The Grim Reapers Apprentice
7 Elemental Affinity and Corruption Aura
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The Grim Reapers Apprentice
Author :Fishycreator
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7 Elemental Affinity and Corruption Aura

The man was un-recognizable. It was a mess of blood, skin, and bones. His face was disfigured beyond humanly possible, the last bit of skin hanging off his face was destroyed beyond what could be done with a scalpel.

A dark figure, with shining blue-white eyes, stood over the bloody mess breathing heavily, not even a speck of blood on him, holding a small silver red object. Upon closer inspection it was Ferron, covered in a dark haze and holding his bloody scalpel. Oddly enough it was just the head of the scalpel the was a deep red colour, the handle was still a bright silver like nothing had ever touched it.

The black mist covering Ferron slowly started retreating from his arms and legs, and into his chest. His eyes also fading, when the mist disappeared and his eyes turned back to normal, Ferron staggered backwards like something had struck him. He looked the mess that he had made and felt empty, if it was the Ferron that was studying peacefully a few days ago he would immediately gag and start throwing up if he even came close to this.

But that Ferron was long dead, and in his place was a monster beyond human comprehension. Ferron was in control that whole time, the dark feeling was just suppressing his emotions and having him enjoy what he was doing. Before it started spreading Ferron knew what it would do, it was like it was speaking in his mind. He could either choose to accept it or to suppress it and have it come out another time.

Ferron didn't know exactly what it was or how exactly this aura came into him but it gave him a warm feeling. The same feeling that Ferron felt when Lucifer said that he will make him his apprentice, a sort of parental warmth.

He gazed down at his hands which were spotless and looked back up to see that the mess he had made was completely gone. This was a reoccurring thing so Ferron looked at it disinterested but jumped when a voice suddenly spoke out behind him.

"Well done kid, that's what I wanted to see." Micheal familiar muffled voice sounded behind Ferron. "When I saw that something was inside of you, you had no idea how much I wanted to cut you open and dig around. But now I know how rare it is I think it would be better to sit back and see." Micheal sounded excited for the first time since speaking to Ferron and little did he know that this was the first time in millions of years that he seemed excited.

The last time was when Micheal's dad accidentally spilled his metals and stones into the solar system he made causing what the humans called the asteroid belt and one of them hit his dad's favorite planet causing his new species to die out. It made Micheal break down laughing, he wasn't the only one either his six other brothers also broke down laughing. The only ones that weren't amused by this were his father, who made them, and his big brother Lucifer since he was in charge of the world and he was having fun riding those huge beasts.

His dad later made a new species that he called 'perfect' and implemented it into other world but they were far more behind because he was still watching for any 'imperfections' that they had but he drew one conclusion from watching the for hundreds of year; they really like to fight with each other. Like little siblings but on a larger scale and they killed each other, but they eventually sorted it out when one side eventually eventually lost.

Ferron stared at Micheal, reflecting on what he just said. "Wait, rare? That was rare?"

"Well, yea it's every millennia that someone has both a corruption aura and an elemental affinity you know?" Micheal responded sounding giddy and excited, if Lucifer was here he would congratulate his apprentice for doing something nearly impossible. Having Micheal showing an emotion other then negative ones was a huge accomplishment.

"Having a corruption aura is pretty rare in people from your world you know? God had made you near perfect but as you know there is no perfect system you people already know that but what i'm talking about is different."

"My father has created countless beings, some of them weak like your kind or even weaker. Some of them strong enough to destroy the world you live in with a flick of the finger. Your kind are near perfect because you evolve, I was there when he created you, I watched as your people wandered around ramming your heads into trees for entertainment. It was hard for me even to watch." Micheal's tone was no longer the same excited tone that he once had, it was getting harder but it was still malleable. It was like someone was reflecting on their past.

"Eventually you became smarter and used the resources provided to you, your people keep evolving and now your race has reached the where it is now. But in that period there has been millions of corrupted souls and Lucifer worked real hard to claim them, sending them up to heaven or down to hell. Which reminds me you haven't heard much about Hell right?" Micheal turned to look at a sitting Ferron who looked like a kid receiving a story from the grandma.

