The Grim Reapers Apprentice
20 Sharp Weapons
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The Grim Reapers Apprentice
Author :Fishycreator
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20 Sharp Weapons

Ferron woke up with a big yawn stretching his back and looking around, he remembered Raphael instructions and quickly got up, straightened his clothes and went outside to see what time it was.

Luckily for Ferron he managed to wake up at a good time, just when the sun was touching the horizon. The time was a bit crooked here, the two suns would be out for a few days and night would only stay for 24 hours Earth time.

He head out of the Barracks and went over to the canteen where he knew Raphael was waiting for him, once he had gotten lost in the camp since he didn't know where Raphael was in this huge camp. There was an airfield for crying out loud, where would one find a large, buff elderly man in this place?!

When Ferron had reached the canteen where Raphael was waiting for him with his arm crossed and looking at Ferron with a piercing gaze. When he had sat down in front of him there was a moment of silence before Raphael started talking.

"You're 10 minutes late and you got lost on top of that, also, how bad is your sense of direction! You're like a blind lesbian in a fish market! For crying out loud, 20 laps around the perimeter of the camp. Now!" Raphael started screaming at him, while slowly leaning forward, getting in his face.

Ferron wanted to cry as he stood up straight and saluted running out of the camp and starting to run along the outside of the camp. That memory of being called a blind lesbian still haunted Ferron a few weeks after the incident.

He reached the canteen to see Raphael looking over papers, Ferron walked over to the kitchen counter where a tray of food was waiting for him. He grabbed it and walked over to the table his instructor was sitting at. These days Ferron didn't treat Raphael as an archangel but like an teacher that liked to beat their students that didn't do their homework.

In someways he treated Raphael with respect, he was strict sure but it was for good reason. Getting these thoughts out of his head he started eating. After he was done, he stood up and placed the tray back onto the counter and walked back to the table. Once he sat back down on the table Raphael started talking.

"Alright we start with the one handed sword then move on to the sword and shield. There are many kinds of one handed swords, so you will have to get familiar with them. For example; single edged blades, double edged blades, curved blades like scimitars, and short swords. Each of these swords have a unique way to use them with multiple variations of it, I will teach you the perfect way to use them. I will beat these techniques into you so hard that no matter how hard you try to forget, you never will."

Ferron took in a deep breath as he nodded his head. He how serious Raphael's word were from first hand experience. He would always make sure, that whatever he said would be true. Ferron was no exception as well. Before he started his staff training Raphael had told him, "I will train you, with the staff, but I will make sure that whenever you pick up a staff you will remember me beating the techniques into your mind."

And it came true, whenever Ferron picked up the staff he had a flashback of Raphael smashing a staff on his head while they were having a mock battle. He had a painful lump for a few days after that.

"Alright follow me to the field." Raphael got up and started walking out of the canteen, Ferron following close behind. Once they reached the field, Raphael threw a wooden sword to Ferron.

"We'll start with this and move on, since I cant trust you with a proper weapon yet."

Ferron felt a little bit disappointed with what his instructor said but he couldn't complain because he knew what he said was true. He could only wait until he excelled in the ways of a wooden sword. All Ferron could do was nod as he grabbed the sword.

The days passed, the two suns rose and the small moon set, Ferron was slowly getting better and better with the wooden sword. Some would call him the 'Master of Wood'.

Wham! The sound of two objects hitting each other. On the field there was a slightly tall but slim figure, on the other side of him was a towering figure with large arms and legs that were bulging either muscles. After 2 weeks of training and practice, Raphael had given the okay for Ferron to battle with him.

Ferron jumped back and saw that Raphael had remained unmoving, he steadied himself and struck again. Both of their sword were a blur as they parried, stabbed, and slashed. A flurry of blades causing wind to blow around them. Finally Ferron jumped back again breathing heavily standing on guard.

Raphael then nodded and let his sword fall to his side, having Ferron breathe a sigh of relief.

"Alright, that was good, you managed to land a hit on me but you didn't get careless and blocked one of my traps, with this you can probably beat just any sword master out there. But don't get too cocky."

"Yes, Sir!" Ferron saluted and replied back to him.

"Go clean off and meet me back here in an hour, don't be late or it'll be 80 laps around the perimeter got it? Alright dismissed."

Ferron hurriedly ran towards the bathroom that were behind the barracks and smiled. This was the only placed he like to come to when he was allowed a break. The warm water was so blissful and the bathtub was large, if he could he would have stayed here for the full hour. But his teacher was strict and a minute off would be a lap around the compound so Ferron had to make sure that he was early.

With that he hopped into the warm bath and closed his eyes enjoying the lovely feel of the warm water on his body.


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