The Grim Reapers Apprentice
22 The Divine Flame
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The Grim Reapers Apprentice
Author :Fishycreator
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22 The Divine Flame

Bullets flew like lasers through the air, engines roared and explosion followed. The black beast was trying to swat them out of their air but the jets were way to quick for the beast. It tried to start flying but the 'SU-30s' as Raphael had called it quickly used their auto-cannons to shoot its wings causing it to fall back down.

The walkie-talkie quickly spat out some words that sounded completely like gibberish to Ferron but he knew that it was callouts to different pilots and to mission control. From what Ferron could understand the orders that Raphael had issued went like this: SU-34 are the aircraft that are bombing the beast coating it in napalm and flames and once they finished their bombing run they would land back onto the runway for refueling and reloading.

The SU-30s were in formation circling the beast waiting for it to spread its wings and try to fly, when it did they would fly in and use explosive rounds to try and ground the beast and continue with their bombing.

That was stage one of Raphaels plan, and where they currently were. It was a pretty good plan but Ferron wanted to know what this beast was and why it was attacking them. Raphael was too focused to be reading Ferrons mind, he could always just go out alone and use his flames to burn that stupid beast alive but he saw Earths different inventions to fight battles and was immediately interested.

Raphael held up his walkie talkie and issued the next order. "Squadron A deploy." A short order but carried a lot of weight. The sound of a new engine reached Ferrons ears. He looked towards the hanger and found the new aircraft. It took Ferron to realize but this was the CL-415 that Raphael had ordered for Squadron A to use "Squadron B protect B, I will head out after the drop has been made."

That last sentence made Ferron blink twice in confusion. They had an arch angel on their side but he was just sitting back for now?! He could easily just got out there and bitch slap it in the face and cause it to implode. What was he doing here?!

The CL-415 was an aircraft made for aerial firefighting, it was an amphibious plane which meant that it could take off from water and land. Used for fighting forest fires it is widely used in Canada where there is dense forestry. Ferron wondered why the hell this is being used in a military situation.

Ferron watched is it taxied to the runway and took off. It was flying the opposite way of the beast and once it gained enough altitude it started turning around and headed towards the beast

A missile barrage was fired from the SU-34 causing the beast to fall down from the impact. It was perfectly timed as well, not long after the smoke cleared the 415 flew over the beast coating it in a thick white substance substance. "Drop has been made, I repeat drop has been made." A static voice came out of the radio on Raphaels waist where it was hanging. "Good."

With that short reply Raphael started walking towards the beast. Ferron wasn't worried or nervous but confused. What was the point of all this? The planes, the missiles, the fire fighting aircraft. Was there a point in all this if you're gonna go out in the first place.

Ferron also followed a few meters being Raphael, if he noticed or not he didn't say anything but they reached the exit to the camp which was where Ferron decided to stop walking and watch from there. Raphael walked up to the trashing beast and waited for it to get up. Once it was back on all fours it looked at Raphael who looked like a bug next to it and screeched loudly.

Raphael just looked at it with a neutral expression then suddenly grinned, his arms now covered with a violet flame. Ferron with one look could now easily guess why the plan had ordered for the 415 to drop napalm on this beast.

The fire grew hotter and hotter, even 50 meters away where Ferron was standing. It felt like he was standing in front of the oven after he made his bread and was about to take it out. It still grew hotter as the flame went from a lighter violet colour to a more darker one. The stare down was still going on but before anyone could say anything the beast screeched once again and opened its mouth, a light forming from the back if it.

Raphael just frowned and opened his clenched fist, once he did that his whole body was clad in a dark violet flame causing a huge heat wave to assault Ferron who could feel his eyelashes had been singed by the heat.

The light from the beasts mouth was now bright and it released a blue beam that was aimed straight for Raphael. He just looked up at it talking his time, just before it could hit him he raised up one hand. After that Ferron couldn't see what had happened because he had been swallowed up by the beam.

But before Ferron could react a searing heat had hit him all at once, he looked through squinted eyes and saw Raphaels large figure covered in purple fire and one hand raised, a pillar of fire coming out of the arm. It was a beautiful sight to see apart from the heat that traveled over 50 meters. The beam was slowly being beaten back by the flames and once the beam ended the flames were also pulled back.

The beast felt extremely threatened by this small figure and thought it might have used all its energy to dispel its beam but just in case it decided to run away if it made a move. Its thoughts came true as Raphael started to slowly walk towards it. The beast growled and spread its wings suddenly disappearing, just like how it appeared. Raphael just laughed and said in a quiet voice. "You come attack my camp and not prepare for me to attack back?" With an authoritative yell he added; "Come back here!"

A whip of flames was thrown out and caught around something and the ground rumbled like something big had fallen, well, that's exactly what had happened when the figure of the beast that had just attacked their camp abruptly came into sight with a whip of purple flames around its tail.

It wings were flapping furiously trying to make itself upright and neck was thrashing around wildly . Raphael just chuckled and just threw a ball of fire to napalm that the beast was coated in to set it ablaze.

The beast cried in pain and started to thrash around more wildly then before causing tremors every time its head smashed the ground. It was being burned alive, no matter how thick those scales were , it was an archangels fire. A fire granted by the being who creates worlds.

Its fate was already sealed when it had decided to attack the camp.


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