Ferron thought about it for a second and replied. "Just the usual things about how the souls there receive eternal punishment."

"Well, that sounds like enough to go on. It's mostly run by my uncle. You would know him as the Satan or as Demon King, he doesn't have a set name like God but he goes by anything, so we'll call him Demon for now. You might not know this but my father, also known as God, emits what you would call light or Holy Energy. While my uncle, Demon releases darkness or Demonic Energy. He lives relatively low sometimes creating world out of boredom but any living things he puts on those worlds normally die out by killing each other because his Demonic Energy corrupts them."

Ferron nodded his head he knew heaven was operated by God so Hell should be run by someone too.

"Well like my uncle, my father can 'corrupt' living things with his light too. Except it's not in a bad way, his corruption helps whatever being comes in contact help store an element in them." Micheal sounded like an experienced teacher when he said that, his hard tone disappearing turning into an enlightening one.

"Element?" Ferron was familiar with this since he had grown up in the age where a game was released that had little monsters that had an element assigned to them and you could capture and enslave them, then fight other monsters with them.

"Yes, everything made out of light has the affinity to store and unleash the power of the elements, my father has the ability to control all eight while the rest of us are restricted to one. Mine is the element of ether, or as you would call it space.

Micheal spread his hands as the same dark mist Ferron had seen before began spilling out like a fountain from his hand.

"If I took off my mask you would see my eyes glow purple, which is the colour that ether would be in normally, since I have controlled it for more then 10 billion years. You probably didn't unleash your element yet so that was why nothing came out when you activated it. "

To Ferron it was hard to believe the archangels were only mentioned in the bibles in Rome when the Christians rose to power, but they had existed for a few billion years before the Earth was formed. Just imagine what other sights there were to see on other worlds.

"My other brothers have other elements but what matters is that you have an affinity too. But whats strange is the light, no elements give off that light, you might think that the element of light would give off a white glow but its a gold colour so that's not it, we'll find out later. But what the strange thing is, you also have a corruption aura." Micheal switched from talking about the elements to corruption auras

"Corruption Auras are one of my uncles trademarks, unlike how affinity can be passed down, Corruption Auras can be awoken. All living beings have a darkness inside of them which is why they cant be perfect, no matter how pure there is always darkness inside them but there are a few exceptions like my father and us. It's also vice versa too, my Uncle is entirely made out of Demonic energy and his creations need holy light to come to life."

"Uriel, who is the sciency one and probably the smartest one, doesn't know why this happens. My father and uncle know but choose not to tell us. But Corruption Auras are present in every being due to the Demonic Energy. The people who awaken them are naturally corrupt souls by nature and its the Reapers job to claim them before they terrorize even more people. Like those who take the lives of others. Someone you might know goes by the name 'John Wayne Gacy'. A serial killer known to have over 30 murders. He awoke his Aura at an older age so he lived longer then he should have so it took time before Lucifer could hunt him down and claim his soul."

Micheal dropped quite a large bomb on Ferron who learnt about this in one of his High school classes. John Wayne Gacy, one of the most infamous serial killers in history with 33 confirmed murders and suspected of more. Ferron drew a deep breath because what Gacy had awakened, he had awakened too.

"But, the weird thing is, in all the time I have been living I only saw one other person who had both". Micheals thought broke what Ferron was thinking.

Ferron thought to himself. "In all the years he's been alive which is probably billions of years, he has only seen one other person, who could that be?"

"I guess you wouldn't know about that would you?" Micheals voice once again pierced through Ferron thoughts. "I mean you have met him but you probably don't know."

Ferrons mind started racing, he knew someone who had a corruption aura and an elemental affinity, someone who Micheal, an archangel, who lived for billions of years had only seen once his mind slowly coming to a stop on a single person who he had met recently.

"That's right." Micheals voice rang out as Ferron realized who it was. "My big brother Lucifer."


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