The Grim Reapers Apprentice
39 A Simple Surgery
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The Grim Reapers Apprentice
Author :Fishycreator
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39 A Simple Surgery

"Are... you my... brother?"

The sentence froze Ferron, he looked at the strange lizard with wide eyes.

"B-brother?! What makes you say that?"

"Well... your obviously you're not old enough to be my mom." The so-called 'dragon' started to lick its scales. "And you don't look like the same species as me, so even if you're not related to me, you still took care of me. Brother is a good enough way of addressing you."

Ferron was left speechless. This little lizard was just born and could speak like an adult. Ferron glanced towards Uriel who was standing on the other side of the glass.

"It's ok, just get on its good side and fix the network." Uriel's voice brought some closure to Ferron as he eyed down the lizard in front of him, who was still cleaning itself.

Ferron walked up to it. "Hey, I need to check your body, would that be ok?" He softly called out to it while crouching down.

"That sounds a little suspicious, and kind of perverted. As long as you don't touch my sensitive spots I won't bite you." The little lizard crawled closer to Ferron who peered into it. His eyes reflected stars and darkness. Everything came into view. Veins, capillaries, muscles, organs. Nothing stood hidden in front of Ferron.

Everything was working on the surface, now it was time to go deeper. Ferron enhanced his vision and pierced deeper, Uriel's lesson repeating in the back of his mind.

"Everything created has five levels, the first is visible to the naked eyes, your outer body. Second is inside the body, it contains your organs and blood, also visible to the eye. But the third level cannot be perceived to normal humans, not even the most advanced machinery can sense it.

The third level is where Gods programming takes place, the pathways of light energy and chaos energy, the next level is where the soul resides, you can see the outer layer but to see a person's true self you must peer into the fifth level."

For now, Ferron could only see until the fourth level but for this experiment, he only needed to go into the third. Ferron saw a huge amount of white and red threads weaving everywhere. Only a large spot was void of any pathways but it was where they were all starting from. The soul was not visible to Ferron but anyone could tell that was where the soul was.

Ferron searched for any anomalies, he traced through the complicated pathways first. The brain was in good condition, but Ferron noticed a problem when he saw the connections to the soul. He would need to look at the fourth level to see where the problem was.

Once again his eyes grew deeper, as the little lizard looked up to Ferron it studied his eyes. Feeling lost it reluctantly pulled its gaze away from Ferron and put its head down, waiting for Ferron to finish his examination.

Meanwhile, Ferron found the problem. Connected to the soul were two interlocked threads, it was basically mixing light and chaos energy together. In a normal being, it would cause major problems. A mix of the two energies would cause destructive damage to the soul, especially when it's so close to the soul in this case.

To fix this he would need to forcibly erase the two intwining pathways and make new ones that connect properly. A drop of sweat rolled down the back of his neck. This was no easy task as Ferron was directly changing the law of a being. Even the smallest change could affect its personality, the worst outcome could be the partial destruction of the soul.

Massively decreasing this creature's lifespan and eliminating the chance of 'reincarnating'. This delicate operation would have to be swift as the slightest hesitation would possibly increase the possibility of damaging the soul.

Concentrating Ferron started to erase the pathways, the lizard felt a warm soothing heat coming out of Ferrons hands that lay on it's back. Soon after a dull throbbing pain was felt from the center of its body. Its dark yet bright eyes widened as it spread. Its mind was scrambled, wanting to run away from the pain but not wanting to leave the strange addicting heat radiating from Ferron.

Ferron continued his 'surgery' as he erased he replaced. New pathways were drawn out connecting the old to the new. He inched closer to the end his heart started beating faster, his nervousness increasing.

Uriel looked on, a blank expression masked his disbelief, Aura was behaving, as usual, whizzing around Uriel's head but keeping silent. They watched Ferron who was on his knees bent over with both hands on the back of the dragon. A thin layer of sweat was forming on Ferrons forehead. He was almost there!

But the pain the dragon felt was increasing as Ferron reached the end. Thoughts of breaking free and teaching a lesson to this 'brother' of its flew inside of its head. But it new better. It remembered her past life. Where it lived as the invisibility dragon. Back then its vision was always clouded red and acted with no purpose, it remembered a large encampment that showed up out of nowhere, and deciding to attack was probably the worst decision it made. The amount of pain it felt, the purple flames that blazed its body was still fresh in her mind.

Remembering this it decided to withstand, this was light work compared to those flames. Backing out now would ruin her pride.

An hour passed, Ferron removed his hands and fell backward sprawling onto the ground, his shirt was wet with sweat but his heart was beating slow. The dragon felt the pain disappear and a new powerful but calm sensation leaked out of its core, reinvigorating the dragon.

"How strange." It thought. "I never felt this when I was born before or those past few times I came out of the egg." It looked over to Ferronnarrowing its eyes. "He's an interesting one."
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The glass walls slowly rose up and Aura whizzed over tom Ferron. "Physical is fine and there seem to be no internal injuries, it's only your mental energy has been drained. You'll be fine after some rest." Aura then looked over to Ferrons abdomen where his well-featured six-pack was showing and paused. "...You are definitely fine."

Luckily Ferron didn't hear that as his vision was fading in and out. Uriel just shrugged his shoulders and put his hand over Ferrons forehead. A few seconds later a trickle of water streamed down Uriel's hand and made its way into Ferrons mouth.

Ferron felt a cool liquid in his parched throat and gulped it down, his vision soon returned, he propped himself up on his hands and nodded a thank you to Uriel and Aura. He turned his head toward the small dragon who was still staring intently at him.

"Well, I think it's safe to say that class is dismissed?" Uriel joked with a smile and the exhausted Ferron just smiled tightly and struggled to get up. "Ferron at this time the dorms should be closed so you can sleep here. How about it?" Uriel asked while he looked at his watch.

"Should Angels need watches to tell the time of day???" It was only now that Ferron started to question these angels that were described with such power in mythology. His mind wandered to the Katy Perry fan that was also a sadistic beach lover. Ferron only nodded in response.

Uriel responded by clapping his hands and a large bed was dropped out of nowhere. "Oh, almost forgot." Uriel glanced over to the small dragon and clapped his hands again. This time a small dog bed big enough for the dragon was dropped right beside the bed.

The Dragon looked at it then as quickly as its little feet would carry it, ran to Uriel and bit his calf. Feeling a slight discomfort Uriel looked down and saw the lizard hanging off his thighs with its jaw digging deep into his flesh. "Haha, I guess this little one doesn't want a small bed." Uriel just chuckled to himself and clapped his hands once more.

This time a larger bed that looked a bit more luxurious and softer was dropped down. With that, the dragon released its jaws and scuttled to the bed and curled up in a ball. Ferron also thanked Uriel and fell onto the bed and fell asleep as soon as he was settled in.

Uriel looked at Ferron and the dragon for a few seconds then turned around, Aura following behind. The lights went off and a small night light was glowing near the wall. Only the sounds of soft breathing were heard. Minutes later the black ball unrolled and jumped onto Ferrons bed and crawled under the cover and next to Ferron and fell back to sleep.


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