lump of flesh that was muttering to nothing.

"Well he's just probably not used to things like this." Lucifer responded by scratching the back of his head, ignoring the part about forgetting his name, but after a few seconds he proudly said "But it's probably the big change in scenery, he made it through my corridor of skulls perfectly fine."

"Bro your corridor of skulls isn't scary, honestly a child could make it through there by itself without having to hold their parents hand." Michael responded quickly making Lucifer crestfallen.

"Hmph, you don't know that." Lucifer crossed his arms and tried to brush off the indirect insult. "Whatever as the first trial master can you take him in?"

"Since its the request of my big bro and the Reaper of that world, why would I ever say no." Michael responded while crossing his arms.

"Thanks, and I forgot to tell him about all this do you think you'll be able too?

"Wait he's your apprentice not mine why are you pushing the explanation onto me what the hell?" Michael started questioning Lucifer, while Lucifer stood there and laughed.

Lucifer then turned to Ferron, and noticing that he seemed to be calming down he started to speak.

"Ferron as an official Grim Reaper apprentice you will have training to do, my seven brothers will take care of different aspects of training you. Alright, now this is Michael he will take care of the first part of your training alright? Now I have to go back to the world where I found you because neglecting Reaper duties can lead to more corrupted souls and that will turn the world into chaos. Alright see you in a few weeks."

Lucifer turned and walked away, out of the room when a black mist enveloped him. When the mist receded he was no longer there

Ferron was speechless his mentor was just giving him to another person, and that person being an archangel, as he turned to look at Micheal he saw that Micheal was also looking at him.

"Hello Ferron, I'm Micheal one of the seven archangels o as Lucifer likes to call me 'The First Little Bro' since I am the first trial, pleasure to be working with you" Micheal said as he looked at Ferron with his plague doctor mask.

"L-likewise." Ferron managed to get out a word.


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