The Grim Reapers Apprentice
16 Time Records
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The Grim Reapers Apprentice
Author :Fishycreator
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16 Time Records

Ferron once again wailed in pain, his voice bouncing of the stone walls, with small needles that could pierce iron being jammed into Ferrons various tissues and organs it was hard to keep his mouth closed. His near- white skin looked bumpy and non-human, it would be extremely unsettling if someone looked at him if he was walking on the side walk. They would most likely label him as a 'human freak.' Like the people who dress up in fur suits and say 'OwO' at the end of every sentence.

After days of endless pain Gabriel was finally satisfied with the final product. When Gabriel decided to do a small test and see how far Ferron had progressed he was pleasantly surprised. He had recreated one of Earths sharpest blades that were made out of diamond and obsidian and sharpened to a point that could easily stab and slash through through a iron block. He had recreated it into water and stabbed it through Ferrons lungs aiming for his heart, Gabriel was taking a huge bet because if Ferron dies he wouldn't have a body to keep doing the trials, and it would take his father and his uncle quite a long time to make another one.

Fortunately, Gabriel did not do this prematurely and had waited for the right time, because of his other experiences of Ferron almost dying while he was lowering the temperature and stabbing him with his own blood.

When the razor sharp blood plasma tried to shoot itself into Ferrons lungs, like a car crashing into a wall it, it stopped instantly. Gabriel started increasing the pressure put onto it and slowly it sunk into the soft flesh but never managed to penetrate it. It pleased Gabriel to find such a human with a huge potential to become a reaper, he never thought a person like this could be found on currently one of the most peaceful worlds in purgatory.

Ferron fell unconscious after the blood spikes had done their thing, which felt 10 times more painful then the heat and cold. Of course Ferron had no way of knowing if this was intentional or not because when he awoke he was in a dark tent like when he was doing the first part of the trial. When he unzipped the flap he found Gabriel sitting at the usual campsite, with the radio on, but not sleeping.

Once he saw Ferron awake and moving, he bounced up and started walking towards Ferron. With what Ferron had experienced on that table with the angel controlling what he felt, it would be a miracle if he still had a positive thought towards Gabriel. But Ferron won't easily forgive the angel, even if he knew that it was needed as part of the trial, what was the point of making a pitfall trap after running for a few hours.

"Good job, Ferron you adapt at an amazing pace, all the other trainees that I've trained never take this short amount of time to complete my trial. You really are a special one." Gabriel looked at Ferron with hungry eyes and Ferron, who was sensitive to the stares at others, felt slightly uncomfortable with how Gabriel was looking at him.

Like a lion who has locked onto their prey and waiting for them to wander out of the horde, this hungry stare made it even harder for Ferron to believe that Gabriel was a decent guy. Seeing Ferron leaning away from Gabriel realized his mistake and softened his gaze making Ferron a bit more relaxed.

Gabriel cleared his throat and began speaking again.

"My apologies, but anyways you have passed the second trial perfectly. You have my highest praise." Gabriel sat back down on his beach chair and grabbed the radio adjusting the dials until music started playing. When Ferron heard it he thought it was quite familiar, with no lyrics it was hard to place but he remembered one of his high school music teacher who was old and senile. He had a passion for the old works, Beethoven, Wagner, da Vinci, Janequin. Musicians from the renaissance, were all that he liked to talk about in his spare time, his classmates weren't interested in it but once and a while Ferron enjoyed some classical music in the back ground when he did his homework.

The music sounded strangely like one of his favorites, he closed his eyes and tried to remember what it was called, the violin was overlapping with the one in Ferrons head and yet he still couldn't place it. Gabriel noticing Ferron thinking hard, decided to snoop around and entered Ferrons mind. He was surprised to find out that he was thinking about the music.

Gabriel saw Ferron in a new light. Not only was he a prodigal Reaper trainee, he also had some interest in classical music. Whenever Gabriel gets tired of the pop culture music; like the new era of 'extremely talented rappers'. He would take a small step back and look through Lucifers time records. The time records were like the name implies, a recording of the world when it was in that time. It had recorded the rise and falls of great empires.

Egyptians, Greeks, Mayan, Mongols. The rise and fall of their power were all recorded onto these records. Of course every single second was recorded, not only at one place, it was like a satellite. No matter where, when, or who, their actions would be recorded for a later review. When someone opened these records they would be absorbed into the world and could be anywhere at that time. They were like books with the year number as the cover and all someone had to do was open the book to be sucked into the time zone

Gabriel used these records not for any proper purposes, but just so he could witness the classical music first hand. Once he had snuck into the record room without supervision and found himself in a middle of an adult film when he had just wanted to sight see around a city, of course whoever opens a recording would be invisible. Just imagine a random person dressed in beach attire pop up in the middle of an AV would be quite surprising. Besides it was all recorded, not being recorded live.

Because of this Gabriel liked the present times but also disliked them at the same time, that's why he preferred to go to the older times where he could enjoy the music and leave. Nothing more and nothing less. Gabriel definitely didn't want to show up in the middle of an adult video, well maybe he could make some exception.

He was a guy after all.


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