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The Grim Reapers Apprentice
Author :Fishycreator
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It was getting harder and harder for Ferron to keep track of time, there was no sun or moon either. It was just him and Gabriel who, most of the time didn't speak. All he said were instructions, how much he needed to do, and when to eat and sleep, which Ferron hardly needed. How much he could lift without getting tired was also increasing as well, from 500 kilograms as warm up to 15000 kilos which was around the weight of a large school bus.

Ferron was oblivious to all this, yes he was the one that was lifting them, but he didn't know how much it weighed, to him it felt like it took a little bit of effort and his arms would get tired eventually after doing a few sets with them. To Ferron it looked like he was pulling at least 100 kilograms which was pretty impressive on Earth but to reapers they'ed think that a fly was crawling on their skin.

The weight looked the same but just slightly larger then normal and there weren't any numbers on them so Ferron ignorance was not to blame, and Gabriel never told him anything other then what he had to lift, so there was no way Ferron would have know how much he could lift.

After what felt like years to Ferron, Gabriel glanced at his smart watch, and saw that only a month has passed and Ferron was a lot more stronger in terms of muscle strength then some Reapers. While most reapers would stop at lifting at 100,000 kilograms because their body wouldn't allow it, but after a months time Ferron went from lifting 15,000 kilograms to a ground breaking 500,000 kilograms!

Gabriel was really satisfied with this outcome, of course there was no possible way for this to happen to a normal Reaper, but Ferron wasn't even a Reaper yet and could lift up a Boeing 747 like he was bench pressing a normal weight. If he were to punch someone half-heatedly he would still burst their head like a bubble. The only reason that Ferron could surpass the limits of his body was because he has a brand new body that was made by Gods hands himself.

Before Ferron had reached the first Trial, Lucifer realized that he cant bring souls to the Trials, because their soul has already been separated from their body. The body is just a vessel for the soul, the soul can live forever but the body cannot, to make sure no one could just take out their own soul and transfer it to another body. God had made it so that the body closes the entrance of where the soul lives so once its taken out, no other souls would be able to get in, which prevents people from living forever.

But souls cant enter Trials because they were separated from their body for a reason, either from Reapers, their body has been living for too long and other long lists of possibilities. The souls have two destination; Below purgatory which lied Hell and the angels uncle Satan, and above purgatory, where Heaven and the angels father lived. Purgatory was where worlds were made and where experiments of God and Satan roamed.

But there are some that get lost, and stay in the world that they died in, drifting, searching for their final destination. Ferron would most likely call them ghost, but in truth they were wandering souls just waiting for the time when they can be guided to where they belong.

Since Lucifer took him as an apprentice, God made an exception and made a body that was just like Ferrons before his incident, Ferron himself didn't know that this had happened since his souls were fused into his new body while he was walking through Lucifers corridor of skulls. While Ferron doesn't know about his new body, there was something that even Lucifer didn't know. When God had created Ferrons body, he didn't make it in his usual way which was 80% light and 20% Corruption. but when he made Ferron body it was an even split 50-50. It was the masterpiece of God and his brother Satan working together.

The Creation rule. A rule that even God can not break. When God or Satan make a living being to put in purgatory they cannot make it out of pure light energy or pure corruption energy. There must be another piece of the opposite energy inside of it. When God made humans he put in 80% light and 20% corruption energy, that was already hard enough to do. Creation is not as easy as it sounds, emotions, instincts, habits. Those are only a small amount of things that need to be individually programmed into the specimen that is being made, and the more of the opposite energy, the more harder it is.

For example if God was creating something for fun and he decided to make something that was 60% corruption and 40% light, it would be impossible for him. But if Satan tried to do it, it would be possible but just very difficult. It's the same thing vice versa as well. To build a 50-50 body was a decision made by both God and Satan. They would try their hardest over hundreds of years but it never worked, then they realized something.

If they cant build a 50-50 body on their own, why not work on their corresponding parts and fuse them together. So the construction of a 50-50 body started and finished, when the bodies fused it was a lifeless success. A 50-50 body was made but it wasn't alive. A body wouldn't be alive without a soul, and since Satan knew the consequences of putting a corrupt soul in the new body would potentially lead to its destruction he polity let his brother put his light soul in first.

But nothing happened, God let his brother try to put a corruption soul in and that didn't work either in the end it was deemed as a failure and both of them were depressed, the experiment failed and it was said to be impossible by the two. Satan who had a quick anger was taking it quite easy on the outside, but once God had turned his back to him, quickly looked back after he had heard a smashing sound and widened his eyes at what he saw.

"Alright Ferron, good job passing the second part of the first trial, since your body is now strengthened beyond its limits and now we can move on towards the last part. You excited?" Gabriel spoke more words in a single sentence since the 3 months Ferron had started training.


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