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The Grim Reapers Apprentice
Author :Fishycreator
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8 Tri-Soul

Lucifer, a name known to be associated with the Fallen Angel who fell to Satan side was now nothing more then a lie to Ferron. The Lucifer he knew was a good looking person who took him in because of his mistake. Now Micheal said that he had something that he shared in common with him. Whats more is that what he shared in common with Lucifer was something that Micheal has only seen once in his billions of years of living.

He was now even more confused to what exactly Lucifer is. Even older then Micheal and maybe even the other angels, and also self claimed to be the king of Reapers, just who exactly is he.

Micheal looked at Ferron, reading his mind, he considered telling him how Lucifer was the oldest out of all 7 of them but Micheal felt that he was wasting to much time.

"Alright you don't have time to be thinking so much. Now you have officially passed the first trial." Micheal reverted to that same lazy voice he had met Ferron with. "I'll take you to the second one just wait here."

Micheal walked off, exiting the cube and opening the door to the second room. Ferron watched with his mouth open.

"Since when was a door there!? Was he there this whole time, watching me slaughter animals?" Ferron felt week in his knees knowing that there was a room, probably for supervising him right next to him and he never noticed.

In the room Micheal gazed at the large rectangle that seemed to be floating on nothing, he tapped twice on it and the recording of Ferron enshrouded by a dark aura and glowing white eyes flashed onto it.

It played and 10 seconds later Micheal closed it by waving his hand. He then raised his hand once more and the black fog that he showed to Ferron came out flowing like a fountain, out of his hand and onto the floor.

"Hellooo? Is this Micheal? How've ya been bro? It's been what 156 years? Man, we should get all the others and party at Lucifer's world." A voice rang out seeming all around the room. It was a soft voice but it talked faster then how it should have sounded.

"Gabe, take a look at the footage I've sent you, it's his first apprentice. So get back to purgatory and set up the second trial he's on his way now. And the fact that you kept count since our last meeting really ticks me off for some reason." Micheal voice turned hard after the last sentence.

"Micheal you know how much I hate dads nicknames that he gave us when we were young, that's why I call everyone by their real names. How would you like it if I called you Mike?" A voice like a sad boy who didn't get what they wanted responded back.

"Don't call me Mike and get over here from wherever the hell you are. We have a special one here so you're going to make it harder then normal."

"Hmph. Fine. Give me 5 minutes and send him over I'll take a look at the file as well. Lucifer's first apprentice i'm so exited to see what he looks like and how he'll do in my trial. Micheal said make it harder so how c-"

The fast voice faded away as the fog dissipated Micheal sighed as he opened the door and walked back to the glass cube where Ferron was waiting "I swear he acts like a brat getting a new toy." Micheal thought as he thought about who he talked to. He gazed back to the direction Ferron was standing and looked into his soul.

Looking into someone true soul is something only Reapers could do, what most people claim to see is only the outer layer. The outer layer is only the shell no matter how rotten or corrupt someone is the shell always shine a bright white because of the holy power used to make the shell, making them look like they have a pure soul. While whats beneath the shell lies the true soul, the reflection of what someone really is. A pure soul means a kind hearted person. Doing selfless things for the sake of others. Their soul shines a bright white.

While a corrupt soul tells the opposite story. A bright red means someone who is egotistical, greedy. Those who like to put others in harms way. These souls would need to be cleansed but depending on the severity of their crimes it would be determined if it was needed or not. For example if one was just narcissistic and egotistical, the Reapers would roll their eyes at how mentally unstable they were. But if a there was a killer that couldn't be stopped be the people in their world then it was the Reapers job to deal with it.

Micheal thought of how Lucifer dealt with the so called Phantom Killer after he had killed 5 and was never caught. Lucifer had confronted him ever since he saw that bright red soul and forcefully ripped it out of his body, that technique is exceptionally painful so it is not performed on those that don't deserve it.

But what Micheal saw in Ferron wasn't what normal beings had in them. What Micheals father creates only has one soul and that's a rule that even God and his uncle, Satan follow. It's a rule that cannot be broken, he had only known one person to have more then one soul and that was Lucifer but what he saw in Ferron made him stop and wonder who exactly did his brother pick up from his world.

There in Ferrons body was not one or two souls.

But three.

One a bright white on par with his father

One a blood red that looks just like his uncles

And one colourless and transparent as if waiting for something to happen.

A Tri-Soul. Something Micheal had only heard from his father as a bed-time story.


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