The Grim Reapers Apprentice
30 The Final Beas
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The Grim Reapers Apprentice
Author :Fishycreator
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30 The Final Beas

Ferron slowly got up, his charred clothes giving off a light smoke. He looked down at the shining gold sword and wondered, "Did I do that?"

Ferron's body was sore all over, a small movement made him wince. He limped along and made it to the side of the strange figure that had appeared after the explosion, and bent down to examine it.

It had a human appearance with pale skin, wearing black tights and had long white hair. Ferron noticed a peculiarity and looked closer. Its ears were pointy and long, Ferron wondered if this was the 'elves' that he had heard so much about in novels and movies. Its face couldn't be seen well because the blast had covered its face with burns, but surprisingly intact. Raphael had walked up to him and said nothing, he watched as Ferron looked at this creature that he had killed on accident. Raphael just sighed in his heart and kept watching.

Ferron turned around to see Raphael staring at him while he studied the creature. Raphael just looked at him for a few seconds and then spoke up.

"Go and take a break and check up on your egg, I have to change this last monster because of your performance, it will only take an hour, so come back quickly alright?"

Ferron nodded and gave back his sword and walked out of the Colosseum walking towards his bed, planning to take a shower.

Meanwhile, Raphael looked down towards the broken body of the creature and muttered under his breathe. "The best assassin on the planet my ass." He picked up the body by the leg and threw him back into the fourth door. He looked towards the fifth door and shook his head, suddenly purple flames crawled away from Raphaels' feet and formed a circle. After the circle formed, an image of a dark forest slowly came to life. Raphael just looked at it and jumped into the circle, then the flames slowly went out, the forest also disappearing along with it.

Ferron was relaxing in the bath while the egg was standing right beside him, slowly bobbing in the water. As he looked at the mesmerizing bobbing he noticed that the egg had also changed colour, from a dark marron to a dark black. As he looked closer, small white lights twinkled like stars on the shell. As he drew closer, a resounding roar broke him out of his stupor.

He looked at his watch which was given to him when he had first entered the camp and noticed that he only had ten minutes left. Ferron hurriedly hopped out and dried himself before wearing a new uniform that was left out for him before he got in the bath. He rushed back to the Colosseum with a few minutes to spare and saw the regular wall of weapons.

He noticed that the ground that leads toward the fifth door had slightly caved in and the metal door had dents around the middle. Ferron felt cold after seeing the clear signs of struggle, showing that the monster would not go without a fight. He looked toward the weapons and had a look through them.

Propped up against the wall was an ordinary looking scythe, nothing eye-catching about it, just a normal grey scythe. A three-meter handle with a long curved blade, Ferron felt like his skills in the scythe were lacking and needed some polishing so he walked up and grabbed it. After testing its weight and range he nodded his head in satisfaction and looked towards the fifth door.

Raphael looked at the weapon and was relieved that Ferron didn't pick up an artifact weapon for the fifth time. Even Raphael couldn't find the weapons that he had casually thrown into the pile and Ferron somehow easily found it like they were calling for him. Now he had picked up a perfectly normal scythe, that was just slightly harder and sharper than normal, now he could properly judge his strength.

The metal door slowly cranked open the weapon pile vanished and Raphael teleported to where he normally sat. An ear-piercing roar shattered the silence forcing Ferron to cover his ears. The ground tremored as Ferron gazed deep into the darkness of the fifth door.

Slowly a terrifying creature walked out of the darkness. A large faceless head pushed out of the shadows, then a long thin humanoid body, with unnaturally long limbs grabbed the sides of the door and pushed out the rest of its body. While it slowly stood towering over Ferron he couldn't help but wonder; "Slederman?"

It's arm then swept the ground in front of it forcing Ferron backward. It was unexpectedly fast catching Ferron off-guard, putting him into the defensive. The faceless head then split open like the hinge was on the back of its head showing off a hollow skull still filled with blood. Letting out a horrifying screech, but this time Ferron was prepared.

He sprinted towards it, his scythe strapped towards his back and his hands covering his ears. The scream only lasted a few seconds, and when the creature looked towards where Ferron was just standing, it couldn't see him anymore.

Ferron was standing behind it with a small smirk on his face, he brought the scythe in a diagonal slash aiming to cut its body into to but when the scythe touched its pencil-like figure it bounced off like he was trying to cut a large bar of metal. The 5-meter monster just looked behind it to see his prey was trying to attack it if it had a face it would be most likely grinning at the weak struggles of a puny bug.

Ferron felt a sense of danger approaching and quickly jumped up avoiding


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