The Grim Reapers Apprentice
3 The First Trial
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The Grim Reapers Apprentice
Author :Fishycreator
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3 The First Trial

Micheal stood there inside the glass cube staring at Ferron, after a few seconds he went over to the steel table and tapped twice in the middle. A mechanical sound started ande square of the floor that the table was resting on started to flip, it was like one of those superhero things where if the hero pushed a hidden button under their desk, their whole bookshelf would turn 180-degrees and there would be a futuristic computer in its place.

As the table started to flip over, another table but this time with a monitor and a tower were resting on it instead. When the mechanical sound stopped, Micheal went over to it and started typing.

"Lets see here, name is Ferron, gender is male and he is big bro Lucifer's new apprentice, and world No.1. Hey, can I also get your age too?"

It took a few seconds for Ferron to realize that Micheal was talking to him.

"Ah, i'm turning 21 in a few months." Ferron snapped out of his stupor and replied quickly, not wanting to get onto one of the archangels bad side.

"Hey kid, when you turn into a Reaper you wont have to worry about age any more. You'll lose count in a few hundred years." Micheal replied while still quickly typing on his keyboard. "Alright your application for apprentice Grim Reaper is complete. Now all you need to do is complete the seven trials including this one, then meet with dad and you will be assigned to you own world. Simple as that." Micheal the stood up and tapped the monitor and it flipped back to the table but this time there was something lying down on top of it.

"Alright kid, here is your first trial. As a Grim Reaper you have to do a lot of killing but there's an upside to it, you don't have to kill innocents, its only the corrupt and dirt that you have to kill. You also don't have to directly stab 'em with your scythe, Reapers have power granted to them by God also known as my dad. So you can directly interfere with how things go on, for example; I was watching big bro doing his work one day, when one day a leader of a large country called Airica or something like that I didn't really pay attention to how you pronounce it so it's probably wrong. But anyways that leader was having an affair on his secretary, when me and Lucifer saw this, I couldn't believe my eyes while Lucifer just shrugged it off saying that its a normal thing. Lucifer decided to show me how things were done in dad's favorite world, and showed me this effect called: Media Mentality. He leaked out a small bit of footage and it started to grow. Soon his reputation was so bad he couldn't even appear in public without negative word being thrown at him Bro told me he would die after being embarrassed by his wife at some large event. Well, that a large enough example but now have to get going here."

Ferron was noticing some pattern here, whenever there was a large scale event that almost everyone knew about, it was mostly the event of his mentor. Well soon, if he didn't die in one of these trials, he might be doing the same things. He was thinking about how his new future would be impacted because of these mind-blowing facts, it's as if everything he bothered to learn in his days growing up was a lie. Wait, if everything was false like this what was the point in all this. Ferron swore as he learned that he could've dozed off class while learning about world history. Well it was all spilled milk now.

"Ahh, I should tell you what this trial is all about." Ferron was suddenly startled out of his thoughts when Micheal suddenly appeared behind him. "The first thing about being a Grim Reaper is to be merciless, K?"

"Then what should I do Mr. Micheal?" Ferron saw all the bodies at the entrance and hoped that he didn't have to do all that bloody work.

Micheal saw through his mind and didn't bother being silent about it like Lucifer. "Hey, kid don't worry to much about it, I won't start you off big we'll start off small and take it from there, here take this and follow me."

Micheal passed a larger than normal Butcher knife to Ferron and walked beck into the glass cube.

"Uh, do I phase through it like you did or..." Ferron was so lost in the words of 'we'll start of small'

"Kid, are you retarded or somethin' there's a door right there just normally walk." Ferron could feel Micheal eyes rolling through the mask.

Ferron realized that there was an opening in the glass and he missed it because of all the things rushing into his mind, Ferron was almost crying, what did he do to deserve Michael scorn? Also what does he have to do with this two foot long butchers knife?

"Well hurry up now get in here why are you idling. Don't tell me that you forgot to walk, That would make you a whole other kind of special." Micheal's tone was sounding even more pissed then before.

"Yes, coming sorry sir." Ferron rushed in managing to make it in with what felt like 60 kilogram knife weighing down on him.

"Alright now that you're here take your slow ass and get to the table." Micheal continued impatiently urging him on quickly while continuously spouting insults towards Ferron.

Ferron managed to get to the table while supporting the knife in both hands. As he approached the table he noticed the thing that was on the table earlier was actually just a small chicken, but it wasn't moving at all. Ferron was confused at first then it slowly dawned on him he slowly realized what he had to do in the 'merciless' trial.

"Alright kid, you will start off by killing 1000 of those white non-flying birds. I made sure that the next few thousand species are from your world too, so have fun with that. Alright you have this lovely glass cube to yourself and if you ever need me, don't bother I wont respond. Have fun."

With that Micheal disappeared from the room. Then suddenly the chicken came to life, clucking madly and fighting against the restraints.

Ferron looked crestfallen, how did this happen, not even an hour ago he was resting happily on the park bench, now he was dead and was butchering a chicken. What the hell was this progresion?!


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