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The Grim Reapers Apprentice
Author :Fishycreator
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6 Awakening

Ferron was crest fallen. He had managed to kill 500 puppies and 500 cats. If he was doing this is back on Earth in public he would most definitely be hunted down be PETA.

Once Ferron had killed all of the animals the table turned over again and this time a scalpel was on the table. When he glanced at it he felt sick again. He knew that as the stages were getting more brutal each time, first was the chickens; he killed them with a swing.

Next was the second stage where he had a smaller knife and couldn't always kill the pups and kittens in a swing. They always died in pain which made Ferron throw up multiple times after hearing the painful noises that they made.

Lastly was the scalpel, Ferron could only imagine what what he had to do in the third part of the first trial.

Unlike last time Micheal didn't appear. Ferron sat down confusedly and waited for his food. While Ferron was in the cube anything he thought that he needed would appear. If he needed food a plate of whatever he wanted would pop up out of nowhere. If he needed to use the bathroom a toilet surrounded by walls would be at the same place the food was. The same thing happened with water, bathing and sleeping as well. The only problem Ferron had was that the bed was too hard and he could never sleep well.

Ferron lost quite a lot of weight since most of what he ate had come back up, but that was only in the beginning. As he continued slaughtering dogs and cats he felt as if he was building a resistance to it, he would no longer throw up and be disgusted as to what he was doing.

Ferron was scared of these changes, if this continued how would he feel after? Would he be completely immune to what he would feel after killing someone? Or would he still have a shred of humanity left in him to feel pity?

Once Ferron thought about what food he wanted, it appeared, a plate of Fettuccine Alfredo one of Ferron's favorite kind of home cooked pasta to make on a day off. It tasted just like how he had used to make it giving him a sense of regret and nostalgia.

Once Ferron was done his food a glass of water was waiting for him where the food usually came from. Ferron chugged down the glass and put it with his empty plate. He turned back to the table where the scalpel was waiting and started walking towards it. He turned back once more to find that, as usual, the plate and glass were nowhere to be found.

Ferron shrugged it of like he usually did and grabbed the scalpel and waiting for the table to flip over and reveal what was waiting for him to cut up.

After a short time it started, the table turned over and what Ferron saw instantly made him want to cry.

It was a man, with black hair and average looks, his eyes closed and unmoving. But what really set him apart were his tattoos, his right side arm was a green Chinese dragon while his left arm had a blue one, and on his neck were three sets of tally marks. Ferron looked at the man, then down at his scalpel and knew what he had to do. He felt something stirring inside of him, gradually growing.

People who didn't know what Ferron had been through, seeing blood everyday, slaughtering chickens then moving on to animals then finally moving on to living people. In the end there were all the same, humans, animals they were all living things. Why were people never batting an eye to chickens that die in the hundred-thousands everyday, but when a person dies, they have a ceremony to mourn.

Ferron gazed at the man on the table and held the knife tight, he felt almost nothing ever since realizing that nothing changed. From a chicken to people. There's no difference other then what they look like, they are living beings just like people, and Ferron was taking their lives. So what was the difference.

The strange feeling slowly working, welling up in his chest and spreading towards his abdomen and working its way up to his head. Ferron's started to see red and had a lust for blood, he gazed at the man lying on the table, a small smile forming on his face.

In the next room Micheal was watching, seemingly amused by Ferron. Silently watching as he had his fun with the person lying on the table.

"So it finally shows it self." Micheal could see a dark haze sweeping out of Ferron's body, it was a color darker then black. It slowly surrounded Ferron crawling over his arms and legs covering it in a thin veil, his eyes glowing a bright ice-white with a blue hue.

If Micheal didn't have his mask anyone could see him widen his eyes.

"A corruption aura with an element affinity! He would make a fine specimen if he was mine, sadly Lucifer got to him first." Lucifer shook his head and sighed silently looking on as the man on the table woke up right when the scalpel touched his chest. "Just who is this kid."

He didn't intervene as the man on the table was on death row anyways. All of Micheal's third trial specimens were criminals on death row for the horrible crimes they committed. Of course Ferron didn't know about this he might think that the people were innocent people but that was what the trial was about.

Back in the glass room the wails of the criminal on the table increased. He was just a prisoner on death row, how did he end up here? It was his day to receive the lethal injection he lie down on the padded chair and was strapped down. He felt drowsy and fell asleep, but the next thing he knew he was strapped onto this cold steel table and a young man covered in a black shroud with his eyes glowing in a white light.

He was watching in pain as his organs were showing through the large cut in his chest. He felt like this was retribution for his crimes. It felt better then receiving the injection, it was as if all the pain inflicted on his victims was coming back to hit him all at once. He knew that this was his hell.


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