The Grim Reapers Apprentice
18 Weapons Training
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The Grim Reapers Apprentice
Author :Fishycreator
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18 Weapons Training

I will tell you when to eat, sleep, drink and shit do you understand?"

Ferron quickly nodded his head and wondered what this trial would be about. As he gazed at the buff army angel in front of him, he noticed that he could now see his face.

He looked to be in his fifties with strong black eyes and a muscular face. There were wrinkles here and there but it didn't soften his hard gaze. With grey stubble he indeed looked like a training officer for new recruits.

Ferron could bet that this large, burly man was gonna get up in his face and start yelling to see his war face.

After a few moments of silence, Raphael pulled out a green duffel bag and threw it at Ferron.

"This has all your daily necessities, you will stay at Barrack No.1, and you will meet me at the canteen in 30 minutes. Don't be late or else I will have you do 50 laps around the perimeter of the camp."

Ferron who was already intimidated replied with a shaky "Yes sir!" and headed off in the direction of the barracks.

Raphael watched as he left and frowned slightly as he peered into the depths of Ferron to look at of his souls. "So this is why Lucifer told me to train him the hardest, Dad would also be very interested in him too." Raphael quickly had a flashback where Lucifer had visited him while he was setting up his trial.

Raphael was dutiful and responded properly to his responsibilities unlike his older brother who, even though he knew that Lucifer had gotten his first apprentice, still waited to the last minute to set up his trial.

Raphael received the report on Ferron after he was done the last part of the second trial and was now fine tuning his training plan to make sure Ferron can draw out his hidden potential. Lucifer who was standing back watching Raphael fine tuning his plan spoke up as he was finishing.

"Raphael could you do me a favor?"

Raphael, who did his best to always make sure that he never experienced Lucifers anger after he had felt it once before, turned around and nodded.

"Thanks I owe you one."

"No it's fine, you're my brother after all." Raphael shook his head and replied respectfully. Lucifer just smiled and continued on.

"My apprentice is a special case, I was wondering if you could increase the difficulty of your training to bring out his potential better." Lucifer looked at his little brother with plead in his eyes having Raphael to have a bit of a shock.

Big brother Lucifer was pleading with him?! The stern but soft Brother that he had spent millions of years with before being assigned to a world to watch over, had come back to talk and plead with him!?

Raphael stood there with confusion in his eyes watching as Lucifer looked at him like a lost puppy. "It's not that big of a problem, with these reports that took me a few hours to comprehend because of Gabriels garbage handwriting, I had already made it more then difficult. Would you like to see how it's planned?"

Raphael showed the notes that Gabriel had sent him, on the papers, were words that looked like what a two-year old would draw if they were given a pencil. Lucifer stared at the reports and then looked at Raphael's training regime. Comparing the two, it could easily be seen which had been Gabriels.

"He said he wanted to try Ferron's native tongue since the language seemed simple, but his hand writing is still worse then ever." Raphael just shook his head, while Lucifer sighed.

Lucifer then reached out and signaled Raphael to let him see the regime, Raphael happily complied, handing over the papers to Lucifer. Who lightly grabbed them and looked then over, his golden hair hanging over his face as he looked down at the notes, with a look of concentration on his face.

Raphael sighed in his heart, if Selaphiel was here. God knows how he would react. Lucifers face would draw any female towards him, and maybe all the ones that swung that way too. Of course Selaphiel was no exception, that one claims the heart of all pretty boys, no one escapes his eye. How he had ended up like that would forever be a mystery to the 6 brothers.

Lucifer shuffled all the papers back in a neat orderly way and gave them back to Raphael. "It's good but it's not enough. You'll have to make it at least 3 times harder." When Raphael heard this he stared in disbelief. He knew that Ferron had passed Gabriel trial in under six months and was the first one to do so, but going further then this could maybe even kill him!

Lucifer noticed this and patted his little brothers shoulder. "He's gonna be fine, if he can pass Gabriels trial with the lazy idiot training him personally I'd be surprised if he could even last a few minutes with you." Lucifer laughed and turned around, with black mist surrounding him. "I'll see you later."

With that the mist covered his entire body, after a few seconds it dissipated, leaving a bewildered training officer alone in the camp.

After thirty minutes Ferron showed up in a training uniform, the canteen which was right across from the barracks made it easy for Ferron to navigate. He looked around and noticed Raphael sitting down at one of the benches with his back straight and his arm crossed.

Seeing a sour expression on his face he hurried over and sat down in front of his trainer. Raphael looked at his watch and nodded. "Not a minute too soon, I will give you an explanation of what will happen from here on out." Ferron sat up right and listened carefully not daring to forget any details about the trial.

"First of all, in case you didn't already know this is the third trial, I Raphael, will be judging you." He paused there. looking at Ferron then continued. "There are three parts of the trial that you will need to complete and I will make sure that you will have what it takes to pass them. He stopped again giving Ferron a hard gaze making sure that he understood what he said.

"The first part of the trial will be mastering different types of weapons, as Reapers you will run into countless situations where you will need to fight your way in or out of depending on what the situation is." Ferron sucked a deep breath when he heard these words. Use weapons? Like a gun probably right?

Not like one of those heavy ass swords that he had once held when he went on a field trip to a museum in middle school, right? Wait, what did I have all that body training for then? I could probably lift two of them at the same time? Ferron pondered this over seemingly reverting back to how he was before he was killed. But he was pulled back into reality be his instructor.

The second part is where you will get your first taste as a Reaper, I will be summoning monsters from other worlds for you to test your skills on them, if you are defeated you will be put back into the first part and train diligently until I deem you are experienced enough to proceed back to the second part again."

"Lastly the third part of the trial is where you will be testing your skills against me. If you meet my expectations I will move you on to the next trial, if you don't it's back to part one." Raphael grinned as he said the last part slower then the rest. Watching Ferron who widened his eyes.

In Ferrons mind he was panicking at what Raphael had told him. I have to fight him?! One of the archangels, who have lived for billions of years and has the power to bring ruin to worlds was his opponent! Plus he had to meet his expectations to pass the trial, if he didn't it's back to part one.

Ferron groaned in his mind, knowing how hard he would have to work to pass the trial. Much harder then ever.


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