The Grim Reapers Apprentice
26 Ferrons Rough Battle
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The Grim Reapers Apprentice
Author :Fishycreator
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26 Ferrons Rough Battle

Ferron walked back, eyeing and taking in the view of the colosseum from the outside. As a person who was interested in ancient architect, he was amazed and astonished as to what it looked like when it was complete. He walked through the entrance and made his way down the the pit where he had fought.

He saw that it was cleaned up and the rows of weapons were again piled up against the wall like before. Ferron walked over and picked up the same weapon as before. Two naked blades with a strap of cloth acting as a hilt. Ferron didn't get to use them when he fought the dog but now he has a second chance. He picked them up and faced the five metal doors.

A door slowly opened, the chains rattling as they pulled it upward. The ground shook as a monstrous figure slowly walked out. With bright green eyes and a head that looked like a bull dog, it looked at Ferron, eyeing down the bug that had the guts to stand in front of it.

Ferron was standing still, shocked with fear. He could barely move a muscle. It was much bigger than the dog with two heads, it was over 30 meters tall with a head like a wrecking ball. It spread its wings, they were tattered and had holes in them, but their wingspan was around 20 meters forcing them open in an intimidating way after squeezing through the tight doorway.

Its tail swung around nearly breaking the seats behind it. Ferron broke out of his stupor and analyzed his opponent drawing shaky breaths, as he ran his eyes looking for any vulnerable spots that he can use to hurt it. The monster decided to act first waving its torn wings, surprising Ferron when a gust of wind pushed him to his butt.

"Those things can lift it?! What a load of bull." Ferron frowned and continued to observe it. Its feet lifted off the ground after a few flaps of its wings, As Ferron wrinkled its brow the monster looked at Ferron and he was not sure if it was his imagination or not. But it looked like the monster was smirking as it looked into the sky.

As it rose slowly, getting closer and closer to the sky, Ferron was more and more panicked. If it gets away he would fail! If he failed he would go back to the torturous training. Fortunately it looked like he wouldn't have to jump tens of meters up in the air to grab its tail.

Once it was about to leave the arena a red force field appeared, the monster slamming against it almost falling out of the sky. It roared in anger and bashed its head against the force field. Ferron had a strange sense of deja vu looking at the familiar scene.

As it realized its inability to escape its head swung around looking for another way out. Its eyes locked onto Ferron who was standing in the pit. It roared in anger and nose dived heading straight to Ferron.

Ferron who regained his wits a while ago was prepared for any surprises and this was no exception, as the monster grew more and more closer it raised its legs, like a eagle grabbing its prey. Ferron just simply slipped through in between it, swinging his blades at its claws.

As the blades swund, it didn't bounce off those dark black meter long claws. They cut cleanly through them, not giving any resistance at all. As the monster turned back flapping its wind, staying stationary in the air.

It looked at its fallen claws and then looked at Ferron who was standing in the middle. It eyes flashed with fury and gave a roar that was louder than any other and landed with a large, ground trembling smash. Ferron was stupefied by the sharpness of the swords, they could cut through claws like butter. Ferron felt more confident now that he found out about how sharp these weapons are.

With more courage Ferron decided to move first, running into the monster. This time he didn't kick off the ground but skillfully controlled his strength to be fast enough that he was in control. He dashed straight for the monster who was staring straight at the fast moving figure.

To the monster, Ferron was just a bug that it was trapped in here with. Watching him run up to it, the giant monster was watching with an amused expression forgetting what just happened just a few moments ago. It opened its mouth and an orange flame spilled out like lava. Flowing to the ground, staying on the sand without needing anything to keep it aflame.

It littered the ground blocking Ferrons path. When he got close he could feel the heat radiating from the fire. This was no ordinary flame, Ferrons mind started racing. He was completely surrounded by flames on each side. He looked up and saw the monsters head glaring at him. Completely amused by the little rat that it had caught. Letting its guard down, playing with its new toy.

Ferron remained calm and decided to use his agility to break through the fire, he bent down and placed both hands on the ground, his feet pushing into the sand. He was in a position, like he was about to launch into a 100 meter dash. He kicked off the ground, just like before. Flashing through the flames, but this time it was under control. But he did not escape unscathed.

With burn marks covering his forearms and shins with burns. He grimaced in pain but glared back up at the monster who was looking confused at the small bug that had escaped his trap. It quickly snapped out of its confusion and roared, raising its leg bringing it down on Ferron. But it was too slow.

Ferron jumped back, quickly dodging the foot. Fe frowned as he looked up to the large beast trying to think how to kill this beast.


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