The Grim Reapers Apprentice
32 Final Battle
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The Grim Reapers Apprentice
Author :Fishycreator
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32 Final Battle

Ferron groggily reopened his eyes looking at the familiar green tent that he stayed in. He got up and slowly walked out, squinting as the bright sunlight hit him.

He made his way to the training field where the colosseum once stood and he could see Raphael standing there waiting for him. A thought flashed across his mind. "Did I fail the second trial? Do I have to restart now?"

Those thoughts repeating in Ferron's mind as he walked up to Raphael.

As Ferron walked closer he saw Raphael turn towards him and signalled with his head. Ferron looked over and saw the same tables filled with weapons as a sense of relief filled his stomach as he switched direction.

Ferron eyed down the same scythe that he had used in his battle with the skinny monster and ran his finger along its blade. A feeling of connection welled up in his mind as he grabbed its handle again. Savouring the feeling of its grip while a sense of bonding came from the blade.

Meanwhile Raphael for the first time in his trillions of years being conscious, felt a twinge of anxiousness watching Ferron picking up the scythe, but before turning back he saw a small glint catch his eye. Ferron walked back, coming to a stop ten metres away from Raphael with his legs bent and eyes focused.

Raphael held out his hand and with a grabbing motion he summoned purple flames and slowly pulled his hand back. He slowly drew out a bright red long sword with a maroon hilt. Seeing the near two meter blade Ferron felt waves of heat washing over him. However Ferron didn't lose his head.

Blinking the tears out of his eyes Ferron decided to make the first move. Thinking back to his fight with the two-headed dog, Ferron got into the same posture and put all his strength into his right foot. The disorientation wasn't there anymore, Ferron could tell where he would land, what direction he was going and could move his body.

It wasn't long before a sonic boom occured that Ferron knew with that one kick he could break the sound barrier with his legs. Flying towards Raphael the heat was getting worse, He knew that the heat was coming of the sword that Raphael was holding and hoped that his scythe can hold up against the heat that came out of the sword.

Without warning Raphael disappeared from Ferron line of sight but not even a second after he vanished Ferron felt a sense of danger behind him, as well as searing heat.

Ferron instinctively put up his scythe and it bounced of something. The sound metal on metal rang Ferrons eardrums. As he stepped back and saw that Raphael sword was only two feet away from Ferron heart. With his quick reflexes, he jumped back narrowly missing a fatal wound, although he didn't know if Raphael was about to stop his sword right before he was about to stab him or just stab him and wait for him to heal. Ferron knew he had to avoid failing this part of the quest or else he would have to start all over again.

Ferron had to had to stop for a split second, regaining his senses he again burst forward. This time a plan forming in his mind. With Ferron approaching, Raphael thought inwardly, "I taught him not to do the same thing twice, is he that hot headed?"

This time Raphael didn't disappear, he swung his sword like an arc in front of him, purple flames flowing out making a half moon shape in front of him. With a look he made the fire rage over five meters high. Ferron who was seeing this shoved his foot down, slowly coming to a stop in front of the wall of flames.

He was trying to force Raphael into a one-on-one fight but he was preventing that by avoiding him and attacking Ferrons blind spots. Ferron slowly walked backwards as the flames slowly died down revealing Raphael who had a stern face, Ferron not missing this chance started running towards him making sure that he could stop in time if the flames reappeared again.

Rushing forward until he was a few feet in front of him, just then Raphael expression changed. Ferron didn't pay much attention to it bet he swung the handle of the scythe aiming for Raphael's legs who back stepped to avoid it. But Ferron wasn't done with his assault, he used the momentum from his swing to change his grip. This time the blade was towards Raphael and curved towards the right, lunging forward again he slashed upwards, while moving one hand behind him drawing something out.

Raphael realizing that Ferron was just swinging around his weapon with no thought he slightly pissed, thinking that Ferron was just throwing away all his training Raphael decided to go on the offensive. As Ferron took a step forward, Raphael brought his sword down. Ferron sidestepped his slash and threw out his left hand, Raphael saw a glint of metal and with blinding speed caught the projectile the Ferron had thrown out.

Looking at it, it was a small knife the size of a thumb, realizing Ferrons plan he grew a little excited but that soon disappeared because Ferron was launching at him again. Throwing the little knife away, he grew just a little more serious, Ferron who already had many of those small knifes was throwing them as fast as he could while he approached Raphael. As he got closer the amount of knifes also grew scarce, Raphael catching all of them Ferrons plan was slowly being put into motion.

Ferron once again was in range but this time Raphael was not sitting idly anymore. Bringing his sword up he jabbed for Ferrons body, Ferron quickly brought his scythe towards him his blade successfully intercepting Raphaels. Ferron quickly spun bringing him closer but Raphael was quicker he drew back and threw another jab at Ferron, Ferron repeated himself using the scythes blade to block sword. But it was just a feint as Raphael pulled back and swung towards Ferron neck, Ferron crouched and instead of attacking with his weapon he used his hand and thrust his fist aiming for Raphaels special place.

Raphael opened his eyes wide in surprise, he was not expecting Ferron to ditch his weapon and punch his best friend, almost like a natural reaction he closed his legs without thinking and Ferrons fist connected with his kneecap. Ferron felt a sharp pain on his knuckled while Raphael only felt a sharp sting that lasted only a second. Surprised Raphael jumped backwards and inspected his knee, a small blood drop forming where he was punched. He looked back at Ferron who awkwardly smiled and showed his fist.

His fist was clenched but between his fingers was a slivery knife. The same knife that he had been throwing at Raphael, he had hung onto one just for this occasion. Raphael looked at Ferron with a look of astonishment, he didn't think that Ferron was smart enough to come up with a plan like that.

Raphael just dropped a sigh and decided to end it there. "Not bad, you managed to hurt me as well as coming up with a plan to do that. Not bad at all."

Ferron breathed out a sigh of relief. He managed to pass the third trial without having to repeat it, now he could move on towards the fourth trial.

Ferron was sent back to his green tent after he put his weapons back but as he opened the tent flap something new awaited him.


The army soldiers that he had seen fight the monster were now gathered around inside his tent. Ferron was stunned still as they grabbed his arms and dragged him to a foldable table that was stacked with different sorts of alcohol. Ferron went stiff as he was not good with alcohol when he was alive, but the army men didn't stop pushing him towards it.

When the suns rose again Ferron was the only one standing while ninety-five percent of the army were on the floor drunk, while the other five percent were semiconscious trying to find their way out. Ferron didn't feel any sort of drunkenness but felt a bit fatigued, he stepped over the passed out soldiers and opened the flap. He saw the military camp that he had been staying at for the past few months and felt a sense of longing, being alone here in the middle of the desert with the occasional army to liven things up.

Ferron knew this was an impossible dream for him, as he walked towards the training field where Raphael told him he'd be waiting for him.


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