The Grim Reapers Apprentice
12 No Membership Needed
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The Grim Reapers Apprentice
Author :Fishycreator
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12 No Membership Needed

Gym Equipment all lined the sandy beachfront. Dumb bells that increased by Kilograms every other weight, barbells the size of two fully grown adult men, and the weights had a diameter of an average teenager. How the hell was anyone going to lift those things, only a crane could do this heavy duty with out breaking its... supports?

Gabriel turned around and started introducing the next part of the trial. "So here we are Ferron, the next part of the trial. Since we have worked on your legs, it is now time to move on to your upper muscles. Of course we will still be working on legs periodically." Gabriel looked expectantly at Ferron hoping his upper body was better then his legs. It took Ferron 3 weeks of walking to bring up to the desired level.

"I'll be your personal trainer and no worries you won't need to pay for me, or the gym membership. Isn't that a great deal!" Gabriel but a bit of emphasis on the last part making sure that Ferron was thankful for it.

Ferron slowly nodded his head and managed to mutter out, "Y-yea thanks a lot sir." It seemed that Gabriel was satisfied as he nodded his head and turned around walking towards the dumb bells.

"Alright shall we start with your arms?" Gabriel didn't wait and started walking towards one of the bigger weights. He casually picked up a 50 kilogram weight and walked backed to Ferron. "Here try this." Gabriel threw the weight like he was tossing a ball and Ferron scrambled out of the way to prevent it hitting him.

"You cant catch, do we need to work on your hand-eye coordination as well?" Gabriel saw that Ferron had to scramble to get out of the way of a simple throw could this kid not have learned to do catch and throw?

When Ferron had scrambled to get out of the way he had tripped over his own feet and landed face first into sand, when he had looked back the weight that he was supposed to catch had left a rather large indent in the sand. When he had heard Gabriel complaining he almost burst into tears, he built up his leg muscles over the three weeks but his arms were just slightly stronger because of the huge butchers knife he held in the first trial, how the well was he supposed to catch a 50 kilo weight!

Gabriel was slightly disappointed when he heard Ferrons thoughts, he sighed and shook his head, looks like they had to start at the beginning. He took the large weight and put it back on the rack, he went over to the bench press a signaled Ferron to come over. Gabriel didn't bother with putting weights on the bar so Ferron just had to lift the bar, once Ferron lied down Gabriel started talking a like a trainer.

"Alright 1000 sets of ten of those and we move on."


"EH?!" After a moment of confusion the words finally set in Ferrons mind let out a strange noise. 1000 sets of ten? That would be 10,000 bench presses?! An average bar weighs 45 pounds or 20.4 kilos, it was good enough that Gabriel didn't put any weights on it but still wasn't 10,000 a bit too much. Ferron knew that he couldn't get out of it because this wasn't just any gym or any personal trainer. All he could do is just bite his lip and force himself through this.

In the beginning it was hard for Ferron everything seemed to revolve around the number 10,000. Thousand push ups, thousand leg presses, thousand bicep curls and so on. After a week Ferron could do a maximum of 5,000 of each before collapsing, his food and sleep was also cut down to one small meal and 5 hours of sleep. Surprisingly Ferron felt that satisfied with it, when he ate he didn't feel hungry afterwords, after he woke up from sleeping he felt completely refreshed like he had a full nights sleep.

Ferron thought this was the result of his training, which was not the complete truth. Something in his body was speeding up the process, his natural regeneration was sped up by at least 300% in a span of 4 weeks. Other Reapers could only manage this with at least a year of dedicated training. While Gabriel noticed this he thought it was because of his incredibly perfect training that he had made Ferron go through everyday.

Truly, ignorance is bliss. Those words could be said to an angel too.

As the days passed on, the amount of sets also increased. From a total of 10,000 to an unholy amount of 50,000, Ferron was barely eating or sleeping, his 5 hours dwindled to a simple hour nap that he needed every 3 days, water and food was needed in small amounts. His body was also changed as well, he was no longer the skinny and weak young man that he was when he was attending university but he was a tall and lean. His arms, that looked normal could easily lift a small car, his legs could jump higher then 5 meters.

But that was not enough for Gabriel, before Ferron had arrived, Lucifer had shown up when Gabriel was busy looking into how people from Ferrons world trained and improved their bodies. What Lucifer said made Gabriel give it his all in training. If Ferron had heard what Lucifer had said to Gabriel he would know the reason that he was being pushed so hard.

"Hey, Gabriel could I talk to you for a sec?" The flashback played in Gabriel mind while hel was spotting for Ferron as he moved on to lifting 500 kilograms as a warm up. "Oh! Lucifer I havn't seen you in so long how's it going man, we should hang out more together bro!" Gabriel who was looking down onto a tablet looked up and saw Lucifer.

"I know it's been a rather long time but this is important." Lucifers word intrigued Gabriel who realized that Lucifer was being serious here, he was no longer the carefree Reaper who enjoys mingling with humans. "I have found an apprentice." Gabriel nodded because he already knew of this because Micheal had told him. "I know this is a selfish request but I want you to train him personally." Lucifer finished off with a big breath because having Gabriel personally train Reapers is not something that could be done easily. Gabriel is one of the archangels, he normally hires other people to do it for him, and those so-called people are just being that Gabriel creates out of water.

Because Lucifer had taken care of him and his other six brothers while his Father was out playing God they actually thought of him as a mysterious older brother because no one knew who exactly he was. So Lucifers request was easily accepted and here they were now.

"Oh, big brother. I see now why you wanted me to personally train him." Gabriel quietly thought to himself as Ferron was finishing his final lift. This kind of improvement was not normal, if he let one of his water creations be his trainer his real strength would never have improved to what it is now.


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