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The Grim Reapers Apprentice
Author :Fishycreator
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33 Uriel

Ferron walked towards the training field, he saw Raphael with his back turned towards him. As he got closer Raphael turned towards him with the same deadpan face that Ferron had first seen when he met Raphael for the first time.

"You can officially move onto the next trial now, I really don't know if you passed with luck or skill but the answer was shown in our spar. Don't get cocky just because you beat me, you still have around a million years before you can handle fifty percent of my strength, not counting my magic. But before you continue you forgot this."

Raphael pulled out an egg from behind his back, Ferron realized that the was the dragon egg that he had forgotten in his tent, he was too sidetracked with the partying and fighting that he had almost left it behind. Clutching the egg Raphael nodded and pointed towards the hole

Confused Ferron walked up to it. Which was a mistake. As soon as Ferron was near the hole, he felt a push on the center of his back shoving him into the whole. He yelled all the way down.

The culprit just watched and heaved a sigh as the invisible pressure slowly disappeared. Raphael thought back when he started fighting Ferron. Bloodthirst like he never felt before filled his mind, it didn't affect him much but it tipped the balance into Ferrons favor. Raphael sighed as purple flames enveloped his body and disappeared.

Ferron had tears in his eyes as he was falling, did the angels always have weird ways of transport!? Everything Ferron had learned was being thrown out the window, the angels he knew were benevolent beings with kind hearts and gentle nature. Not these eccentric bunch! A dissection lover, a beach bum, and a military enthusiast. What was next, an ancient samurai!?

As Ferron started freeing what he thought about the angels he met so far he began to see light,. The darkness vanished as what he could see below astonished him, a few clouds blocked some places but past that was a huge city. Even bigger the Shanghai, with silver skyscrapers that extended past the horizon. A Ferris wheel larger then the Statue of Liberty was rotating some distance away.

But what most shocked Ferron was where he was going to land, a field that seemed like the only green in the city and a large building that was had about 5 stories and wide enough that it took up part of the field. As Ferron was falling an invisible force slowed his descent until he softly landed on his feet, he looked around finding a few young people in their mid-twenties sitting on the grass and benches that sprung up from the ground.

Ferron sighed as he realized that this place must be a university. Although he would rather stick with the path of the reaper, a small part of him wished to be back in the comfort of his own room. As Ferron was immersed in his own thoughts a small squeaky voice shot through his mind.

"Hey! It seems you're here, you look different then what I pictured you to be. That's not important, I'll be giving you directions to us, just follow them and you'll be fine." Ferron jumped as he heard something that was spoken directly to his mind. He looked around as the voice started to giggle.

"You won't be able to see me until you get here so just follow my directions. From here go straight until you enter the building and then walk forwards until you see the sunroof."

Ferron was stunned for a few seconds before he snapped out and walked to where he was directed too. As he passed the sunroof he looked up, he saw the calm blue sky and a single lonely cloud floating lazily. Ferron felt calm for the first time. The voice sounded again. "Turn left and up the stairs then the next left." Ferron was led towards a door. The sign above it read "Headmaster" Ferron was confused as to why it directed him here.

"Come on in, we're waiting for you." With that, the voice vanished leaving Ferron standing alone outside the door. Taking a deep breath in he opened the door, what awaited him was a large room with bookshelves lining both walls and a mahogany desk with stacks of paper taking up most of the space.

"Come on in." The same squeaky voice sounded beside him, Ferron jumped as he looked to his right and saw a small blue orb of light floating near his head. He reached up and poked it with his finger and felt it was solid.

"Hey, what are you doing!? Who pokes someone else they meet for the first time." The voice sounded a bit angry so Ferron withdrew his hand.

"Ah, I'm sorry about that," Ferron responded with his head down.

"Hmph, at least you know manners." The small orb then floated towards the desk and yelled with a voice louder than anticipated.

"Hey! Uriel get your ass up!" A grunting sound followed along with a crash as someone staggered up, rubbing his eyes under the glasses. "Aura, how many times do I have to tell you to not wake me up like that." He groaned then looked over at Ferron, his tired expression soon replaced with a joyful one.

"Oh, Hello Ferron I see you've been led here by Aura, nice to finally meet you. I'm Uriel." Ferron responded hastily. "Nice to meat you too, uh.."

"Just call me Uriel, no honorifics needed," Uriel responded with a smile. Ferron still didn't see any angel standing before him, what he saw was a middleaged man with round spectacles, good-looking face, bright white teeth and messy brown hair with not a strand of white contrasting it. In a way, women would find him to be an angel.

Clearing his throat to redirect Ferrons wandering mind he started speaking. "Here, you will learn how to be a Reaper, just killing someone because their soul was chaotic isn't how we do things. First things first is that we get you situated here. Aura gives him a tour of the campus while I get his materials sorted out, we will start tomorrow morning."

"Roger that." The blue orb responded dutifully and floated over to Ferrons shoulder. "Come on I'll give you a tour. Ferron followed the glowing blue orb named Aura out of the office clutching the egg close to his chest. As Uriel watched them leave with a small smile on his face. After the door closed Uriel stretched his back and bent down to pick up the brown office chair, sitting on it. Lost in his thoughts.


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