The Grim Reapers Apprentice
42 Making Friends
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The Grim Reapers Apprentice
Author :Fishycreator
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42 Making Friends

Ferron woke up slowly with filtered sunlight illuminating his face. his covers slipped off and exposed a dark shape on his chest. Looking down onto it Ferron sighed and pushed it off, getting on his feet he quickly changed his clothes and left heading towards the familiar office.

Stepping while on his way, he noticed a few stares from other people. Looking over he noticed that they quickly averted their gaze away to focus on something else. confused Ferron just shrugged it off and continued to make his way to Uriel's office.

Arriving in front of the doo, Ferron felt a chilling air emitting from it. Ferron cautiously gripped the handle, turned it and entered. The office was completely normal including the messy desk near the windows, but the only thing different was Uriel and Aura.

Sitting on opposite sides of the desk Uriel had a dark expression while Aura... looked like how any ball of light would look like. Upon noticing Ferron, Uriel gestured for him to sit down.

"Ferron, good morning. Take a seat I'll be with you in a minute."

Ferron nodded and sat down on the sofa, on the coffee table scattered papers and books were covering the whole surface. Underneath some papers, a corner of a book caught his attention, while most of the books that are lined up in shelves around the office had dull covers and had their titles embroidered. The book that looked different had a more bright colour and had a plastic cover. Pulling it out Ferron almost dropped it when he saw the title. 'Teachers forbidden love.' Nearly choking on his spit he carefully put the book down and covered it with the papers.

Meanwhile, the staredown between Uriel and Aura wasn't finished. It took a few minutes before Uriel spoke.

"Aura, I'll ask you again. How exactly did you get your hands on one of those books?" He looked like a stern father when he found out about his daughter's questionable hobby. In a way that was exactly what was going on.

"I t-told you." Aura seemed like she was about to cry. "I made it. I saw other people doing it so I thought I could do it too." Her quivering voice made Ferron feel pity but he did not dare move under the paralyzing glare that Uriel threw.

An hour of lectures and scolding later Uriel motioned for Ferron to follow him down the stairs to enter the basement.

After sitting down in front of each other they started discussing.

"So Ferron, I've talked it over with the higher up and he has allowed an exception with you. It's quite a thing because this has never happened before. What you have shown, is that you are far more capable than 80% of Reapers."

Hearing this Ferron was baffled. To him, it was just complicated. Even he, himself didn't know how hard this could be for others.

"Considering the difficulty of what you have done we have come to a consensus and decided that you are allowed to pass the trial." Uriel continued and gave Ferron confirmation. "But you still have limited knowledge on the rules and laws of Reapers, and also some job details that have been left out on purpose. So this means that once you have the knowledge required you will be able to move forward with the trial." Uriel clarified a few more things and soon the next lesson was underway.

Hours passed and soon the sun was far below the horizon, Ferron dragged his exhausted mind up the stairs and back into the office room where he saw Aura still on the chair where she was in the morning. Slightly concerned Ferron walked closer and whispered out her name.

"Aura, you alright there?"

"Ah!? Oh. Hello Ferron, in a way I am alright but just feeling a little empty inside." Aura spoke in a quiet depressed tone. Looking back to the morning anyone could see why, although it was common to give scoldings to children but it's not good to go overboard.
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Looking at the sad ball of blue light and felt depressed from just looking at her, deciding to console her Ferron spoke with a soft voice. "Aura, it's ok to have hobbies. Even if they're unpopular with most people." While saying that Ferron recalled back when he was in high school he overheard girls with the same interests as Aura discussing in-depth which guy would be on top or if he was an M or an S. Listening to those discussions Ferron felt goosebumps and a cold shiver went down his spine.

"The most important thing about hobbies is because it's what you love. It's what makes you different from the rest. With a soft comforting voice, Ferron encouraged Aura and made her glow brighter compared to the morning.

"You know Ferron, you can speak much more then you let on. If I wasn't binded to this chair, I would have already hugged you!" Aura sounded much more cheerful now after Ferron encouraged her a bit.

Ferron bashfully chuckled and left the office, carefully averting his eyes away from the stack of papers that held one of Aura's hobbies. "I'll see you tomorrow." With that Ferron left for his room, the brightly lit but desolate hallways were silents. Ferrons footsteps were making no noise as the hit the floor. Like a spectre floating across the room, he made his way out and into the dorm building, where there were still light on in some rooms.

Every time Ferron was here, he always felt some nostalgia from back when he 'normal'. On his floor, compared to before there was a lot less activity on his floor, the few open doors had whispers flowing out of them, similar to a library.

Walking towards his room, he felt glances towards his back, although this wasn't anything new, something felt off about it. Once Ferron reached his room and was fiddling with the lock, the door across from his opened and a pleasant voice reached his ears.

"Hey, you. Can I ask you something?"

Looking over Ferron noticed the very attractive lady that offered to give him a tour of the campus, confused he agreed.

"Uhh, yea what is it?"

"Just wondering if you're the only person in that room, correct?' The girl asked and Ferron grew even more confused.

"Yea, I should be the only one living here. Why?" Ferron asked back wondering if that lizard had something to do with it.

"An hour or so ago there was a pretty big commotion coming from the room you're staying in." Now Ferron knew it was probably that lizard of his throwing a tantrum of some sort.

