The Grim Reapers Apprentice
31 Even More Luck
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The Grim Reapers Apprentice
Author :Fishycreator
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31 Even More Luck


Ferron held up his scythe, the long, tentacle-like arm slammed into it, pushing Ferron several meters back. After fighting with the slender man rip-off for an hour, Ferron was covered in bruises and he may have fractured his ribs by taking a strike head-on while he was distracted by its screech.

Ferron still couldn't find the weak spot even after fighting it for an hour, he tried to hit the inside of its head when it opened but even with his full strength, he was unable to pierce its skull. The skull still sent shivers down Ferron's spine whenever he saw it, no eye sockets teeth or nose. Just a blank skull that had a similar shape to humans.

But Ferron felt his resistance was paying off, the creatures moves were slower than it once had been, and it was getting increasingly wary of Ferron. Not opening its head as much, because it gave Ferron a chance to attack. Now it was trying to end this as quickly as possible, no longer sweeping along the ground. But aiming higher off the ground and thrusting his arms to pierce.

Ferron was still struggling with his chest pounding, along with his heartbeat. He felt desperate to end this, in his mind he knew that he could outlast this creature but with one hit all that could change. Just as he was thinking that the monster swiped low and its second arm can shooting toward Ferron. He leaped sideways narrowly avoiding the sweeping arm and piercing bullet, just then Ferron felt an odd sensation coming from his leg as he looked down and saw a bloody stain on his thigh slowly growing into a pool, flowing down from Ferron's right leg.

His mind went blank then quickly snapped into high gear, he couldn't check it in his current situation, but judging the amount of blood that was flowing from his thigh he could guess he only had a few minutes before he bled out.

But darkness was slowly overcoming Ferron, he staggered and almost fell backward from exhaustion. This wasn't right, he hadn't sustained major damage before this one, and he avoided most of the attacks the other party had thrown out. So why was he feeling so fatigued? While working in the drugged out state his mind came to one answer; Poison.

Ferron panicked before a familiar feeling overcame him, the familiar darkness was absorbing his sight, pushing his mind back and letting him be free of the exhaustion and pain and refocusing his sight.

Meanwhile, Raphael who was spectating from the outside saw exactly what happened, the creature actually had an extra limb. Similar to a tail it grew from its back but was thin and clear like a wire. It thrust itself at Ferron just as he jumped easily penetrating his skin, and injecting the natural poison it made into Ferron. It was at this moment that the corruption aura that lay dormant inside Ferron to suddenly react and be called out, expelling the poison and healing Ferron wounds.

Raphael just silently sat, emotionless as always looking at the movie like scene. The monster who was about to go for the killing blow was stopped short halfway through, looking at the dark aura that was leaking out of Ferrons body.

Ferron who was experiencing this for the second time was astonished at the effects of the darkness which was healing him and restoring his vitality. Ferron felt more energized than ever before and immediately refocused his attention to the creature that he was fighting.

The thin pencil monster was still standing in a daze, watching his enemy get revitalized by the strange dark aura. All the monsters hard work wearing Ferron down went straight down the gutter, the monster who was just as tired as Ferron before the aura activated felt its non-existing heart stop for a few moments before it started beating again.

The dark aura receded and Ferron came out of it with a blissful look on his face. Once the aura receded Ferron snapped out of his bliss and made the first move. Ferron didn't notice the dark aura didn't disappear completely, some of it had crawled up Ferrons scythe and lay along the length the blade. Ferron didn't notice this as he brought it down horizontally along the face, getting some resistance but cutting through it face and some of its body.

This happened in less than two seconds. The speed was much faster than before so the monster had no time to react. It fell folding its body in two, Ferron just gazed onwards not noticing the aura seeping back into his body. After it had fully been absorbed back into the body, Ferron suddenly felt a bucket of fatigue dropped on him as he almost fell down.

He supported his body by leaning on the scythe as he had a hard time trying to stay upright. Forcing himself to stay upright had looked around and saw the familiar glint of hundreds of weapons laid on tables and the walls.

Slowly making his way to the table he placed his weapon on the table and looked toward Raphael who was standing nearby with his arms crossed. He walked up and pushed his finger onto Ferrons forehead, all of a sudden he felt his eyelids closing as he was unable to keep them open Ferron just accepted it and closed his eyes.

Raphael just looked at Ferron as he fell forward faceplanting onto the sand, a soldier in desert camouflage rushed in, picked up Ferron, and swung him over his shoulder and ran out heading toward the green barracks. Raphael just looked on not saying anything while watching the whole scene. He then picked up the scythe Ferron had put on the table and sighed inwardly. The scythe was just a normal scythe at one glance but unknowingly it was able to use corruption aura as a whetstone and sharpen it.

This kids luck was so outstanding that it even had fooled Raphael. Raphael just shook his head and put it back down, walking away. The huge Colosseum now fading away, the training field now coming back into view. Raphael standing still in the middle.



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