The Grim Reapers Apprentice
37 Side Chapter 1-Lucifer
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The Grim Reapers Apprentice
Author :Fishycreator
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37 Side Chapter 1-Lucifer

A crashing sound was heard, God turned back to see his bother had slammed his hand on the table. Pushing important equipment off as well.

"Brother it's ok, we should have known that this was impossible in the first place." God tried to calm his brother down, but it was for nothing. Satan's anger was nearing the breaking point.

(AN: I'm just using Satan since it's easier. Making his name Demon or Devil just sounds weird call him whatever you guys want.)

"What the hell do you mean?! We predicted it wasn't completely possible, The chance of doing this was higher than fifty percent. All this time we both lost, how are you not pissed?" Satan looked over at the lifeless body.

The body looked like a genuine angel. Hair that sparkled a bright yellow, a chiseled jawline that felt like a professional sculptor went through the trouble of using his chisel and hammer on a human. Rosy lips that performed like a circus on his pearly white skin.

"Since this is a failure, we should dispose of this body and go back to the beginning." God tried to reason with Satan as what to do with the body.

"Yea let's get rid of this quickly, I don't want to see this face anymore." Satan agreed his anger falling. They both got close, but just as they were about to touch the body, an invisible shockwave pushed them back a few meters.

God and Satan both looked at each other with an expression of shock and joy. It wasn't a failure at all. The body didn't have a heartbeat but it was alive. This phenomenon was dodging the rules of the living!

Not a single twitch came from the body, but pressure came instead. It was gradually growing but God and Satan didn't even twitch, rather, they walked closer to the body. This process went on for another five minutes before the pressure came to an instant stop.

God again reached out to touch the body. The body reacted, grabbing Gods hand with its eyes still closed. Frowning God sent out a powerful shock making the hand loosen. When the body loosened it opened up its eyes which were glowing the different colours of magic; red, blue, green, brown, black, white, and purple.

God and Satan looked at each other with shock, finding that it had control over all the elements. Something they had tried to make, but later deemed impossible.

The body was now moving his head, it's eyes observing the two beings in front of it. Satan tried to probe the danger by talking to it.

"Hey. Can you speak?"

The body looked at Satan and then its eyes wandered down to his mouth. It opened up its own. Nothing came out.

Its hand wandered to its throat, feeling it. Realizing that it didn't know how to speak God came forward and cautiously put his hand on the body's throat. A white glow was softly emitted a small Adam's apple was formed. God pulled back his hand.

"Try speaking now." God retracted his hand and took a step backward.

The body opened his mouth but instead of a voice, it started to have a coughing fit.

After a few minutes, it stopped and a weak and hoarse voice crawled out of its throat. "Who... Are you? Where am... I?"

God forcibly pulled on his brother's arm and dragged him a few meters back from the body who looked on.

"What do we tell him?!" God who yelled in a whisper frantically asked his brother.

"What do you mean? Just tell him that we created him for the purpose of serving us." Satan responded back and looked behind him to where the body was trying to use his arms and legs.

"We can't just tell him that! What if he thinks for himself and acts up?! We'll have to put him down!" God angrily whispered back. "We don't even know how this one became active!"

"Then we try to make another one, the blueprint has already been made, yes?" Satan's anger was almost peaking. At times like these, he would be dead calm and the look in his eyes was enough for God to shiver.

"Alright, alright. You win. How about this; I'll take him in. Then we make another that serves you. Fine?" God knew that who got to keep their creation would be problematic so he sold this idea for Satan

"What the hell? I don't want one of those!" Satan almost yelled while he pointed his finger at the creation.

Startled, God didn't argue, instead, he nodded his head. "That's my little brother for you!"

At this point Satan had been heated and cooled down many times over, now his top blew.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN LITTLE!!" Satan yelled while he tried to throw a punch. God knew that this was a competitive topic for them. Who was created first? This was heatedly debated on for the past thousands of millennia.

They seemed to go into a heated discussion while their creation who had pulled himself up into a seated position was taking all the colours and what seemed like a family drama.

God signaled his hands that they should stop, and Satan seeing that their creation looked like it was silently judging him. Satan stopped the punch that was going to impact his brother and cleared his throat.

"Ahem. You asked who we are, and I shall answer that for you. We are the ones that created you, for the sole purpose of serving under us. If you disobey us, we will have no choice but to destroy you."

The creation looked surprised and didn't respond for a while. It opened its mouth.

"Okay, I will serve under you."

Satan eyebrows rose with surprise. It went smoother then he had thought.

God walked up and grabbed its shoulder. "Very nice, I thank you for agreeing to our... terms. First of all, we need to give you a name." God looked over at Satan who shrugged his shoulders and wandered off. With a short pause, God bestowed him a name. "From now on you will be called as Lucifer. Do you accept it."

Giving off a certain type of pressure Lucifer had no choice but to bow his head. "Yes, father I accept it."

Feeling satisfied, God looked back to where his brother was signaling him to come over. "He looked at Lucifer and told him to stay there and moved to Satans side.

"I found out why he was unresponsive, look here. When we went closer, the souls from the body started to feed off of our auras. It's like a kickstart was needed to bring him to life.

Satan gave his reason as to why he thinks Lucifer had not responded to anything when they fused two souls into one body. God looked toward Lucifer who still had his eyes wandering.

Alright, I know you won't like this but make another body compatible with two souls." His serious expression told Satan that this was no joke and an important thought was formed in his brothers' mind.

After a few years, another body was made. Nothing was done with it, but it was kept locked up and safe from any external harm. Until thousands of eons passed and the creation that contained two souls, something extremely difficult to make. Made a small mistake.


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