The Grim Reapers Apprentice
41 Into the City
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The Grim Reapers Apprentice
Author :Fishycreator
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41 Into the City

"Aww guys don't be like that, almost no one gets to see the headmaster." Ava felt like going to the other side of the table and shoving the image of Ferron in front of their books. "Only a few teachers know what he looks like and they see him a few times a year! So how come a new student is going there every day?"

This caught the two girls' attention. The new guy was visiting the headmasters' office every day? That's a privilege only a select few can get. Heather, the girl Ferron met in the elevator narrowed her eyes in suspicion. The man she met on the lift was a super nervous guy carrying a large egg, and she didn't know of the egg was real or not. 'I might have to start paying him more attention.' Heather thought in her mind.

The small girl, Kaia, kept quiet and stared. Her mind working at an unusually fast past. With a soft 'hmm' she looked back down at her books, Heather also following her example. Ava looked at the two uninterested people and drew a silent tear.

"We were sisters for so long! How could you do this!" Ava cried in her mind. She drooped her shoulder and went back to where she sat before. Listlessly looking at the different pictures in her hologram.

Night approached. The three girls were in their room, the door closed. Heather and Kaia were on the sofa in the center of the living room. Ava was waiting at the door looking through the peephole that was directly pointing at the opposite door. If Ferron were to see what she was looking at he would find the door a little familiar. Wait... It was his own door!

The two other girls just rolled their eyes at their crazy friend and went back to looking at their notes. Meanwhile, Ferron was making his way back to his room. He just landed on his floor and walked towards his room, the hallway was just as crazy as before. Most of the doors were open and some lawn chairs littered the hall. Some occupied but others empty.

Most of the girls stared at his face while he walked by, the guys curious of who Ferron popped their heads out of the door and watched him go by, a few seconds later they would shrug and head back to whatever they were doing.

A small black lizard was tucked away in Ferrons hoodie, wrapped around his waist. It felt uncomfortable for both the dragon and Ferron but this was the easiest way to get to his room without anyone noticing.

Ferron managed to get to his door but he felt something cold. Like a dagger piercing his back the entire time, he was in front of his door. The voice of the small dragon entered his mind.

"There's someone watching. Do you feel it?" Ferron was trained by an archangel, how could he not?

"I do, I'll deal with it later," Ferron whispered as to not draw much attention. He unlocked the door and went inside, only then did the cold feeling stop. Ferron chuckled to himself. "Being a reaper in training sure is convenient." Not only did he notice someone staring at him, but he also pinned down where it was coming from.

Changing his clothes and making sure that the small dragon was comfortable in the bed he walked towards the door. Re-opening it he once again felt the cold slither down the back of his neck. He walked back outside, feeling the stars of some people. He ignored them, focusing on the cold stare, he walked towards the elevator.

"Hey!" someone shouted behind Ferron. He turned back and saw a small... boy? A 5'5" boy was looking up at Ferron who stared back. The boy put up a sweet smile and casually said, "The front is locked in two hours. If you're going far I recommend coming back quickly." Ferron stared back blankly before snapping out of his stupor and thanking the boy.

Outside Ferron looked both ways before deciding to take a right. His footsteps made no sound as they hit the sidewalk pavement, but his speed was increasing. In just a few minutes he had already left school grounds and made his way deep into the city. The city was just as lively as Ferron thought.

Even if it was late evening the number of people wasn't low, students, businessmen, and couples were bustling through the brightly lit streets. Restaurants had their doors wide open with an 'open' dancing with colours, tall towers loomed over them but it didn't dim anything. Instead, it offered more light with the glass doors showing the lobby overflowing with light. Ferron jogged past while taking in the sight. He felt like he was back home.
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Soon he arrived at a large gate that led into a path filled with green, and the concrete sidewalk transformed into a plain brick pathway. Slowing down to a walking pace, Ferron stepped in. When Ferron stepped in he gasped.

Like stepping into another world, everything around him seemed to be refreshed. Like nature was let loose, everything was overflowing in plant life and vegetation. Different species of plants were blooming in the night, colours intermingled and wove together to make more vibrant and sophisticated shades. Animals had also made their home in this little garden, different kinds of birds chirped and flew from tree to tree. A small four-legged animal similar to a squirrel but without a tail scaled a small tree that bloomed with flowers.

The brick pathway and the garden were only separated by a small metal fence that only reached Ferrons waist. Looking around he noticed the people here had a partner with them.

'This seemed to be what they would call a 'lovers retreat.' Ferron theorized, but with another glance, he could see people walking down the pathway alone. 'Well, at least I'm not the only one.' The garden was longer then Ferron thought.

A half hour passed while Ferron was walking slowly did he then see the exit. He had seen various different kinds of animals that had an uncanny resemblance to the ones on Earth but with various key features missing, like the squirrel with the missing tail and the rabbits but missing the pointy ears. The large archway signaled the end and the bricks turned back into concrete. When Ferron exited the garden he turned back and looked back down the path, he saw the vibrant flowers were waving back at him as though they were saying goodbye.

"Quite nice wasn't it?" A similar voice sounded behind Ferron. Turning around he saw Uriel wearing some casual clothes. It was a sight for sore eyes. The simple but casual attire made Uriel look like a handsome 40-year-old bachelor. Smiling Uriel flicked his head and started walking away from the garden and back into the city. Ferron followed trailing behind Uriel as an obedient dog, Uriel looked back and sighed.

Stopping his pace, Uriel wrapped an arm behind Ferrons neck and pushed him along, making Ferron walk beside him. Spotting something, he dragged Ferron towards a small cafe and sat him down at a small table for two. Looking at Uriel's satisfied face Ferron hesitated with asking his questions.

Uriel noticing this discomfort decided to start up the conversation. "So... what did you think of it?"

"Hmm?" Ferrons mind was muddled with thought so his reaction was delayed. "Oh! The garden? It was very beautiful..." Ferrons mind once again wandered but this time back to the vibrant flowers and the strange creatures.

Uriel smiled in satisfaction. "That's good, I built that place myself so hearing someone praise it makes me happy." He then turned around to the waiter and called out. "Two cakes and two hot chocolates with one set of the same to go please!"

Ferron was caught off guard with Uriel's first sentence. He built that beautiful garden. Of course, it was possible, no man-made garden could pant all those different plants in the same soil. Only an angel could do something like that. Not long after a piece of cake and a hot mug of hot chocolate was put on the table, snapping Ferron out of his daydream.

Uriel and Ferron enjoyed their small snack as they made small talk. Ferron talked about his past life and Uriel brought up some experiences he had regarding this world. Ferron was fascinated by the many mysteries and sceneries that would only be found in an immortals life. Ferron was well on his way to becoming one himself.

Time flew fast in the small cafe, it was about to close when Uriel and Ferron decided to leave. When they left it was way past the time when the dorm rooms close. Ferron wondered what he should do.

Uriel managed to pick up on Ferrons worry like he was reading his mind, smiling he clapped Ferrons shoulder and asked him to get ready.

"Hmm? For what?" Ferron asked frowning. Soon after his vision blurred, and then found himself in a dark room. As he looked around he saw a familiar desk and a bed will a large lump in the middle that twitched as Ferron looked at it. The lump moved until it was at the edge of the bed and then disappeared as a small black lizard jumped out.

"Your back, that was quick." The dragon cleaned itself and lept onto the pillow on the bed and curled itself up. Ferron was still in shock over being teleported back to his room, after a while, he calmed himself down and changed into some pajamas and crawled into the bed before falling into a light sleep.


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