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The Grim Reapers Apprentice
Author :Fishycreator
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29 Lucky Kid

Ferron jumped back barely dodging a sharp object that flew past his face, he still had no opportunity to shoot his rifle. Once the monster had made his appearance it spared no time and immediately fired a few of its razor-sharp needles at Ferron and rushed closer to him not allowing Ferron to find enough time to use his rifle.

The speed of this lizard was also incredibly fast almost meeting Ferron's skill in agility. Fortunately enough, Ferron was slightly faster allowing him to dodge by a hair's width every time. The lizard drew back a few meters looking at its prey, its tail rose up exposing an array of large, sharp needles. With a quick flick of its tail, they flew, creating afterimages one after the other.

Ferron who was standing in anticipation, waiting for its next move, quickly rolled to the side and was struck with surprise. The lizard was now running towards him, he could clearly see the hunger in its eyes. In a panic, Ferron thrust his right arm forward trying to ward off the sharp teeth that were now only a few feet away.

Coincidentally the rifle he was he was holding was also in his right hand. Just as the lizard jumped forward, it noticed the long rod that Ferron was holding and felt a sense of danger coming from it. It was in mid-air so it could not change its direction. The 5-meter long lizard now had no way to avoid what was coming for it.

In Ferron's eyes, everything played out like it was in slow motion. The lizard slowly moving forward towards the barrel, its open mouth was on its way to the barrel, Ferron's mind worked quick, noticing the opportunity had shown itself, he pressed down on the trigger feeling it draw power from his body. A sharp pain coming from his finger that was holding the trigger down. It took 3 seconds before Ferron stopped the consumption and released the trigger. By then the lizard's mouth was already a few centimeters away from the barrel.

A small light was forming at the tip, the silver lines were running like veins into the barrel. This happened only for a few milliseconds, the next second Ferron felt a powerful force pushing his right shoulder forcing him to put a foot back to stabilize himself. A blinding white light forced him to close his eyes, Ferron remembering what this rifles name was, 'Flash Rifle', had a random thought of; "Ooh that's why they called it the Flash Rifle, makes sense."

Few seconds passed and Ferron was blinking the stars out of his eyes, and looked towards the ground and saw a bloody scene. The lizard was lying dead on the ground but large amounts of blood were pouring out of its back. Ferron got closer and saw a large hole was the source of the blood, he inspected closer and saw that he could draw a perfectly straight line from the hole to its mouth. His eyes looked over the rifle in his right hand, it suddenly felt 10 times heavier than before.

Meanwhile, Raphael just had his head in his hands. These were all lucky kills, not one of them were on purpose! The first one he kicked off the ground too hard and smashed into the dog, then with the Soul Wyvern he accidentally swung his blade and it ended up in its head. Now, he just put his hand up to try and block it and found an opportunity to shoot his rifle. What the hell! This part was supposed to test his skill, not his luck!

Raphael couldn't do anything about it and just jumped down and landed beside Ferron startling him as he was still crouching over the sharp lizard. He stood back up and looked up at the towering figure in front of him. Raphael just nodded and turned to the side allowing Ferron to see the tables of weapons were back, he quietly walked towards it and placed his rifle back on the table. He browsed through the rows of different weapons ranging from medieval to futuristic, his curiosity mainly wanted him to choose one of the laser guns but his mind knew better, knowing that the lasers would just bounce off if they encountered an armor type monster.

A glint of metal drew Ferrons eyes away from the bow and saw a golden sword with a blood red hilt with two emeralds sparkling from the sides. It glinted in the bright sunlight, Ferron grabbed its hilt and drew it out of the cluster of swords and held it out in front of him. His eyes also sparkling from the beauty of the sword, with great difficulty he tore his eyes away and looked at Raphael who had a difficult look on his face. Before Ferron could ask Raphael opened his mouth.

"That sword was one of the treasures of an ancient civilization, who picked up some of Selaphiel's earing which was made up of Gods Gold. A metal that sparkles like a star, and enchants people who stare for too long." As Raphael kept explaining he thought to himself. "This kid is too lucky, first the Dinner Plate dual wields, then the Flash Rifle. One of the most powerful projectile weapons ever made in purgatory, now he managed to find the Golden Shower. A questionable name but it makes up with it, with the amount of destructive power it can release in a swing. How does he find it?!"

Raphael just shook his head and picked up the lizard and threw it in the door that it came from. This time the fourth door was steadily opening, Ferron inspected the sword closer as he waited. Two meters long, double-edged, and single-handed. It was good but Ferron felt his other hand felt empty, he tried to take a few practice swings to get used to it, but he suddenly felt that it clashed with something and an explosion threw him backward. Ferron landed heavily on his back temporarily winding him, he got up and looked around.

His body was giving off a light smoke and a small crater was formed where he was standing not too long ago. A few meters away was a bloody figure was lying with a broken knife lying beside him.


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