The Grim Reapers Apprentice
38 From the Egg Emerges...
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The Grim Reapers Apprentice
Author :Fishycreator
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38 From the Egg Emerges...

Uriel had made it down the staircase in a blink of an eye, nothing but a flash was left behind. Aura not falling far behind, trying her best to see Uriel's posture and face along with Ferrons.

They made it into one corner of the lab where a white cradle was sitting idly. Uriel put Ferron back onto his feet and grabbed the egg nearly throwing it into the cradle. The cradle looked normal to Ferron at first glance, It was more of a white box sitting on the ground but there was black and yellow safety tape plastered along the ground. Forming a box around it.

"Ferron! Get back!" Uriel shouted out as he ran towards a red button that hanged on the wall. Ferron stumbled backward, crossing the line just as a wall of glass slammed down in front of him.

Right after the glass came down, not even a second later a booming sound echoed from inside the enclosed glass room. A blast of heat engulfed Ferron as the egg shook, the sound mirrored the light as it blasted Ferrons eardrums again. He walked forward as he held up his hand to place on the glass.

Ferron could tell that this heat was enough to liquify some weaker metals, the glass felt warm and familiar. Like he was back on Earth, snuggled up in his bed with a warm blanket enveloping him and slowly drifting off to sleep.

He felt a tug on his mind as he thought about his past, he opened his eyes and saw that there was a crack on the egg, it was getting larger with every passing second. After a minute of observation passed, the heat ceased and the sounds came to a stop. The egg could be seen wobbling and teetering around, but soon came to a stop.

Ferron looked back at Uriel, who just nodded and signaled for Ferron to come closer. Ferron followed Uriel back to the classroom.

"Aura, watch the egg. If it starts acting up again, notify me immediately."

"You got it, boss." Aura speedily flew back to the incubator while Feron and Uriel went to their usual position in the classroom.

"I thought the egg would be hatching sooner, but it seems like my calculations were wrong." Uriel glanced inside of Ferron as he talks, taking note of the colourless soul residing in Ferrons body. The tendrils have reached the bright red and white souls and were now sending sparks of power whenever it was needed.

Just now when Ferron was putting up his hand to the glass, a stream of energy escaped from his body and shot into the egg. So far there was no changes or complications during the hatching, but right after the egg was hit with the energy it seemed to submit to Ferron.

Uriel was looking forward to seeing how Ferron would contract this beast.

"I will start teaching you advanced Light manipulation because that is only chance you will have to heal this dragon. You will have to know how the soul moves light and darkness around to keep balance, you will manipulate the pathways in order to fully heal the animal. Do you think you can do it in a day?"

Uriel was dead serious, there was no laid back tone anymore that he usually spoke with. Ferron nodded and sat down, ready to figure out a way to 'heal' this dragon of his.

Twelve hours of continuous notes later, Ferron understood how his soul sends out light and darkness at critical times to give a surge of strength. The network that the energy goes through was beautifully constructed with every path entwined with each bone, artery, vein, capillaries. They were surrounded by invisible pathways that carry the energy to each organ.

In those twelve hours, the egg reacted thrice, each time more intense than the other. Uriel could tell the dragon was about to hatch so he wrapped up and started to prepare Ferron for the 'surgery'.

Ferron stood inside the glass near to the egg, while Uriel and Aura were watching from the outside. Slowly time ticked by, a minute passed, five minutes passed. After ten minutes it showed signs of hatching. There was no heat or sound this time.

Now it was more like a chicken egg hatching. The egg was already cracked and now it was just a matter of finding the right time to perform the 'surgery'.

"Crick. Crack." The shell was breaking from the inside. One by one the cracks spread, like glass breaking. All the color was gone from the egg, all that was left was a black shell. It wriggled and tilted back and forth but after countless seconds a piece finally broke. Revealing a small black snout.

The snout went back inside as quickly as it came out, but was again poked back out causing the egg to break once more. This cycle was repeated until the hole was big enough for its head to emerge. It sunk back in and this time two claws were pushed out of the hole and were jabbing at the sides to make it bigger.

This went on for minutes as the creature tried to get out. Once the hole was big enough it managed to slowly drag itself out. Once out, it lied on the floor, Ferron could see its small black body heaving back and forth. It looked like a normal lizard to Ferron.

A sleek scaly body, it's face pointed with slits as nostrils and eyes that darted everywhere. As it slowly got up and caught its breath. Its eyes wandered over to Ferron and locked with his. A small voice that sounded timid and afraid spoke in Ferrons head.

"Are.. you my... brother?"


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