The Grim Reapers Apprentice
40 Inching Closer
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The Grim Reapers Apprentice
Author :Fishycreator
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40 Inching Closer

When Ferron opened his eyes the first thing he felt was a warm object pressing against his abdomen that was covered in blankets. Ferron felt his mind beginning to drift, as he was in bliss. His body was warm and comfortable, the pillow nestled his head in the best way possible. The warm object twitched bringing Ferron out of his trance-like state, He flipped open his covers and saw a small, black object the size of a rugby ball sleeping right beside him.

Ferron froze when he saw it and started holding his breath and went as still as possible, he slowly put the blanket down and inched toward the side of the bed. Being trained by Raphael gave him more control of his body then he previously thought possible. He could decide how much weight he could put each foot when he walked, that allowed to make no noise while he ran. With this amount of control it should be easy to get out of a bed without waking the dragon, right?

Ferron inched closer towards the edge of the bed, as slow as he could he put one foot on the ground then slowly moved his upper body off the bed. Seeing the curled up black lizard not moving he didn't dare let out a breath. Successfully making it out of the bed, Ferron backed away a few more steps before making sure any noises he would make would not make the dragon wake up.

Looking around he noticed the lights were on but dim, and the staircase was still open. Deciding to go, Ferron started walking up. A few minutes passed and Ferron stopped at the familiar bookshelf, giving a slight push it opened to reveal the headmaster and the little ball of light. Uriel was on his desk drooling away on top of some papers while Aura was on the couch, covered in some fleece blankets.

Because Uriel and Aura took such great care of him Ferron decided to sit on the opposite couch to Aura and start reading the books that lined the walls of the office. Ferron grabbed one of the thicker hard covered books and buried himself into it.

Down below him in the giant hangar-like room, the bulge in the bed stirred and started moving. It scurried to the left, and then towards the rights. Poking its small head out of the covering, it let out a small whine then jumped down from the bed and started zig-zagging around the large area. Searching for something, or someone.

The book Ferron was reading was telling him about the theories of quantum mechanics which was vastly different than the one from his 'Earth.' This new take on physics was poking at his interests but Ferron knew he didn't need it. Especially what he learned previously.

Shortly after Aura woke up and saw a calm Ferron absorbed into a book. Slowly floating over she circled Ferrons head. "Ferron you must really like books. So much so that you'd read something that boring."

Ferron tightly smiled. "I just thought it would be interesting, I'm on another planet after all."

"Hmm, well that's true but it's still very boring. You know I've never really known why an arch-angel would start up a huge school like this but given Uriel's personality, I somewhat see his reason."

The small orb slowly drifted downward until it sat beside Ferron.

Curiously Ferron asked; "What's your story Aura? I doubt you were born as a glowing ball."

"Oh, this?" Aura giggled as she flew back up again. "It might be hard to believe but I was once a graduate of this school. I was also the resident of that room you were staying in." Ferron raised his eyebrows in surprise, surprisingly Aura had a lot more depth then what he thought.

Aura rushed forward and smacked herself on Ferrons head. "Don't think about rude things!" Aura exclaimed as she backed away. She gently floated towards Uriel and stated bashing herself against Uriel's head. Ferron watched with his mouth agape and his eyes opened. Aren't ladies supposed to wake up men gently and lovingly?!

Uriels jolted awake after Aura smacked herself against his temples a few times.

"Hmm? Ferron, you're already awake?" Uriel groggily sat up and felt around for his glasses. Did he really need it though?

Getting up, he blocked Aura who was charging him once again and threw her back towards Ferron, who caught her with ease. Releasing her, Auras voice held quite a bit of dissatisfaction. "How long can you seep for! Ferron has been here for a while now, c'mon lets go!"

Aura whizzed around the room and disappeared into the open bookcase. Uriel just sighed and glanced over at Ferron and laughed embarrassingly. He flicked his hand, signaling Ferron to follow. Once they reached the bottom a black blur raced in between Ferrons leg and jumped onto his waist circling up his torso and resting on his shoulders.

Ferron just looked over in confusion, the black lizard stared back at him and the small voice once again sounded in his mind. "What? Got a problem?"

Ferron just bitterly smiled and shook his head, ignoring the small weight on his shoulder he kept walking towards where Uriel held the lessons, but he was stopped when he saw Uriel hold out his hand telling him to stop.

"Your situation is quite... let's say unique." Uriel found the right words to describe Ferron. "In my opinion, you have already passed my trial. Erasing a pathway of light and chaos and making your own, and you did in less than three days. All I can say is that I couldn't have done it, so Ferron I've decided that once I'm done teaching you about history and the soul layer you can move on directly to the fifth and sixth trials."

Hearing this Ferron felt elated he was past the halfway point, and only needed to learn how to control his aura and elemental powers. Seeing such a goal was so close Ferron felt his heart beat a little faster. Uriel looked on from the sidelines. The only thing on his mind was his smallest 'brother.' All Uriel wanted was Ferron not to die while he was undergoing the final trial.

Uriel cleared the thought in his head and brought Ferron back from daydreaming. They walked over and continued where they left off.

400 kilometers above the hangar-like room were three girls sitting together on a picnic table. These three were Ferrons neighbors from his dorm. Two had their book open and one was staring at a hologram that was projected out of a 10cm x 5cm silver slip.

The girl holding the hologram tapped a few times looking at the writing that flowed along. "Ava, are you going to study or are you just gonna look at gossip all day?" The short girl looked up from the thick stack of papers towards the beautiful girl frowning in displeasure.

The girl Ferron was familiar with from the elevator just looked up then looked back down and kept writing. The well-featured girl looked at the small girl a giggled and said "I've barely studied in my life and still managed to make my way here. Do you think it's needed that a person that has an amazing memory like me would need to study?" The arrogance in her voice was backed up by the proof she offered.

"Anyways I got some details on that guy that lives in front of us. Here look at this." This sentence was enough for the small girl and the elevator girl to break their concentration and look up from the books.
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Displayed by the hologram was Ferron opening a door with the label on top of it reading 'Headmaster.'

The two girls wanted to hit their roommate as hard as they could. This was nothing! All it showed was a new student visiting the headmasters' office. This was nothing big nor was it overly suspicious! The girls just looked at each other speechless and went back to their books. As the girl named Ava looked towards her two roommates she felt slightly betrayed that she didn't get the reaction she wanted.


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