The Grim Reapers Apprentice
21 Military Camp Springs Into Life
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The Grim Reapers Apprentice
Author :Fishycreator
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21 Military Camp Springs Into Life

Ferron rushed in with two short blades in each hand,his instructor, Raphael was standing a short distance away also with two blades in each hand. Ferron had an expression of immense concentration as he continued to run while staying low. When they clashed it was a fury of blades.

If a spectator were to watch this match, they would have no idea what was happening. Their arms were only afterimages and gust of wind blew out from when Ferron had first kicked off the ground. Raphael frowned slightly and began talking at such an intense time.

"I already told you this but I'll say it again, dual wielding requires precision from both hands, you must have absolute control on both hands having them do two different things at the same time. A quick thinking mind is also essential to mastering duel wielding, right now you only have the mind. You will have to practice this much more if you want to master these weapon."

After saying that Ferron had been thrown a good 20 feet away from Raphael landing face first. Ferron quickly got up and nodded his head sheathing the half meter blades back into their sheaths where they were hanging on his waist. He looked up into the sky and saw that the two suns were almost touching the horizon. He then looked at Raphael who was also looking at the horizon with a displeased look on his face.

Did I do something wrong? Why is he looking like that? Please say something, I don't know what I did wrong can you please tell me. Ferron panicked for a small moment, after a few seconds he calmed down looked to where Raphael was looking at.

He was looking directly at the suns without squinting so Ferron had a hard time seeing. Then suddenly one of the suns seemingly went out, Ferron rubbed his eyes making sure he was seeing properly. He double checked and confirmed that there was only one sun, and a black spot had replaced the small, bright glow.

Then Ferron heard a ear-piercing screech forcing him to plug his ears, he searched around to see where it had come from but wasn't able to find the source. When he looked back up to the black spot, he noticed that it became bigger. As Ferron looked closer he realized that it was gradually growing bigger.

He heard the screech again but this time it was much louder then last time. Ferron plugged his ears, but this time he payed attention to where it was coming from. As it ended he widened his eyes, it was coming from that large dot that was blocking one of the suns! A few minutes passed and the dot grew larger, it was now the size of a 5 story apartment building. All of a sudden it vanished.

It took Ferron a few seconds to process it then glanced back and looked at his instructor who was still staring in the direction of the dot. He saw Raphael mutter a few things and chuckle lightly. While Ferron was trying to brush this off as a weird phenomenon, he saw a dome of red light appear out of nowhere as it surrounded the whole camp.

Ferron wondered what was happening but before he could think of possibilities of what was happening, a tremor shook the area. Ferron who was took unexpected by this fell on his butt as he looked at a specific point on the dome where it looked like the red force field was blocking something. Ferron was about to ask Raphael what was going on but he suddenly turned and looked at Ferron with a smile on his face.

"Just wait and watch private." With that he turned back to the direction of the force field as the same screech resounded around the camp again. Ferron winced in pain, and continued to watch the force field.

As Ferron continued to watch he had to deal with the screech a few more times, but after that a figure appeared. It was more then 100 meters tall and had wings with a wingspan of 50 meters. Ferron was speechless and had a tinge of fear in his eyes as this huge creature suddenly materializing out of nowhere.

It was jet black and its wings were also covered in a dark membrane, the veins were visible in the membrane from the light of the sun glowing from behind it. It covered the camp causing the suns to be blocked with that towering figure. As it flapped its wings with annoyance at the red barrier, a huge gust of wind blew around the camp causing the sand outside of the camp to spiral into the air making mini tornadoes of sand. It screeched again ramming it head against the barrier

On its head, the horns were curled like a rams and had a lizard like face with anger evident in its expression. Its neck was like a snake, rearing back it prepared to ram into the red barrier again. But this time, as it thrust forward its head, it wasn't able to hit the barrier. Instead an explosion burst out near it head causing it to hiss in pain. Ferron watched this with wide eyes. This was indeed another world, with a beast this big, it would probably raze humanity to the ground if it appeared on Earth.

He looked back at Raphael to see what he was going to do about this, but what he did made was not was Ferron was expecting. Raphael had pulled out a walkie talkie and began issuing orders through it. Completely turning into a commander from the training officer that he was just 5 minutes ago.

"Squadron B scramble the SU-34, use the Mark 77 and explosive rounds. Squadron A use the CL-415 and load it with napalm. Once squadron B finishes their run you will move out and make the drop on it understood?"

Ferron who thought the camp was desolate was surprised when a response came out of the walkie talkie.

"Yes, sir!" Two voices came out one after the other and the camp bustled into action, two anti-air guns started firing from the two sides of the camp and 10 soldiers came out of the barracks with pressure suits equipped and jogged towards the hangers on the air field. The camp was filled with sounds of gunfire and loud screeches.

Ferron just stood dumbly on the side of the training field, staring, with his mouth opened.


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