"Um... I'll check it out in case if it was a robber or something. Thanks for letting me know." Ferron nodded in thanks and opened his door to find his clothes had been strewn across the living room floor, the couch had gash marks and the TV was about to fall. Gaping at the mess Ferron still had his door open.

Glancing in, the girl muttered. "Damn you'd think a lion was released in here." Hearing that Ferron turned around and blandly laughed. "Yeah looks like a wild animal somehow got in. I think I left the window open. Haha."

Realizing the awkwardness the girl smiled and went back in her room closing the door behind her. Ferron meanwhile, slowly walking into the room and closed the door behind him. Looking at the huge mess Ferron didn't quite know what he should do.

All of a sudden a fast black shadow lept at him from under the sofa, barely catching it in his arms. The little lizard crawled from his arms to the top of his head, its little tongue flicked across Ferrons nose. Forcing a sigh, Ferron reached out and stoked it.

"Sorry, I was getting held up, how about I bring you along next time." Ferron imagined how the room would hold up if this baby dragon were to let loose every time he came late. He looked over at the scratched up sofa and wondered if he'd have t clean it up himself or if Uriel could do something about it.

Shrugging his shoulders he gave up and carrying the tantrum-throwing lizard towards his bedroom, quickly getting changed and went off into a light sleep.

When Ferron woke up the next day, he glanced at the ruined living room and did a double-take, everything was brand new. The mess was cleaned up and back to normal, almost unsurprised Ferron glanced by and went with his usual route to Uriel's office, this time bringing his homewrecking pet with him

This time, when Ferron opened the office door, the atmosphere felt a bit more cheerful, Ferron came into a familiar scene where Uriel was sleeping on his desk on a pile of papers, and Aura was on the couch surrounded... by her special hobby. It looked like Uriel had let her have more freedom.

The cycle continued and days past. Sometimes he would interact with people from his dorm, he got to know the small boy that advised him about when the doors would lock. His name was Alvis, while most people would normally just look and ignore Ferron, soften times he would approach him and chat a little. By doing this more people started to grow interested in him.

Ferron got to know some of the people around his room, such as the three girls from across his room, as well as Alvis and his roommates. As Ferron talked to them more he realized that he knew nothing of this world, so after he was done with Uriel's lessons he would borrow a few books from the school library with the student ID that Uriel gave him. After reading about the planet's history he felt how insignificant Earth was in comparison.

This planet was already 10 billion years old, with recorded artifacts dating back two billion years back. They've already started building research bases on other planets and found perfect ways to use renewable energy. The mega-metropolis that Ferron was in was one of the top three largest cities ranking 3rd with a population of over 50 million. Also, the university that Ferron was staying at was called St. Aura, a questionable name has been around for over 300 years.

Glancing over these facts made Ferron realize that there could be even bigger planets and cities that span over thousands of kilometers. Getting too far over his head Ferron closed the books and went over his notes again, the lessons were cramming more and more into his head than ever before. Ferron knew the final testing season was coming, but before that happened he at least wanted to have some fun with the people around him.

After a shorter day than usual, Uriel let Ferron leave while the sun was still up, and left him with some parting words.

"Don't cause too much of a commotion". Confused Ferron left towards his dorm

Arriving on his floor he saw a small group of people, namely Alvis, the three girls from across from his room and some others. When they saw Ferron step out from the elevator Alvin quickly signaled him over, he was greeted with smiles before Alvis started to talk.

"Now that Ferrons's here we have eight people, that should be enough right?" He looked at Ferron expectedly while Ferrons just returned a raised eyebrow.

Ava chuckled and called out to Alvin. "At least tell what we're gonna do Peanuts!" Alvin shot her a withering gaze, Peanuts was his not so nice nickname that Ava had given to him after meeting him once.

"I was about to say before you butted in." He cleared his throat an continued. "Since Ferron has finally settled down, and also because it's almost testing season. we decided to throw a little party celebrating our current, about to end freedom and also your 'Welcome to Auras" celebration. So you in or not?" Alvin finished off with a smile and gave a smug expression towards Ava who rolled her eyes.

Everyone looked at Ferron who stared back, slowly digesting what was said, Ferron stammered and quickly responded. "Yea, yes of course! Let me just, you know change real quick and I'll be back out." Ferron quickly strode past them and almost ran into his room.

Kaia watched Ferron walk past her and noticed a small smile on his face. "It kinda looked like he was happy right?" She looked over at Heather as she also followed him. "Hmm, maybe he was lonely after all."

Earlier, before Ferron came into the building Alvin and a few others were already planning something before test month arrived, while they were at it Heather suggested inviting Ferron along. Everyone agreed because he seemed like a nice guy when they talked to him, laid back and interesting to talk to. The only problem is that Ferron often returned late, only an hour before dorms locked. While they were wondering how they could get him to come back earlier Ferron stepped out the elevator, almost like he heard them.

It only took Ferron a minute to put on clean clothes and fix up his shaggy look. Coming out he realized they were waiting for him in front of the elevator, taking large strides he came up beside them. Alvin, once he realized Ferron was back, he grinned and turned towards the small group.

"Alright everyone, since Ferrons not from here, let's show him the good sights!" Everyone cheered and piled onto the elevator. Ferron felt this was going to be a good evening.


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