The Grim Reapers Apprentice
23 The Ever Living Dragon
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The Grim Reapers Apprentice
Author :Fishycreator
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23 The Ever Living Dragon

The strange beast was wrapped in purple flames, screeching wildly in pain, thrashing around causing sand to blow in Ferrons eyes. As Ferron rubbed his eyes trying to regain his vision he heard the dying scream of an animal, he looked back and saw the beast go limp. Its long neck falling to the ground.

The flames also went out abruptly as the head finally hit the ground causing a small rumble. A squad of foot soldiers equipped with assault rifles ran out from behind Ferron, startling him. "Where the hell did all these guys come from?!"

Ferron watched as they cautiously ran up to the beast and started surrounding it. A few seconds later Ferron heard a loud horn, he turned around and saw two Humvee's escorting a truck with a large bed on its back. Ferron realized that he was standing in the middle of the exit and hurriedly jumped to the side letting the escort pass.

The soldiers driving the truck didn't look in his way as they drove past. Once they reached the fallen Beast they got to work, cutting up the parts like they were familiar with it. Horns, teeth, eyes, wing membrane, and scales. Nothing went to waste as they loaded them all into containers and placed it on the trucks bed.

Raphael who was on the other side of it near the tail, observing the burnt scales that had withstood the fire of over 10,000,000 degrees Celsius. He frowned thinking to himself. "I barley used 10% of my power and this is how it ends up, too weak. No wonder Dad ditched this place." His eyes traveling over the long tail that was charred but surprisingly intact.

A glowing light appeared in the dragons stomach, it was faint and quick but nothing could escape the gaze of an archangel. Raphael didn't see it but sensed it. The feeling that the light of life gave off was unique, anyone experienced enough could detect someone giving birth from across the world. Of course, being an arch angel Raphael could detect it without trying.

Once he noticed life coming back he was immediately on guard, he cautiously climbed over the tail and looked at the stomach where the light glowed and cut it open with his finger. What he saw inside made him gin a little. He walked in the open stomach reaching his arms out and grabbing something. Ferron was to busy looking at the other soldiers to notice his instructors actions.

After a few hours the suns had finally gone down, and the containers were loaded onto the trucks flatbed. As Ferron looked around he couldn't see the jets that were there and the pilots that flew them. The truck convoy started up again and drove up to the entrance again. Ferron saw this and made sure that he was on the side, making sure that he was not a bother to these mysterious soldiers that came from now where.

As they entered the camp, Ferron made sure to follow them with his eyes. He saw them enter the hanger on the far side of the run way but the large door closed behind them blocking his view. He turned his gaze back onto where the dragon was seeing Raphael walking back as he was carrying something in his arms. As he walked closer Ferron could see it was ovular in shade, it was a dark maroon colour with black speckles on it.

It took Ferron a minute to realize that it was an egg. Ferron confusedly stared at it before he mistakenly realized that the beast might have been close to laying her eggs, and that why it was looking for a safe place when it saw the camp thinking it might have felt threatened by it.

Raphael read some of his thoughts and sighed dejectedly, worried about the ignorance of his bothers apprentice. He looked back down at the egg that he was carrying and looked back up at Ferron, a smile forming in his mind.

Once he reached Ferron he lightly gave him the egg and said two words; "Follow me." Ferron who looked confusedly at the egg and back started walking a short distance away. Raphael looking at Ferrons confusion started explaining what happened.

"What you just saw was one of my Fathers experiments, that beast was what my father called 'perfection' but as time continued something went wrong with the corruption energy inside of it. Of course, father didn't take it to well and abandoned it here on this world. Normally it was supposed to be a prideful creature and listen to others but for some reason, the corruption energy went out of control."

"There are many ways for a creation of light to fail; if the corruption energy was not contained properly and it seeped into the light causing it to run rampant around the creation, or if my father didn't pay attention to how he structured the light energy, so part of it was left without it. There are still many possibilities but since it already out of control before we were born we could never figure it out."

That last sentence made Ferron almost dropped the egg he was carrying. That thing was alive before Raphael was born?! That made it more then a trillion, maybe even quadrillion years old!

"The only way we'll know whats wrong with it is if we either give it back to my dad or Uriel, who knows more about creations, and the laws of light then any of us brothers. Only dad beats him in that department. You also might be wondering it was called, because my dad took so much pride in it. He called it the Ever Living Dragon and that name is why he called it perfect."

Ferron thought in his mind; "If it's 'ever living' then why is it dead and chopped up into pieces?" Just when he finished the thought Raphael quickly spoke up.

"My father was new to all the creation stuff so he had pretty childish thoughts back then, if someone were to mention them he would try to steer the topic as far away from it as possible. To be honest it's very amusing when he does that because he mentioned things that were not even about the conversation. Anyways that's off topic." Raphael shook his head and put the conversation back on track.

"He wanted to create something that could never die, and if killed would renew itself to start a new life. Reincarnate as you would call it." When Raphael dropped this fact like it was nothing Ferron glanced down and looked at the egg, astonishment filling his eyes. A reincarnating dragon. What kind of fairy tale was this!

"Also this beast will never reincarnate into the same thing twice in a row, what you just saw was the invisibility dragon. It was capable of invisibility, obviously, and high temperature laser that you saw it fire from it's mouth."

Ferron was too familiar with being surprised at this and just sighed silently in his mind, why would god make such a powerful thing and just leave it on this wasteland planet. Hearing that Raphael was kind of miffed.

Calling this planet a wasteland, how rude, he liked this place. It was nice and calm with nothing to bother him. He spent more time here researching military from worlds throughout purgatory. Eventually settling on Earth and started copying their vehicles and strategies.

Yes, while Raphael did look like a strict general he was a major gun freak!


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