The Grim Reapers Apprentice
11 Part 2 of the second trial
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The Grim Reapers Apprentice
Author :Fishycreator
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11 Part 2 of the second trial

Ferron wanted to eat his words, yes it was just walking but who in the right mind would walk for more then 12 hours a day? Previously it took him over 6 hours to collapse from walking, now over the course of a week of walking he could last for 12 hours he didn't know how he could have improve this fast but since it helped him he didn't really question it further.

But Gabriel saw the real reason for his fast improvement; the bright white soul that held the elemental affinity. Without realizing it Ferron was using the light element to heal his legs. It wasn't so much as healing but more of a enhanced regeneration, the building of muscle was still there but it was just done at a much faster rate then normal humans.

"So he seems to have the light element inside of him, as well as a Corruption aura, no wonder Micheal said to make the trial harder. But he has no shine in his eyes? That's strange." Gabriel thought to himself while looking at Ferron who was eating his food across from him. Unlike Micheal, he didn't bother with looking inside of Ferron to look at his souls, but instead is going off of the video Micheal sent him instead. But unknown to Gabriel it was not the light element that was healing Ferron but it was something else.

After walking for hours a day Ferron felt extremely different, his legs didn't hurt as much when he woke up after collapsing and he could feel his legs becoming more rigid and tense. His feet no longer had blisters after walking on the uneven ground and Gabriels questionable way of getting back to the camp didn't cause him that much pain anymore.

Of course this is only walking, in other word the first part of the second trial, he still had two more parts to go, he didn't even know what he needed to do to complete it.

Right after Ferron finished his meal and out his plate down Gabriel immediately started walking. After his record of 12 hours Ferron just felt a little tired, his stamina was also building but not as fast as it would be if he was running instead of walking. This time Ferrons record was 20 hours before his legs collapsed under him, as usual his water bottle knocked him out after Gabriel clapped his hands and was carried back to the camp.

Getting carried by an archangel was at first slightly unbelievable to Ferron at first but when he had brought up the topic to Gabriel, he just waved it off saying it was his job and he had done it every time he ran the trial.

After Ferron woke up he he did what he had done for the past 8 days and walked out of his tent found a plate of food beside his chair and helped himself while Gabriel was sleeping opposite of him and occasionally woke up screaming something about his sheep and they proceeded to walk after Ferron was done his meal. The bright purple sky never changed in brightness and there was no Sun or Moon so it was impossible to tell the time, so the only way to tell the time was when Gabriel occasionally shouted the time while they were walking.

This time Ferron managed to walk 24 hours before collapsing, as he slowly improved it wasn't just his legs that were getting stronger but his mind was pushing his body until it collapsed so his mental state wasn't falling behind either.

Ferron repeated this process for another 2 week and with that his time increased from 24 hours to a whopping 168 hours. Ferron could walk a whole week without sleeping or eating all he needed was a minimal amount of water and he could manage, of course this was including the struggle of staying awake and his stomach growling in pain. It was impressive enough that he didn't need to use his Corruption aura to satisfy his hunger and exhaustion which was one of the main ability of the aura, and why most Reapers choose to master this ability.

In the seven trials, all of the apprentices only had to do six of them. Because one is the trial that trains the Corruption Aura and the other trains the Elemental Affinity. Most people chose to train the Corruption Aura while a minimal amount chose to train their Affinity. It made Raguel who was in charge of the Affinity trial feel lonely. Of course there were many benefits of choosing affinity but most Reaper trainees were more prone to choose the aura because of the superficial benefits of it.

Sure you didn't need to eat or sleep when the aura activates, even emotions were suppressed and muscles strengthen when it's active. But reapers are still living beings that need those, the Corruption Aura can't be constantly active. The exhaustion that follows can leave a average person bedridden for a few weeks, of course Reapers have special training to be minimally effected by this, but continuous and elongated activation of the aura can easily drain a Reaper.

But Ferron didn't know how to activate his aura, so he was oblivious to the fact that he could activate it and satisfy his hunger. After Ferron woke up from a 2 day slumber, he looked at the sleeping angel and wondered how much was left, when would he pass the trial. He looked back down at his meal and started to eat, as usual after a few minutes Gabriel woke up and glanced at Ferron chowing down.

Ferron didn't expect for Gabriel to talk and jumped slightly when he heard his voice.

"Good job Ferron, you have passed the first part of the second trial, part two will begin shortly. " Ferron dropped the fork he was holding and stared bewildered at Gabriel sitting down in front of him and facepalmed his head in his mind. He had totally forgot about the parts of the trials. He had two more parts to go.

Gabriel just looked at Ferron hearing his mind, if he forgot there were three parts to a trial, how would he be able to handle his little brother Uriel's lessons? Gabriel just shook his head and stood up, his radio was turned of which was a first to Ferron,and began walking off in the direction Ferron came from when he had first arrived to the second trial.

Ferron of course had long forgotten which direction he had come from and followed Gabriel back to the beach where Micheal had dropped him off. What Ferron saw made him confused and a little afraid of what the second part of of the second trial was.

It was easy to guess what he had to do, but it how long he had to do it, is what made Ferron nervous. In Ferrons eyes there was gym equipment, and there were all kinds of it. If he was a bodybuilder he would drool at the sight. But alas, Ferron was a university student who didn't focus on building muscles because in his eyes 'wasn't needed.'

His body started groaning in pain while he just stood there with a stupefied face. Reminiscing on how much his legs hurt while he walked.


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