The Grim Reapers Apprentice
17 Military Camp in the Middle of Nowhere
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The Grim Reapers Apprentice
Author :Fishycreator
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17 Military Camp in the Middle of Nowhere

After the music ended Ferron could finally place it, the composer was Bach, and the piece was called Brandenburg Concerto No. 3. Ferron didn't realize Gabriel had placed small hints in his mind that led to the answer.

Ferron snapped out of his small trance and found Gabriel staring at him from the chair. Ferron realized his rudeness and quickly tried to apologize but Gabriel was faster.

"Anyways, you have passed the second trial, and you have rested up. I will bring you to my little bother Raphael, he's a bit of strict guy, but I think you'll be able to handle his trial." After saying that Gabriel stood up and began walking towards the beach, Ferron also stood up and began following.

On their way Gabriel did something that Ferron had never seen before. Gabriel tried to start small talk with him.

Ferron being the lonely, introverted child that we was, wasn't used to talking with other people aside from his teachers and professors . With that being said, how would he be able to have a casual conversation with one of the fabled archangels?

"Ferron how were things on you world, I haven't visited Lucifer in a while. Last time I visited him there were signs of a huge war breaking out, I think when I met Lucifer back up in Heaven he said there was another one right after the first one ended. I think they called it the 'War to End all Wars' but they still had a second one. Strange right?" Gabriel again started talking to Ferron at a fast speed. But Ferron couldn't answer.

He was talking about things that were around 100 years in the past, how the hell was Ferron supposed to answer. Gabriel who noticed the problem a bit too late, realized his mistake and quickly switched the topic.

Sorry, time is different for angels. 100 years feel more like a year in your time, anyways. I heard that you were in University, what were you studying to become?" Finally Gabriel gave a question that Ferron could answer.

"I majored in Physics and Bio Physics and minored in Math, I was hoping to become to become a research assistant before all this happened."

Gabriel just stared at Ferron with a blank expression but before Ferron could notice Gabriel nodded and pretended that he knew what he said. "So you're smart, pity that she had to kill you."

Ferron just nodded silently thinking about his life on the campus, and the huge difference when comparing his daily activities. He missed his laptop and his comfy bed, he could stay sleeping there as long as he wanted if he wasn't in school.

"We're here." Once Gabriel stepped onto the beach he saw a door waiting for the both of them He turned around to Ferron to say a few words.

"Em, this is where you go to get to the third Trial, we'll meet again later. And... Sorry for almost killing you a few times. Alright Goodbye."

Before Ferron could process that second sentence Gabriel had pushed him through a door and closed it leaving Ferron at the entrance of what looked like a military camp in the middle of a desert.

He looked around seeing nothing but sand stretching until the horizon, when he looked at the sky it was a normal blue colour. But when he looked down he noticed something odd, there were two shadows, startled Ferron looked back at the sky while shielding his eyes he noticed the two bright lights in the sky.

Two suns, he wasn't back at Earth as he had initially hoped, but he was on a planet that are orbiting two stars. It was a sight to see but the heat was making Ferron uncomfortable, he could stand it but it wasn't fun to just stand in the sweltering heat.

If someone were too take a thermometer and measure what the temperature was, they would feel like Ferron was a freak, with the temperature being no less then 90 degrees Celsius how could anyone feel 'uncomfortable' without passing out because of a heat stroke the moment they got there.

Ferron started to move closer too the entrance of the camp, he noticed small concrete columns that could be retracted into the ground and high fences with barbed wire surrounding the camp. From where he was standing he could see the dark green warehouses and barracks on the side but the rest were blocked from view.

Ferron walked through the concrete pillars and approached the gate he saw no one guarding the entrance and saw no one on the inside, where was Gabriel little brother?

In a room in the camp a large man with muscles bulging under his green uniform stood in a lit room, watching over multiple screen. On one of the screens showed the entrance to the camp and showed Ferron who was slowly walking through the entrance looking around cautiously. The man looking at the screens showed a sinister smile and said in a quiet husky voice "He's finally here, it's about time." With that he walked out of the room shutting of the lights leaving the room in darkness with the only lights coming from the many screens on the wall showing different views, with one showing Ferron walking out of view and entering onto another screen.

On that screen he stood still and looked forward with a look of disbelief on his face

Ferron who looked like he was frozen was actually staring at the man in front of him who jumped in front of him, who fell from a height of who ever the hell knows forming a small crater. The man who was more buffed up then a custom super car, and a towering height of what looked like 7 feet. Ferron could see some serious guns popping out of that dark green army uniform, with arms the size of logs and legs that would be able to kick a house down. To sum it up. He looked like a human tank.

His face was covered with a military patrol hat so Ferron couldn't see his face, Ferron just stared at the towering figure, and it gazed back.The silence lasted for a good few minutes before the figure started talking.

"Welcome to the third trial, I, Raphael will be in charge of you. You will follow my instructions clearly and no foolery will be tolerated. You will do what I tell you to, when I tell you too. If you don't you will be punished severely. I will tell you when to eat, sleep, drink, and shit do you understand?"

Ferron hurriedly nodded his head and felt like this is trial would not be simple.


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