The Grim Reapers Apprentice
27 Second Beast Killed
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The Grim Reapers Apprentice
Author :Fishycreator
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27 Second Beast Killed

Ferron was currently in a stare down with the huge beast that he was now fighting for a few hours. His bones were aching, such a high intensity fight was draining for Ferron. Raphael who was watching him, was noting the many mistakes in Ferrons fight. Which he could also use to cheat if Ferron ever made it past the second part. He frowned, once again thinking about Ferrons skill with the scythe.

For a mortal to have zero skill with it was normal. But the rate at which Ferron had progressed, quickly reaching and breaking through what a normal mortals limit would be. Small but complex calculations, predictions, and being observant were key parts to mastering a weapon. The scythe took all those mentioned and made them 5 times harder. The human brain wasn't able process the calculations fast, and their eyes and ears also couldn't pick up the small noises when the muscles move, or see when they tense up.

Normally mortals would need God to bless them for them to be able to break their limits, Ferron was provided with a new body, a body that was untainted and more importantly unknown to Ferron. As humans mated and produced offspring, they never were made perfect. Losing more and more of their light energy making them weaker as time progressed, their corruption energy also decreased making sure that they would never become a soul of corruption.

Right now, in Ferrons generation their light energy was decreased by 5%, while it may not seem like much. If one were to train hard enough, they would be like an overlord. But now humans were reliant on machines and technology to fight their wars, so they were never trained to the limit. Ferrons body was only the second one ever made with 50% light energy and 50% corruption energy, it pushed the limit of the law of creation, it was never supposed to exist. But with God and Satan's cooperation they had managed to make it, the body was of course, extremely powerful if tempered and strengthen. Powerful enough to destroy something made out of 99% light energy. In comparison the angels are made up of 99.99% of light energy leaving the remaining 0.01% being corruption energy.

Even with the difference being 0.99%, the angels still had an overwhelmingly powerful advantage, the difference was like heaven and hell. While the creations that were made out of 99% of light energy could destroy a world with the snap of their fingers. The angels could eliminate them with the snap of their finger. The angels were of course the most powerful beings apart from god. They were his servants and his children. They make the decisions that God would not bother with, they dealt with the trivial matters all across purgatory, naming themselves gods and doing his work.

But with Ferrons 50/50 body the energies collided. They were not suppressed, by one or the other. Like yin and yang, they resonated once they found a balance, drawing out their full potential whenever their energy was called out. Dominating the powers that angels release, which is why Lucifer is treated equally by God. His creation being a forced secret by both Satan and God, something that can be created to be another god would cause a huge unbalance in the dimension.

Ferrons body had massive affects on his combat, but how he could adapt and evolve to fighting in his new body at that speed was still big mystery.

Ferron doged to the side as a line of fire spewed through the monsters mouth, Ferron knew that he had to end this, and fast. Or else he would not be able to pass the trial. Ferron quickly ran up to the side of the monster and tried to get closer, forcing the monster to fight without its flame. Unfortunately Ferron was not educated about the different kinds of monsters, this was one of the times where his ignorance got the better of him.

The monster swung its head around and again spilt the lava like fire out of its mouth, it fell out of its mouth and sped towards Ferron. They followed him like snakes, slithering on the ground trying to catch up. Ferron glanced back and frowned, this was much harder then he had anticipated. He looked back up at the monster that looked like it was smiling and jumped towards it. Ferron skimmed the monsters back and tried to shove the blades into its back trying to stop himself.

It didn't go as plan because the blades just sank into it like water and were dragged across with Ferron, who was trying frantically to try and break before he landed.

The monster roared in pain as it tired to swat the small human away, who was leaving a deep cut along the back of it. Ferron landed on the other side and looked back seeing one long cut going horizontally along the back. There was a bright red liquid oozing out of the cut, then something unbelievable happened. The wound started closing up! It closed, only leaving a faint line but that also faded away. Ferron stood there with his mouth open, and looked at the brand new skin that was formed where he had cut it.

The monster looked at Ferron, its green eyes filled with more hatred and anger then ever. Ferron noticed that that the chest of the monster heaving heavily and a plan was formed in his head. He once again dashed into the chest of the monster, with his blades flashing he slid under it leaving a large cut, that slid down to nearly its tail.

It let out a screech and flailed around throwing up sand and smashing the arena around it. Ferrons eyes went wide as he had to dodge and weave through the wild tail and the trashing wings. As he grew closer Ferron lashed out with his blades, his eyes thinned because of the flying sand, he felt it cut through something and looked down at where his blade was lodged.

The bulldog like head was lying next to Ferron with its green eyes, now lifeless and dull and more importantly there was a blade lodged in it.


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