The Grim Reapers Apprentice
19 The Youngest Archangel
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The Grim Reapers Apprentice
Author :Fishycreator
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19 The Youngest Archangel


Something fell onto the ground in front a figure that was wearing a green army training uniform and holding onto Bo staff. Standing in front of a headless training dummy. This was none other then Ferron who, not even a few weeks ago, would believe that he would quickly master hand-to-hand combat, CQC, and Bo staff.

Standing in front of the training dummy, breathing steadily. Ferron took a deep breath and walked towards a table located on the side of the field and placed the staff on it. Ferron wiped off his sweat and lightly jogged over to where his instructor, Raphael, was waiting for him with a a clip board in one hand and a pen in the other.

When Ferron stood in front of Raphael he stood up straight and gave a salute, the large buff man just nodded and began speaking.

"You have passed the staff you will now move on to weapons that are on more of the sharp side. You haven't slept in a few days, go get some rest and meet me back here at sunrise. Dismissed!"

Ferron nodded and began walking over to the Barracks while stretching his back. It is indeed extremely difficult to mast HTH combat and CQC in the span of few weeks. When he first tried to defend against Raphael and his furry of attacks, he was buried three feet under the ground in less then a few seconds.

His body was tempered enough to withstand his punches but it still hurt like a normal punch, then came the CQC. Ferron had to try and disarm Raphael and land a few punches on his body. Some would think it was easy, with that large body they would think that he would not be able to dodge nimbly. How wrong they would be.

He was like a spectre weaving in and out of Ferrons punches and always striking from his blind spots. Always managing to drive Ferron off and grab his weapon back, causing Ferron to start all over again.

Now since he was done with fist combat and mastered the bo staff, he was ready to move onto, swords and sharper weapons. Ferron had a trace of excitement in his eyes, as he was looking forward to it. Even if he had been worked to the bone spending weeks without sleeping and eating every few days, it was quite enjoyable to fight with Raphael.

As Ferron fell onto his bed, his eyes closed and immediately fell asleep. Although the bed had not been up to Ferrons standard he was awake for weeks on end without any breaks. So Ferron was grateful enough to accept the bed that was given too him.

Raphael looked down at his notes after Ferron had walked away and exhaled a long breath. This sort of progress was unbelievable, if he had been following his plan that he had made before Lucifer had showed up, everything would be going at a much slower rate. Just who was this kid that Lucifer had found, he had three souls, and was the fastest trainee to pass two trials. It wasn't even a year yet and Ferron had passed all expectation the Raphael had of him when Lucifer had first brought him into Micheals room.

It wasn't just him either. Uriel had peeked in on him from time to time, and had to suppress his urge to dissect Ferron, If he wasn't Lucifers apprentice, a few other angels would love to get their hands one him. Raphael swore in his heart that if he didn't train Ferron to perfection, he was no angel.

Ferron would have to learn how to protect himself, one way or the other. Because the last trial will test him to the core, it would be life or death, and Lucifer would not be able to help him. Raphael shuddered when he thought of the youngest brother. Even if he was young, he was the most psychopathic one of all. He was crazy, sometimes going down to Lucifers world with the intent of wiping out empires and killing the strongest 'heroes' Earth had. He even went to his uncles castle to ask for a world to destroy! Satan was always confused at why he would want something like that but he loved spoiling his nephews so he almost never said no.

Satan had quickly made a world of pure corruption energy for him to test out his strength on but was quickly astonished at what he saw.

Pure destruction.

There was no other way to describe it. A power that a creation shouldn't have. After he had left Satan quickly made a trip to heaven and asked his brother how exactly created this monster. God had looked at him with a solemn expression and what he said would remain with Satan for a long time.

Raphael closed his notebook and walked towards the canteen, he would have to wait for a while before Ferron would wake up, so he would spend the time reviewing and changing the plan for the weapons that Ferron would use. This development was already too unexpected.


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