The Grim Reapers Apprentice
5 Well, There Goes my Humanity
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The Grim Reapers Apprentice
Author :Fishycreator
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5 Well, There Goes my Humanity

2 Days passed and the 1000 chickens were finally finished. Ferron put down the knife and heaved a sigh of relief. His arms were like logs it took him a lot of effort to finish the last 10 remaining chicken, after he killed the last one the table turned over and instead of a chicken there was what looked like a combat knife.

"Hurry up and grab the knife."

Micheal's familiar, muffled voice came from right behind Ferron. Ferron jumped and turned around to see Micheal a few feet behind him seemingly appearing from nowhere. Ferron quickly turned back and grabbed the hilt of the blade observing it as he turned it over.

It was pitch black with silver lines running through it like veins, and serrated teeth on one edge. Ferron was amazed this knife could fetch a heavy price, it was lightweight and ideal for close quarters combat.

"Alright, with the birds I didn't give you much instructions because it was not needed but now you are on the second stage, with one more stage left the difficulty would be increased. But since this is the easiest trial there wont be a change in what you are doing but now there will no more of those chickens."

Ferron was relived that he didn't have to listen to the deafening clucking anymore. But what ran through his mind was now what did he have to do with his knife. The second stage what animal did he have to kill now. He was getting used to the blood, and the instant silence caused by the large butchers knife, but now he had a knife capable of causing intense pain.

"Alright now the second batch isn't humans so you can be relieved, it's only some really small cute little things. As usual there is 1000 of them so that shouldn't be a shocker and I will get back to you once the trial ends. You have 30 minutes so rest up and then we shall begin." Micheal began walking out of the glass cube and a black fog began enshrouding him. It only lasted a few seconds before the fog disappeared and Micheal with it.

Ferron sighed and fell to the floor his arms pulsed with a dull ache, looked at the knife feeling weak and brittle. All his pent up emotions finally burst forth and tears came spilling out. He curled into a ball and kept crying for 5 minutes until he heard his stomach growl. He hadn't eaten anything in the past two days except water which appeared whenever he needed it, but what he wanted right now was for everything to go back to normal. These hard ships was not what he was expecting when he agreed to walk the path of a Reaper, he suddenly realized why he said yes. It was not because he wanted those soft black wings, it was because of Lucifer.

Lucifer was the only one offer Ferron a place in his life, something that no one else wanted. His parents didn't bother with him and gave him to some relatives to 'take care' of him and never came back to pick him up again. These 'relatives' of his were completely the opposite of caring, they were completely neglectful to him feeding him leftovers and giving all the house chores for him to do. He always did his job obediently because whenever he didn't do it he was struck and locked up in a small room. Even in school he didn't have any friends, the kids avoided him like a plague. Ferron didn't know why but he didn't let it bother him as he worked hard to do the best he can so no one could bother him.

He found jobs that he could do without anyone finding out, slowly gathering money for when he can move out and live on his own. Once he graduated high school with honor roll, Ferron quickly applied for university in another city, and left his so-called relatives behind.

He was on his second year of university when the incident of his murder happened and Lucifer made his appearance telling Ferron to come with him. Ferron didn't realize how much he was in need of a friend until now. He closed his eyes dejected but for some reason he had a slightly warm feeling in his heart. vowing silently to become a Grim Reaper to make Lucifer proud.

Ferron awoke with a start, wondering where he was and quickly remembered what had happened. He still felt a bit of sadness in his heart but that was quickly swept away by the thought of the half-hour that he was given. He grabbed the knife and looked towards the table and almost dropped the knife.

Micheal was sitting on the table staring at Ferron.

"You looked exhausted so I just waiting for you to wake up, now you owe me kid." Micheal responded with the same muffled voice that Ferron heard since coming here.

"Yes sir." Ferron responded respectfully because he didn't want to get onto one of the archangels bad side and readied the knife in his hands.

"Alright part two of the first trial begins now. Get ready this will really test your humanity." Micheal gave an odd piece of advice and the black fog enveloped him again. Once he was gone Ferron sighed and approached the table waiting for it to flip and show what he had to cut open with his knife.

A minute passed and the table finally flipped over exposing a small four legged creature looking around curiously with a metal shackle on one of it front legs. When it saw Ferron and the knife he was holding it quickly ran over to a corner until the chain holding couldn't extend any further, when the creature noticed this it started whining and whimpering and tried to pull against the chain.

Ferron looked at the creature with immense sadness in its eyes and felt a pain in his heart.

"Why the hell did I make that promise." Ferron thought about the vow he made before he went to sleep. As he looked at the creature in pity and raised his knife wanting to end it quickly because it was favorite pet to keep at his home. He even had planned to get one after he graduated university.

"Well. There goes my humanity." Ferron had a thought as he brought the knife down.

It was a puppy.


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