The Grim Reapers Apprentice
28 Third Monster
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The Grim Reapers Apprentice
Author :Fishycreator
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28 Third Monster

Ferron stared blankly at the bulldog head, the glowing green eyes now dull and lifeless. One was completely crushed and bleeding with a long silver blade sticking out of its socket. Ferron slowly tugged on it, making a sick squelching sound as it cleanly exited the socket.

A wisp of grey smoke exited the Monster mouth drawing Ferrons attention. A few more wisps left its mouth and after a few seconds it started growing, turning into a thin stream of smoke, like an incense was in its mouth. Ferron drew closer, slowly approaching the open mouth. A small popping noise made Ferron jump back, and soon after the smoke grew darker. Turning black and like a smokestack, started leaking massive amount of black smoke.

Ferron gasped in surprise, also inhaling some of the black smoke. He started coughing and gagging, his breaths getting heavier as he tried to get back the air he was losing. Slowly he managed to stop, but only after a few minutes of trying to breathe.

Ferron looked at the now dormant head of the monster and wondered what exactly did he inhale. Fortunately for Ferron, he had an archangel that was not too far away witnessing, how idiotic this apprentice was.

"That was a Soul Wyvern. Something that my uncle made as an experiment to see if he could make something that could take the souls of other living beings. All the souls it had consumed were corrupted and drained, resulting in the black colour. The result after it had been released to the world; it was called the god dragon and was worshipped for millennia, until it vanished a few hours ago by an unknown force and killed just a few minutes ago. All the souls it had consumed were corrupted and drained, resulting in the black colour. " Raphael said this with a stern face, so Ferron was confused if he was telling the truth or not. He decided not to doubt it and go with it.

Ferron also wondered about his weapons, how could something like a 'god dragon' be hurt as easily as a slash from some blades.

Raphael also provided an explanation for it. "Those blades were nothing special. When I was young Gabriel had tripped and dropped his dinner plate into a dimensional portal and it fell into a world in purgatory. I don't know if it was accident or not but somehow it turned into a sword when we went down to take a look. Only a 100 years had passed and it was locked in this weird chest in an underground cave where small monsters were guarding it. We decided to just take it since no one had claimed it, but none of us had any use for it and just ended up here." Raphael said that with a shrug and continued on.

"Do want to do the next one or would you like a break." After he said that sentence Raphael glared at Ferron and added, "There will be no breaks when you get your own world, remember that."

Ferron felt that there was something that was hidden in between his words so he decided to continue, once again he found the array of weapons stacked on the side. He put the two blades on a cleared table and started looking around, he spotted a long barrel and looked over. A powerful looking a sniper rifle greeted Ferron eyes.

As he reached out a hand, his fingers brushed up against the barrel. A spark shocked Ferron as he jumped in fright, getting increasingly interested in what he saw. He gripped the handle and time slowed, he felt like a new world had opened up. His body felt tingly and felt lighter. Ferron looked down to see the rifle which was black and un-noticeable at first was now grey with silver lines running along the length of the barrel and to the stock. When Ferron looked closely he found small sparks jumping throughout the lines. He glanced at Raphael wondering if he could explain what the weapon was.

"It's called the 'Flash Rifle', it was made in a world where the lightning element was prominent, only someone who had level 5 elemental control could enchant weapons with their element. You'll learn this when you get to the trial. But that world was thoroughly and utterly destroyed because of their greed. Trying to summon and enslave a lightning elemental to increase their power to level 6. Which is something impossible for the normal mortal to achieve. What you're holding right now is maybe the last artifact from that world."

Ferron looked down at the rifle in his hands, what kind of history had it went through? It was there when a world had been destroyed, and was now used for training Reapers. He checked the ammo clip and with a confused expression he looked back up. Empty.

"It doesn't use bullets, it uses the energy in the host body, you can easily last a long time with it. Remember how I showed you how to put your energy in weapons, this one does it automatically, so you have to control how much it uses. If you let it use too much it will explode and you will have to use your fists. Trust me you don't want to use them this time." With that said Raphael, along with the weapons disappeared, leaving only Raphael to reappear in the stands.

The Soul Wyvern was already dragged into the door where it had come out of and now the third door, with its chains rattling, was raising.

Spiky. That's what Ferron thought when he saw what had come out. White spikes ran along its long body, with the top of its head being no exception. It was like a Komodo Dragon, but covered with spikes. Ferron now knew why Raphael had told him that he wouldn't want to use his fist.


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