The Grim Reapers Apprentice
9 Second Trial
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The Grim Reapers Apprentice
Author :Fishycreator
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9 Second Trial

Micheal looked at Ferrons souls and shuddered. He had never seen this before, he had only known about Lucifer's two souls because he had told him. But now, the person who had two souls brought along his apprentice who had three. Would he bring an apprentice with four souls?

Micheal was one of the first created by his father and Lucifer was taking care of him like a older brother. Micheal didn't know when Lucifer was created, or born. And whenever he tries to bring up the subject of how old Lucifer was, his dad cleverly dodged the subject. It left Lucifer shrouded in mystey.

He gazed at the soul that floated there, in between the blood red and the piercing white. Clearly looking like it never belonged there. Well... It never did to begin with.

But as Micheal kept trying to see deeper into that transparent wisp. But as he tried to he felt a dull pain growing at the back of his head.

"Hmm? How can that be possible?" Micheal silently muttered realizing that he couldn't even break the shell of the third soul. He tried it with the other two but got the same result. If someone were to describe the pain that Micheal experienced when trying to look at Ferron's souls it would be someone striking their head with a sledge hammer relentlessly while their the head keeps regenerating unable to pass out. But Micheal shrugged it off like it was an mild discomfort and began again to walk towards Ferron who was looking at the pristine metal table like no one had been brutally murdered there a few hours ago.

The third soul had a special feel to it, souls all release a feel to it. Without it Reapers wouldn't be able to locate which souls they needed to collect first, but what Micheal felt the transparent soul release he felt shivers down his spin. Since he was a creation, something born from light, he felt like nothing could cause harm to him. He shivered as he felt a cold pressure strike his heart, that thing that Lucifer's apprentice had in him was something that was older then his Father, and could harness the power of creation and destruction.

It was better left unknown to its wielder then anyone else. Micheal calmed himself down and brought himself to stand in front of Ferron giving him instructions now that he has completed the first trial.

"Alright kid, the first trial is complete. You will move on to the second trial which is run by the second oldest brother Gabriel. I would advise you though the second trial is much more difficult then then the first trial. This was testing and building your mental strength, the next one is your physical test. Just follow me to the exit and I'll lead you there."

Micheal gave Ferron a quick glance and was surprised at what he saw, his eyes were no longer the pitch black eyes that he came here with but it was no longer one colour but what appeared to be a shifting haze of them. If Micheal was looking at Ferron straight he would see one colour but if Ferron tilted his head, a whole other colour would appear. It intrigued Micheal who had never seen this before, but he knew that this was beyond his limits. If he tried to dig into Ferron who knew what he would encounter, his death was one of the many probabilities that would befall him, and it was not easy for a being created by light to destroyed.

Other then his eyes he glanced at Ferrons face and looked through his mind to find him calm like this was all just a normal part of his lifestyle. Micheal was content with this result, if he were to grade him like a teacher, he would have full marks and a piece of paper saying he did good.

Micheal started walking to the door that he went into earlier and Ferron followed behind him. When he opened the door Ferron gasped. Beyond the door was not the dark room Micheal had watched Ferron in but in its place there was an ocean spreading across until the horizon. The strange thing was the sky wasn't blue, but purple.

Micheal gave him a small push to get him out of the door way and said his final words to him. "Alright kid, this trial will push your mental state to its limit, which is why I was the first. Just prepare yourself alright." With that Micheal stood back and closed the door, the door was suddenly enshrouded by black mist. When the mist subsided the doorway was nowhere to be seen, leaving Ferron on the sandy beach alone.

Ferron looked around and saw that there was what looked like a forest behind him and a beach in front, he slowly walked towards the water, it was like a lake, strangely still and calm. As he walked closer to the water he gazed at the bright purple sky wondering where he was. Ferron reached the water, crouching down, he put his hand in the water and found it wasn't cold like on Earth but slightly warm. Looking to the horizon he heard music, Ferron just shook his head thinking it was in his mind playing tricks on him but it was still there. He realized that the music was coming from behind him and turned around.

Not that far away was smoke rising from the trees that was not there when he had looked at the trees earlier. Ferron realized that the music was coming from the smoke, he slowly started walking towards it. Thankfully it wasn't that far, it only took Ferron 5 minutes of walking to get to the source of the music and what he found hit him as strange.

There was a young man, who looked in his late twenties with a healthy tan, a Hawaiian shirt and plaid shorts, he had flip plops and a bucket hat lounging on a beach chair in front of a large tent and a campfire. Ferron couldn't see his face because he had sunglasses on but the young man had noticed him when he had reached the tree line.

He beckoned him over and pulled out another beach chair from behind him and set it on the other side of the campfire. Ferron slowly walked over and sat passively on the chair, the radio which was the source of the music was what seemed like Katy Parry kept playing on the radio beside the man.

The man who was looking at Ferron suddenly spoke up. "You are Ferron right?" The voice was the same one that Micheal had talked to when he had sent the video clip, but Ferron had never heard his voice so he wouldn't recognize it.

Before Ferron could answer the man stopped him.

"Of course you are, Micheal told me he was sending you over. Sorry for my silly question." The man talked faster then Ferron could keep up and took him a while to process it.

Micheal should have told you already but I'll say it again; Welcome to the second trial!" When he said that he raised his hand grandly while not bothering to stand up, Katy Perry still playing in the background.

Ferron couldn't help but stifle his laughter.


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