The Grim Reapers Apprentice
10 It“s Just Walking
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The Grim Reapers Apprentice
Author :Fishycreator
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10 It“s Just Walking

Gabriel, the second archangel was not what Ferron was expecting. Thinking about it, Micheal wasn't what he had expected either. Micheal was a merciless and cold while Gabriel was a chill camper, Ferron wondered what the other angels personalities would be like.

Ferron watched as Gabriel slowly put down his arms and looked somewhat embarrassed.

"Forgive me for not meeting your expectation, but you got me in the middle of my vacation. I was in a completely different dimension but Micheal suddenly contacted me and had me rush over to set up the second trial." Gabriel chuckled softly and continued talking at the same speed when he had met Ferron

"So anyways welcome to the second trial where I will be testing and also building your muscular strength, so, shall we begin?" He looked expectantly at Ferron who seemed at a loss for words.

Ferron stiffly nodded his head because of Micheals warning from before and waited for Gabriel to start the second trial.

Gabriel stood up after the Katy Perry song was over and tossed Ferron a bottle of water seeming from nowhere, he didn't say anything and started walking deeper into the forest.

5 minutes...

30 minutes...

1 hour...

Ferrons feet were already hurting, he was never used to walking for such a long amount of time, the time from his apartment to the university campus took him less then 5 minutes and the market was just a simple bus ride. But they still kept walking.

2 hours...

5 hours...

Ferrons legs started to wobble every time he took a step and his speed dropped drastically compared to when they first started out. Surprisingly the water bottle seemed to never run out, although his stomach was grumbling but Gabriel didn't look back and only dropped his speed to match the distance they started out at.

After 6 hours Ferrons legs collapsed underneath him, every time he put weight on either of his legs they would immediately scream in pain unable to support his weight any further.

Gabriel appeared in front of him frowning, his sunglasses still concealing his eyes.

"That was fast, I thought you would be able to go for a longer." He sighed and clapped his hands. The water in Ferrons bottle started to shake violently. Ferron got startled and dropped the bottle, but before it could hit the ground it shot up and hit Ferron right in the middle of his forehead knocking him unconscious.

Gabriel looked at the knocked out bot and sighed in his heart, what a wonderful thing it is to be young. He picked Ferron up and swung him over his shoulder and walked a few steps coming back to the camp that He had met Ferron at, but there was a slight difference. Another tent took its place opposite of the first one. Gabriel seemed unfazed by this as he walked towards the new tent.

He opened the flap and gently placed the unconscious Ferron onto the sleeping bag that was already there and walked out zipping up the flap as he left. He walked back to the chair and turned the radio back on put the volume was a lot quieter then before. This time it was playing Justin Beiber, Gabriel listened for a few minutes then turned it off in disgust. "What the hell is this garbage." He quietly muttered and took out what looked like an Apple phone and tapped it a few times, it started playing a certain artist that had 3 X's, Gabriel was sad to see this musical talent go, it wasn't him either some of the other archangels enjoyed his music too.

When Gabriel had heard the news, he went straight to Lucifer to try and have the killers soul be forcefully separated but unfortunately the culprit was already caught be the law enforcers of his world so there was nothing he could do. It wasn't him either, Remiel, Suruel, and Jegudiel also complained to Lucifer but there was nothing he could do.

Most worlds law enforcers were not as fast as Lucifers so it was easy for a reaper to claim souls that were not caught, but because it was his fathers favorite world they were given higher intelligence and advanced much quicker then the others. So naturally their investigating technology was much better and faster.

After around 9 hours Ferron groggily woke up with a pain striking his forehead with every heartbeat. He saw that he was in a large orange tent but he couldn't see outside since the flap was closed, he unzipped the opening and crawled outside. He saw that he was back in the small camp and looked at Gabriel slowly snoozing away in his beach chair with PSY playing in the back. Ferron couldn't imagine why an messenger of god was listening to k-pop but then again, the whole world was listening to this at one point.

He quietly sat down on a chair opposite of him and silently waited for Gabriel to wake up. Ferron noticed a plate with grilled mackerel on it and was silently surprised at how Earth food was in this weird island but he didn't think to much about it and digged in. He was enjoying how nice it tasted when suddenly Gabriel snorted and woke up with a start yelling, "No! Don't spank my sheep!"

Ferron paused and stared at him, a piece of fish halfway to his mouth. Gabriel also staring at him in surprise. He quickly regained composure and coughed into his fist.

"Ahem. I see your awake, once you're done the meal we shall get going immediately." He then calmly stood up from his beach chair and walked into his tent. While Ferron remembering the pain from walking the previous time silently groaned in his heart but then remembered Gabreils small outburst earlier and softly smiled. At least this archangel had something to laugh at.

Ferron had a feeling this wasn't going to be that bad if it was just walking.


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