The Grim Reapers Apprentice
14 Below the tough Muscles, lies the Delicate Organs
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The Grim Reapers Apprentice
Author :Fishycreator
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14 Below the tough Muscles, lies the Delicate Organs

Ferron breathed a sigh of relief, finally finished that torturous training, and could finally divulge in a good sleep on a soft bed... hopefully.

He stretched his now sturdy and slightly muscular body and easily noticed the changed that he had experienced over the course of 3 months. His previous skinny abdomen was now slightly thicker then it was before, and his arms that looked as thin as a child's was now the size of an proper adult. His legs also had a much stronger kicking force then before letting him jump higher, run faster, and kick harder. But those small arms and strong legs were hiding a much bigger secret.

While Ferron was making his way through the second trial, he was breaking the limits of the normal human body, but since he didn't have a normal body, it was much more easier to surpass the limits. There was also something else aiding him while he completed the trial, something that Ferron and Gabriel both haven't noticed but easily could. It was floating in between a bright white light and a blood red glow.

"Follow me." Gabriel suddenly spoke up behind Ferron and walked along the beach, Ferron followed behind him. As he walked along the beach, Ferron noticed that Gabriel was walking quite fast. It was like he was running but still keeping the slow pace of walking. To keep up with him Ferron had to full out sprint, but it wasn't much of a challenge because his stamina had been trained to perfection.

A few hours passed and the scenery stayed the same, it was like there was no end to this beach. While Ferron was paying attention to the surrounding and didn't notice Gabriel started slowing down, when Ferron turned his attention back onto the angel he almost ran into him. Thankfully he managed to stop before he crashed into Gabriel.

Gabriel just looked at him, then began walking into the forest at the same pace as he had before, and without a second thought also followed him into the dense thicket, Ferron didn't realize that Gabriel was smiling as he walked/ran into the forest.

An hour passed by and Ferron wondered what Gabriel was leading him too, as he put down his left foot while he was running it didn't land on solid ground like it was supposed but actually sank into the ground!

Ferrons mind went black as he fell into what looked like a pit fall trap, Ferron panicked as he frantically tried to focus his mind and think of why he was falling into such a simple trap. The solution that came up was 'this must be part of the trial, Gabriel would probably rescue me right?' Ferron didn't know that the first part was right, but the second part was far from the truth.

As Ferron fell into the darkness of the pit, Gabriel noticed this and smiled again. It was not those smiles of warmth, but there was a cold chill emanating from it. Once Ferron was caught by the trap, he just lay in the darkness not bothering to get up. Until he heard Gabriels voice from the top of the hole he was in.

"Ferron! You okay in there?" Ferron quickly got up and yelled back. "Yea I'm okay!" He heard Gabriels voice again but this time it was much closer then it should be, it was quiet and soft, a whisper right by his right ear.

"Good, I wouldn't want damaged goods."

Ferron tried to turn around but he suddenly found a sharp pain stabbing through the back of his head and the ground rushing up to meet him.

When Ferron awoke he was met with darkness and pain was surging through his head. He groaned quietly trying to rub his temples but found his hands weren't able to move and something tight was holding them down. He was lying down on on a table and was thoroughly retained.

A bright white light shined on top of Ferron, forcing him to shut his eyes and wince, As he opened his eyes, slowly getting used to the light but was still unable to look straight at it. After a few minutes he was able to look around and saw where he was restrained.

His body had most of his clothing removed and he was laying down on a long steel table in only his underwear. The table felt cold on his skin and the tight restraints dug into his skin causing a discomfort where they were placed.

Ferron started trying to free himself from the table, and pulled against his restraints only to receive a piercing pain from the front of his head.

"I cant let you get free you know." A familiar voice made Ferron stop his struggling and try to look around, unfortunately his head was held in place. But it didn't matter because Gabriels face came into Ferrons view blocking the light that was shining in his face.

"This is part of the trial, so it would be best that you don't struggle against the pain." Ferron didn't know what to say, he disliked the pain, his life had been nothing but it. He thought he could escape the pain by following the good looking angel and start a new life with nothing but sleeping, eating and the occasional reaping. But now he barley could feel the joy of eating and the comfort of sleeping.

Ferron just waited until he could figure out what this part of the second trial that he had to experience. Thankfully Gabriel decided to answer Ferrons wishes.

"Micheal must have told you that all of the angels holds control over an element right?" Without waiting for Ferron to answer Gabriel continued. "Well you might have figured out right now, but just in case I will tell you. My element is water." Gabriel raised his hand like he was holding a ball and a small sphere of water formed in his hand.

"Almost everything contains water, the air you breathe has water, all liquids whether solid or gas has a trace element of water. And the most important point your body is also made up of water."

Ferron felt his body turn cold as he heard the last sentence. It was common knowledge that blood plasma contained over 90% water, if Gabriel could control the water in blood, his life was in his hands.

"I'm really sorry you have to go through this, it really is not pleasant now that I think about it, bit it really is unpleasant that I have to do this, you're growing on me." Gabriel ended with a chuckle and Ferron felt his body slowly getting hotter.

"The purpose of this trial is to strengthen your inner body, or what you would call your organs. Since they're inside the body it is quite difficult to fix them if they get damaged, so that's the last part of the trial. I like to call this Inner Body Strengthening." Gabriel finished as Ferron felt his whole body feel as if it were on fire.

His body was a strong red colour, and his veins could be seen through his skin, what Gabriel was doing to Ferron could cause many people to feel a strong discomfort if they heard it.

The power to control the temperature of water was considered a high difficulty if someone chose to train their elemental affinity, but since Gabriel was a being created by light, and fine tuned by God, the ability was like riding a bike.

Gabriel was controlling the water in Ferrons blood to rise, causing the rise in body temperature. It was like the saying 'my blood is boiling' but this time it was real. The high temperature causing the organs that the blood ran through, slowly being burned.

Ferron was being burned alive, from the inside out.


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