The Grim Reapers Apprentice
25 A Beast From Another World
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The Grim Reapers Apprentice
Author :Fishycreator
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25 A Beast From Another World

Ferron quickly walked up to the large display of all the weapons that he had trained and mastered. He took a good look at all of them and something caught his eyes. Two long blades, one slightly shorter than the other. There were many weapons that were flashy and looked pretty bad ass but this one was rather plain then the others.

It was just a bright silver colour with some cloth to act as a hilt. Ferron picked up the two naked blades with interest, the light reflecting into his eyes. They were lightweight and easy to slash with, he nodded and looked to Raphael who was watching him in disinterest.

Raphael snapped his fingers and the weapons disappeared leaving Ferron holding the two blades. He looked at Raphael who was now sitting in the front row seats with his arms crossed and the same gruff look that he always had on.

On the other side of the sand pit a metal door began to rise, Ferron noticed and started to get in an guard position, waiting to see what was coming.

A deep growl was heard making Ferron swallow in anticipation. A figure slowly walked out of the darkness behind the darkness. As the first rays of sunlight hit it, one could clearly see that it was a monster. With grey fur and two heads looking around cautiously it slowly walked out. The bright red eyes were filled with anger and with the shieght of two adult humans it looked down at Ferron noticing him.

It snarled, exposing long and sharp teeth and its claws were digging into the sand. As Ferron was taking the scene in it pounced, jumping into the air quickly and was already a few meters away from Ferron.

Ferrons mind reacted quick the months of training kicking in as he jumped backwards, narrowly avoiding the sharp claws as they landed where Ferron was standing a second ago. Ferron, with his eyes wide with astonishment, had a hard time believing something this large could move that fast, but this thought was quickly pushed out of his mind as the monster started to lunge forward with one of its mouth wide open.

Ferron felt like everything went into slow motion. His vision filled with the inside of a mouth. Ferron saw an opening under the beast and quickly lunged under it. Ferron could see more then he wanted to as he found out that the monster had a gender. And it was not female.

When he saw the beautiful circular objects swinging in front of him his mind quickly forming a plan. But before he could execute it the beast lifted up his foot attempting to squish him as Ferron lay there frozen with a strange look on his face. His mind jumping back into full gear as he rolled for his life exiting the monsters underbelly and now in the open he stood up realizing that he dropped his weapons somewhere. He looked around and saw a glint from the sand.

Both blades were lying in close proximity to each other not that far away but there was a slight problem. There was a two-headed, large dog in between his path. The monster noticing his bare hand looked like it was smiling, like its prey was already decided. Ferron just frowned as he waited for his opponents move, the monster also was not making any moves.

Ferron decided he would make the first move and kicked off the ground accelerating faster then he would control. Ferron who didn't mean to push off the ground that fast was panicked as he saw the large figure of the dog entering his field of vision, gradually getting bigger and bigger.

Eventually he was right on top of it, his mind started to think faster and faster as well, thinking of all the possibilities of how to get out of this mess. Maybe it was his panicked mind, or a tactical decision he decided to punch with all his strength once he his arm would reach. Well at that sort of speed someone would easily get knocked out with one hit if they were punched. But with Ferrons strength and at the speed he was going, one would easily splatter all over the ground with only their legs remaining.

This was no joke because when Ferron finally reached the monster, who was paused in mid-step looking at the small human who was like a blur suddenly appear in one of its faces, punching it with all his might. As his fist thrust forward a small shockwave formed, the tightly clenched fist hit the snout of one of the heads. Ferron was seeing everything in slow motion, he watched as his fist impacted the nose, then the eyes of the monster popped out of their sockets and teeth came out of its mouth.

Time went back to normal as the head exploded covering Ferron in blood and brains. Ferron looked at the monster that was falling to the ground and looked back at his fist which was covered in the monsters blood, just like the rest of his body. The monster was still breathing but it it was on the ground whining in pain, unable to get up. Ferron quickly ran towards the two blades, leaving bloody handprints on the cloth acting as a hilt then cautiously walked toward the fallen monster, hoping that it wouldn't get up.

He walked toward the second head that was still breathing, but had its eyes closed. As Ferron walked closer the eyes opened causing Ferron to jump back with his guard up. It's eyes only held hatred, like it knew what was coming, Ferron raised one of his blades aiming it at the monsters head and brought it down without a moment's hesitation.

What did this monster do that was bad? Ferron didn't believe that it deserved the suffering that he brought on to this monster. He felt slightly bad that he didn't give a quick ending with his blades, but unforeseen circumstances prevented him from doing so.

Ferron gazed at the dead body that was unmoving at his feet he felt slightly accomplished for dealing with this monster. Raphael walked up and kept a good distance away which confused Ferron but when he spoke it was like he was right beside of him.

"There will be four more, each getting harder and harder. You won't get to use the same strategy that you used for this one, but before we continue. Would you like to take a bath first?" Ferron looked down at his body and saw that it was covered in red blood, and when the smell reached Ferron, he gagged and tears came out of his eyes.

Why didn't he smell this before. Ferron just blamed it on his concentration when he was fighting that he didn't notice the smell. Ferron nodded and quickly ran out the arena trying not to throw up the food that he had ate, and made his way to the shower room.

Raphael just sighed and looked at the body of the two headed wolf. This was one of the monsters in a world that was classified as rank A, which would mean someone with a large amount of battle experience and good equipment would be able to kill it, and they would never go alone. But Ferron had killed it with one punch and a stab to the head. He picked up the beast by the tail and threw it back into the darkness as the metal door closed.

Raphael looked at the door that was a few meters away from one that the two headed wolf came out and a ear piercing roar shook the ground.

"Shut up, fake dragon." Raphael just shook his head and calmly walked out of the arena.


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