The Grim Reapers Apprentice
34 Let“s Get Started
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The Grim Reapers Apprentice
Author :Fishycreator
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34 Let“s Get Started

Ferron was toured around the whole school. Cafeteria, classrooms, theater, workshop, gym. This place was bigger than any university that Ferron had seen on Earth, finally, it came to an end at a fifteen story building.

"This is the place you'll be staying at, get up early tomorrow at around 7.00 a.m and come to the office to get your supplies." Aura sounded happy as the spoke. A key appeared out of thin air as it slowly floated to Ferron. "That's the room you'll be staying in, the floor will be the first two digits while the last three will be the room."

"Um, what is this trial about". Ferron enquired directly since Aura nor Uriel had told him.

"We'll get to that when you come to the office, right now get settled down. Classes are about to end today so you better hurry up." Aura quickly whizzed away leaving Ferron standing alone in front of the building.

Ferron walked in and looked around the lobby, a clean place with sofas and potted plants that ran along the walls. He got to the elevator and looked at his keys. "15159." Ferron pressed the up button and waited. Not long after the doors opened up with a soft ding, Ferron stepped in and pressed 15. As the elevator doors were about to close a voice rang out.

"Stop! Hold the doors!" Making Ferron jump, he hastily stuffed his hand in the crack of the elevator doors which opened shortly after. A girl who looked like she was in late teens rushed onto the elevator with a backpack flying behind her. She gratefully looked at Ferron who had a confused expression.

"Thanks for that." As she thanked him, Ferron nodded his head and looked forward, a little bit too scared to make eye contact with the girl. The girl was looking at Ferron, not at his face but the giant egg, around the size of her torso snuggled in Ferrons arm.

"Hey, what's with the egg?" Wanting some answers the girl asked.

"Uhhh, project. Yea, science project." Ferron bobbed his up and down rapidly making the girl even more suspicious. Just as she was about to open her mouth again the elevator dinged and opened, saving Ferron from having a nervous breakdown.

He rushed out looking for room 159, the girl was not that far behind as she also took out her keys and was walking in the same direction as Ferron. Ferron reached the end of the wall where a door labeled 159 was standing. Pulling out his keys with one arm around the egg he opened it and went in. The girl stopped by the door opposite of Ferrons and looked over to see Ferron standing in the doorway.

Curious she walked over and looked over his shoulder. She was astonished as well, before this point she had never seen Ferron before, and she knew all of the people who lived on the same floor but Ferrons face was a first. Now he had gone into a room that was never opened before to her knowledge, and the room was in perfect condition with things that a normal student would not be able to afford.

An 'L' shaped sofa stood in the living room surrounding a coffee table with a 55' TV watching over the place. The kitchen was spotless with marble countertops and an island with a sink sat in the middle, the dining table was enough for a family of six. She didn't begin to fathom what his bedroom might look like.

The girl looked over and saw that Ferron was shocked as well, he stepped into the room and circled it freezing as he saw the girl he had met on the elevator was standing at his doorstep. As his eyes locked with her he got a good look at what she looked like. Brown hair up to her shoulders, dark, curved eyebrows that compliment her dark eyes, thin nose and rosy lips that shone against her white skin.

A quite attractive lady to Ferron. The girl finally noticed that Ferron was looking at her who blushed, looking for an explanation.

"Ah, um s-sorry I noticed you were standing at the doorway and got curious." After that, she quickly walked out and into her door right on the other side of Ferron quickly slamming it shut. Ferron walked over quietly shutting his own. He dragged his tired body to the bedroom where he saw a normal sized bed, a desk with a lamp and a wardrobe. A simple room compared to the living room and kitchen but very similar to his old room.

Nostalgia washed over him as he sat on the bed, reminiscing of his past. Everything he had learned was turned backward, modern physics turned into a funny story. The bible was just a collection of truths but none were accurate, now here he was here in a gargantuan city, bigger than any on Earth learning to kill and fight with weapons.

"Wait a second..." Ferron pondered over the girl he met on the elevator. He managed to talk to someone who was native to this place. How was he able to understand the language? He talked in normal English when responding to her, do they speak the same language as Earth? Ferron wondered if this was because of Uriel, an angel was capable of many things. Making Ferron able to speak and understand another language seemed easy enough.

Ferron stood back and opened his wardrobe, looking at the many different clothes that were kept, finding pajamas he put them on and fell into his bed, keeping the egg close to him. Like a stuffed animal he held it in his arms as he drifted off to sleep.

Meanwhile, Uriel was holding a pen and scribbling furiously. On a closer look, he was holding two pens with both of his hands writing on different papers. Aura was snuggled away under the blankets on the sofa in his office. Uriel looked out the window towards the building Ferron was staying at, the setting sun made his face look more determined as he closed the curtains swallowing the room into darkness and resumed writing with just a lamp to provide light.

Ferron woke up at 6:00 a.m sharp, not even an alarm clock assisting him. As he still had an hour to spare he decided to go for a run.

Ferron grabbed some plain shorts and a t-shirt quickly put them on and opened his door heading to the elevator. He left the egg covered in his blanket as he went out.

With a quick thirty minute run, he was back where he started and went up to his floor. When he was turned into the hallway he saw the girl from yesterday bending over and putting her ear towards the door. After not noticing Ferron for another few seconds he cleared his throat making the girl jump a few feet into the air.

She turned around and saw the Ferron standing there staring at her, she went red and rushed back into her room slamming her door.

"Is this deja vu?" Ferron whispered under his breath as he remembered she did the same thing yesterday. He unlocked his door and picked up some clothes and headed toward the shower.

The girl, on the other hand, was breathing heavily trying to calm herself down. She felt like she was about to die from embarrassment. She just felt curious about the young man dressed in a strange green outfit holding an egg, now she was caught trying to listen through his door. How was she going to face him?

Ferron just ignored this little occurrence and continued to wash in the warm water. He got out after a few minutes and made his way to Uriel's office. He opened at 7:00 a.m sharp the door to see Uriel sleeping with his head down, and drooling in his sleep. He looked around and saw a blue glow under some blankets, Ferron reached over lifting them up and saw Aura still like a brick, not making a sound.

He poked his finger into the blue orb as it sprung upwards and hit the ceiling. The reaction also made Ferron jump back and fall on his bum.

"Ahh! Someone touch- oh it's only you Ferron. You really scared me there." Aura floated back down slowly, isn't it a bit too early for you to be here?"

"Huh? Didn't you say 7:00 a.m" Ferron responded back while getting back on his feet.

"Is it that time already, crap." She hurridly whizzed beside Uriel who was snoring and yelled at him again. "Hey! Ferrons here! Get your ass up!"

Uriel flew back from his chair landing sprawled on the ground. "Ugghh." A small moan came from his mouth. "Is it 7 already?" He placed one hand on his desk and pushed himself up. He looked at his wrist and nodded.

"Looks like you're here, let's get started." Uriel clapped his hands and a bookshelf rotated unblocking a secret passageway and some wooden steps the went downwards. "Come follow me." Uriel started stepping down the staircase and Ferron followed with the glowing Aura at his shoulder."


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