The Grim Reapers Apprentice
36 It“s Hatching?!
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The Grim Reapers Apprentice
Author :Fishycreator
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36 It“s Hatching?!

Ferron reopened his eyes to the dim bedroom, and the egg snuggled up in his arms like a stuffed toy. He remembered Uriel's words to bring it in when he comes again, so Ferron got off his bed and grabbed an extra bedsheet from his closet wrapped up his egg and started to leave. He looked at the clock before he left and saw that it was still 6:15 in the morning, he wondered if they wouldn't mind coming early.

Ferron opened his door to see the door adjacent to him also open with some activity inside. There were three girls in the room that Ferron could see while the familiar girl was the closest. Ferron didn't mind much and just glanced inside before holding the egg closer and walking toward the elevator.

He didn't get far before one of the girls called him. "Hey! You new here?"

Ferron turned around and saw one of the three girls had their head poking out of her door.

"...Yes, I'm new here, please don't mind me too much." He gave a polite smile and turned back toward the elevator. The girl's eyes secretly flashed with a mysterious light, almost like she was planning something.

"I could give you a tour if you want, I heard from my roommate here you've only been here for two days right?" The girl asked with a mischevious tone, a small but beautiful smile crawled along her face.

Ferron looked back and responded with no subtlety in his voice. "Sorry someone already gave me a tour, thanks for the offer anyway." Ferron waved his hand and turned back walking at his usual pace toward the elevator. The girl meanwhile was dealt a hard blow.

She couldn't remember the last time she was turned down, she felt anger creeping up her body as she slowly went red. She stomped back into her room and sat heavily on the couch. The other two girls were also surprised as well, no one ever turned down the queen of their dorm. Even newcomers would be entranced within the first few seconds of seeing her.

She was perfect in every way, with a slender body and breasts that hopped along as she walked with the back of an army officer. Soft dark eyes that people can get easily lost in, easy to spot golden hair. Always spotted with a bright cheerful smile almost like it was glued onto her face.

But her close friends knew the real image: Easy to anger, sloppy, nymphomaniac. Her personality when alone was a complete zero. However, they didn't mind this and promised to keep it a secret. They grew up together and were essentially sisters.

"C'mon Ava. It's not that big a deal, he barely shows his face around here. I don't think he's worth going for." A short girl with long black and brown hair was lying on the couch with her feet on the backrests lamented with her full attention on her phone.

"You haven't even seen what he looks like Kaia, and you think I should let him go! He's probably one of the best looking guys in this school."

That sentence was enough to move the short girl's eye away from her phone. "That's a bold statement coming from you, do you have enough proof of this?"

"Hhmph. You'll see if you check him out. I'm not giving you any details." Ava turned and went back towards an open door that she shut once she entered.

Kaia just watched and rolled her eyes once the doors shut and looked over to where the girl from the elevator, who was watching a video on her phone with earbuds in. She had only looked up when she heard Ferrons answer.

"Heather, don't you have interest in that guy? You were one of the first of us to see him."

Heather looked up from her screen and removed her earbuds. "You guys gossip too much and all I can do is watch from the sidelines because I don't prefer to date right now."

"Gosh, Heather. When did you become a bore, I didn't know he had such a boring person in the dorm." Kaia giggled as she jokingly teased Heather. Heather rolled her eyes and got up heading towards the bathroom.

Meanwhile, Ferron had reached Uriel's office and stepped in, this time Uriel was awake with Aura floating lazily around the office. Aura brightened up once she saw Ferron.

"Ferron! You're here early today! Did you bring the egg? Can I see?" Ferron was bombarded with questions coming from the small blue orb. Ferron just stepped back and chuckled, unraveling the bedclothes. Showing the now dark red egg with deep veins crawling all over it. A light throbbed like a heartbeat in the center.

Aura flew close to it and started circling it. "Wow, Ferron. This is quite a specimen you have here. Uriel check this out, it's so cool." Uriel looked up from his work and his expression changed.

"Ferron that egg is about to hatch, quick get it down into the lab." Uriel spoke hastily with panic in his voice. The bookshelf opened automatically and Uriel rushed down the stairs with Ferron in a princess carry. With Ferron also carrying the egg in his arms

When Aura watched Uriel scoop Ferron up into his arms she immediately froze and watched. She muttered something under breath, as she squeezed past the bookshelf that was closing automatically. "Fuck, that so hot. I need to document that."


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