The Grim Reapers Apprentice
4 The Genocide of Chickens
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The Grim Reapers Apprentice
Author :Fishycreator
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4 The Genocide of Chickens

Ferron looked at the chicken clucking madly, wings flapping madly. Fortunately it was bound be its feet to the steel table, but it was hard to get close to it being this wild. Ferron couldn't keep holding the heavy butchers knife so he struggled to put it on the table, but when the chicken saw the large silver knife it went mad. It went louder and feathers were flying everywhere.

"Calm down chicken please!" Ferron couldn't think of what to do. He was placed in this glass cube with a huge knife and was being forced to kill a 1000 chickens. Reluctantly he reached out his arm and tried to grab the chickens neck, like how he saw on a documentary, but before he could even touch a feather the chicken bit his finger causing a bit of blood to fly out.

"You goddamn chicken you wanna fight? Square up right now you cock!" Ferron screamed at it in a bit of pain since he was not used to pain because of his simple lifestyle that he lived. It took Ferron a few seconds to realize he was fighting a chicken. He sighed and struggled to pick up the butchers knife again and was prepared to see some blood.

Not that far to the glass cube Ferron was in there was a white door nearly invisible to the naked eye, and inside that room there were two figures. If Ferron were to see these two figures he would've fainted from astonishment. It was Micheal and someone who never appeared in front of Ferron, he was a old man with a long white beard and white hair. He was wearing a casual appearance; a simple

lime green t-shirt and beige shorts, but what was really out-of-place was his socks and sandal.

"Dad what are you doing here?" The muffled voice of Micheal came through the mask sounding slightly miffed.

"What can I not come and see what my first sons disciple looks like? He is a fine specimen, Luci has a good eye." The white bearded old man said

"Dad if Lucifer heard you say that I don't think that he would be too happy, and besides. What are you wearing?" Micheal was disgusted at his dads appearance, if he was seen in public with this old guy, he would pray to his uncle the Hell king to open up a hole deep enough to jump into and wait out his fathers bad fashion sense.

"What, this was 'hip' with the kids when I last went down to Luci's world. Besides I don't go down there that often, only around once very fifty years. Anyways lets see how he's doing, he finally is getting down to it. " The old guy started pouting like a small child while he looked a the 55' TV that was hanging on the walls. On the screen was Ferron small glass box.

Back in the box Ferron was raising the knife, the chicken still clucking madly and flapping its wings like he was about to die. Well, it was.

Ferron took a deep breath closing his eyes and bringing the knife down, the knife didn't hit something hard but hit something with a 'CLANG'. Like hitting metal with metal. Ferron opened his eyes confused at what he saw made his eyes bulge out. The chicken was in the corner of the table with one of it leg restraints instead of two. Ferron realized what happened, when he closed his eyes the chicken saw where the knife was heading down and had one of its leg restraints take its place causing Ferron to cut then restraint for it.

Ferron glared at what seemed like the 100 IQ chicken clucking madly at the corner of the table. Ferron made a vow never to be seen through by a chicken and stated to try and grab it, while Ferron was battling madly with the chicken Micheal and the other figure were looking on.

"Mike, good job with the animal part, chickens make great food." The old man said while looking at the battle going on in the cube.

"Dad, don't call me Mike please, and besides I don't know any of these animals it was just luck." Micheal responded in an annoyed tone.

"Hmmm, well lets see how he deals with this." The old man responded in a tranquil tone as if he never heard what Micheal had said.

Back in the cube Ferron had managed to grab the chickens neck and forced it down preparing the knife.

"Ha, get f*cked you sl*tty wh*re." While Ferron was swearing at the chicken he brought the knife up and brought it down onto the neck.

Blood squirted everywhere from the chickens neck since it no longer had a neck, the head flew from the table and hit the glass wall with a dull 'thud'.

"Ahhh, It's in my mouth! It's got into my eye! I'm gonna get AIDS someone please!" Ptew. Ptew. Ferron rolled on the ground spitting and trying hard to not throw up. "I have to do this 999 times and then it'll switch from chickens to something else. I'm gonna be dead inside once this is all over." Ferron stood back up with blood all over his clothes and arms with a bit speckled over his face

When Ferron looked back at the table he saw his knife and a brand new chicken clucking madly instead of a bloody mess.

"Oh boy I have to get used to this fast, my arm will probably fall off before I can get through all 999." Ferron realized how heavy the knife was and slowly came up with a plan. "Alright let's do this, those soft wings are waiting for me." Ferron picked up the knife with a new resolve and proceeded to commit mass Genocide against chickens.

Back in the hidden room the old man was stroking his beard and pondering. Micheal looked on as Ferron picked up the knife again and proceeded to cut the throat of countless chickens.

"Not a bad pick, Luci found a really good kid. He'll grow up to be a fine thing, I'll have to make sure that Seph doesn't make advances on him. Mike I'll be off now to make Gabe prepare the next trial." The old man made a circle in the air large enough to walk through and stepped into it. After the old man left Micheal shook his head and said in a low voice

"If we have names why bother with nicknames just be like a normal father for once please." Micheal shifted his gaze back onto the TV where Ferron was chopping of necks if the chickens on the table that kept turning over to produce a new one. "He really is a good find." He muttered.


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