The Grim Reapers Apprentice
15 Hot and Cold
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The Grim Reapers Apprentice
Author :Fishycreator
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15 Hot and Cold

In a dark cave that was in the middle of a sheer cliff, overlooking a a bright blue sea and a purple sky, there was a light and two figures. But something was wrong. Screams and wails rebounded across the walls.

On a closer inspection one of the figures was strapped down onto a table and the other was standing over him.

A young boy that looked around 20 with shifting colored eyes and dark hair with handsome features and pale skin laying down on the table with nothing but his underwear. But those were no longer his qualities, the handsome face was contorted in pain, and the fair pale skin was a bright red.

Veins could be seen popping out of his skin, as he struggled against his bonds, writhing in pain.

The second figure was wearing a bright yellow Hawaiian shirt and a soft green plaid shorts, sunglasses were blocking his eyes and his hands were raised over the young boys body.

It was no other then Ferron and Gabriel, Gabriel controlling the temperature of Ferrons blood making him scream in pain. This has been going on for over a day, the pain was starting to lessen but it was still agonizing to someone who didn't like hot things.

Gabriel took a glance inside his body, not looking deep enough to see his souls but deep enough to see the state of his organs which were constantly being burned by the scalding heat of the blood. Of course it was well over the boiling point of water but Ferrons blood was not evaporating due to the power of a certain angel.

This continued on over a number of days, Ferron was being treated as a vegetable that needed to be boiled, but he was not thrown into a boiling pot, but the boiling water was inside of him. He was only getting rests from the small breaks that Gabriel allowed him, and even those lasted only 5 minutes.

Eventually the pain became just a small itch that felt uncomfortable, but after a few days even that disappeared as well. Gabriel noticed this and nodded his head and and began changing his control over the water in Ferrons body,

Ferrons numb body started to feel a change, now since he had started to build resistances to the high temperature the scorching hot had changed into a warm glow. But the warmth was starting to fade away, and was instead replaced by a cold glare.

Ferron shivered as he realized what was happening, he had built up a resistance towards the heat, but now he had to face the cold. Ferron felt his body start to shiver as the cold was emanating from the inside of his body.

Ferron knew very well of what happens when the body's temperature falls below 35 degrees, hypothermia was very likely to occur, if Ferron could see what the temperature was he would be painfully surprised.

Ferrons body was already paler then it should be with a his fingers already numb and painful to move, it felt like frozen serrated spears were thrusting into his skin and being twisted and pulled back out again.

Ferron could feel his sight slowly going dark as he screamed in pain and struggled against his bonds.

Then all of a sudden, everything went back to normal. The pain slowly stopped and his vision gradually returned.

Ferron felt helpless, like a fish out of water, he just lay there trying to catch his breath and suppress the urge to say 'f*ck it' and give up, leaving it up to the pain to decide where he will go when it comes back.

Of course it would not be that easy when there was a person right beside him holding his life in the middle not letting it go to far to either side. While it might look like a professional torture, Gabriel didn't want Ferron to be broken, he went to far this time. Who said angels couldn't make mistakes?

Gabriel wiped the sweat off of his forehead as a small amount of panic appeared on his face.

"That was too close, I thought he would be fine with all that training I gave him, but I went to fast this time. The Heat was nice and slow but this time I made a mistake and lowered it to fast, how can I make this up to him." Gabriel had retreated a good distance away from the near dead Ferron and was now muttering at a indiscernible speed about how to ask for Ferrons forgiveness.

Ferron thought it was just a lucky break when Gabriel stopped but when it lasted longer then usual, he felt confused and was about to call for him when Gabriel came back.

"Sorry I had to do something, shall we start again?" When Ferron heard those words he was scared and relived. Scared because he had to deal with the pain and relived because he had not been abandoned, which was probably one of Ferrons greatest fears.

Ferron reluctantly nodded his head and immediately could feel the chill returning, Ferron just shut his eyes and forced himself to stay sane through the pain. He had a feeling if he didn't go through the first trial that made sure he didn't lose his cool at small things like blood, guts, and brutally murdering innocent people, he wouldn't have the mental strength to bear the pain and force his way through the flesh searing heat and the bone numbing chill.

Time flew by as Ferron was hung near death countless times and Gabriel ran away trying to find a way to apologize to Ferron but always coming back saying that something came up. Ferron was getting numb towards the pain and that where it stopped, his insides were now immune to a temperature that was below what scientists would call 0 kelvins and could withstand the heat of over 500 kelvins which was well over 200 degrees (Celsius).

It was not humanly possible if it were on Earth, but if an archangel with the power to control water in a human body and could change the temperature of that water anything was possible. Gabriel grew happy with these results, because it took Ferron a month of torture to get where he was now. Other trainees took around 2-3 months but Ferron cut that time in half, same thing with the other parts of the trial, Ferron took 3 months to finish the first and second part when it normally took 6-7 months, Ferron was showing large potential toward becoming a reaper.

Gabriel didn't notice the unfamiliar third soul in the young boys body, but it was gently pulsating from time to time giving an unfamiliar energy that even an archangel couldn't notice, the energy had been directed at the two souls slowly improving their strength giving Ferron a huge boost in natural regeneration. Making his muscles and organs that were rebuilding themselves over and over again much more stronger then how it would usually be.

Gabriel looked at Ferron with interest and decided to move on to the final test, he snapped his fingers and look at Ferrons body with had countless lumps along his skin. Ferron who didn't expect the sudden pain was surprised at first giving him a moment of shock and then his brain kicked back in having Ferron experience pain that was far worse then what he had experienced that past month.

Gabriel had made the water in Ferrons blood as sharp as a knife and was having it pierce into his organs that have been tempered through the cold and heat.


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